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  1. I read this post with interest, and read many intriguing ideas. My council is requiring all new adult applications that are submitted must not only have the YPT certificte with it, but also the training completed for the position the adult is applying for. So, if you have someone who wants to be an ASM, they must have taken and completed IOLS and Fast Start before they even turn the paperwork in. I find it very interesting that these must be complete even before the adult leader is allowed to join, and not have that adult come in, see if they want to do it, before spending the money and
  2. Thanks for all of the responses. Yes, we are trying to change the culture of the troop, so we are having some pains. I will get with the SPL next meeting to discuss the ideas.
  3. Received an angry email from a parent, and am having trouble coming up with a response. The backstory: This past weekend, the troop went camping. We had 13 boys go out Friday night, with 2 more joining us on Saturday afternoon (they went to a merit badge class during the day). On Sunday, parent of one the the scouts that came out Saturday shows up approximately 9 am. They were there to pick up little Jimmy. However, little Jimmy is the QM for the troop, and we were no where near being ready to leave. Also, we thought we would need assistance getting everyone home with the 2 late arri
  4. Here an interesting response to a question I sent to our DC. In our Council newsletter, sent electronically via email, there is a place for each district to have news and announcements. In my district's section, the was an announcment that if you did not pick up your planning packet at a large meeting in June, your UC has it. Considering we lost our last UC due to medical reasons, I haven't seen or heard from one in almost 2 years. The previous UC was good; he would come by almost every month, talking to the adlt leaders, and observing quietly in the back of the meeting hall. I can honestly sa
  5. Here is my "interpretation" (uh-oh, someone interpreting the forms for their own good) of the Tour Plan: 1. Only need 1 registered leader present at all times that has YPT training; this means you could have 1 trained leader, and a few parents who are not registered go on your trip. However, a parent can take YPT and not be registered as well. 2. Only need 1 person on the trip with the Weather training. Looking right at the form, it does not state "registered leader" for this training. Again, a parent who is not registered can take this. 3. Only have to be trained in Safe Swim/S
  6. Thanks, UC. If only it was presented in that manner, meaning that in the training for recharter, and some notes, emails, flyers that come out around recharter time, if it isn't in, your unit will be dropped. I have no problem with getting the paperwork on time, and I have no problem with the people who volunteer extra time when the physical paperwork (the ones with the signatures) are turnedin. The only issue I have is the amount of time it takes to get the "paperwork" back (meaning memebrship cards and hard copy of the charter). BTW, I just checked the Internet Advancement page since I h
  7. Much like 5year, I "check" the status on the Internet Advancement website when I go in there to enter ranks, MBs, etc. It would show those that did not wish to stay involved if the recharter has been processed by the council. What I understand about the process, if you have your paperwork in before the expiration date, the unit is OK, even if the recharter is not "complete" in the system. But, I do get asked every once in a while by the scouts (and some adults) where the new membership cards are.....and yes, many of them promptly go thru the wash!
  8. My council has been using the internet rechartering for approximately 4 years. We turn the paperwork portion in in December; we are lucky to see membership cards and other info by April. I can only imagine it will be longer this year with the YPT requirement added for adults. I get somewhat frustrated when the units are doing most of the work by using the internet recharter; how can it take so long for them to be processed?
  9. I'm with you Abel.... We had a really active one the past couple of years; he would show up at meetings at least once a month, talk about upcoming events, pass on info not picked up at RT, etc. This was the first UC that I considered "a friend of the unit" since taking over as SM in 1997. Before him, we might get a visit once a year, never really knowing who that person was, and that was for Friends of Scouting. This put a bad taste in many of the leaders mouths about only seeing district people when they wanted money. Unfortunately, our very active UC had to step aside due to medica
  10. Saw a report on this morning's new about the GSA cookies. GSA is reducing the types of cookies to 6 kinds this year, all best sellers. The report also stated that the cookie sale is a $700 million profit for the GSA. While I realize this is put on by their national office, does anyone have any idea what the BSA popcorn brings in? I agree that the BSA has priced themselves out of the market with the popcorn. Smaller, cheaper packages would se1l much better than the $15 boxes and $50 tins. We are not participating in the sale due to the expense and headache of paperwork, picking the produc
  11. Well, I just turned in 3 "old" Tour Permits for our trips for the next 3 months, and nothing was said to me that the incorrect form was used. I followed something that was just struck down by the Supreme Court, "DA,DT".....
  12. Part C can be found by following RichardB's link. I'm wondering if National is reworking Part C to make them valid for 3 years (36 months) for those 40 and under, like the old version? I know that parents would appreciate it, as well as the scouters that fall in the 18-40 threshold. However, that doesn't apply to me anymore....
  13. I really like the turn this discussion has taken... Like HICO, I will let my experience speak for my dedication to scouting. I once wanted to take WB when I was younger (early '90s), but did not take the opportunity. Wish I would have taken it back then, being a young adult. Now, with many more years under my belt, and "management training" courses taken thru work, I don't think I would enjoy the WB21. Also, like some of the others, it seems like the course offered in my area is staffed/run by the "good old boy" network (even though I am now "old," but maybe not a good old boy?), with the
  14. Eagle92, Sorry, but I will still have an active registered Eagle Scout sit an an EBOR if he is available and in the "dead zone" range of 18-21. The way I have been doing it is having 3 committee members plus the young adult Eagle, thus creating a full board plus 1. This is why I do not agree with national that young adults can only be registered as ASMs.
  15. Like Eagle92, I also grew up during the '80s, and can recall scouts sitting on BORs. Looking back in my Scout Handbook (yes, I still have it), the "Scoutmaster's Conference" was called "Personal Growth Agreement Conference." Now that I am an SM, I still have older, "higher ranking" scouts sit in on BORs. Not all of the time, but most of the time. It gives the older, more expexperience scout a view from the other side, and lets them interact on a different level with the scouts that are being reviewed. Also, I have had young adult (18 +) Eagle Scouts sit on an EBOR. Actually had one
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