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  1. Well, for an update to all you concerned leaders. Leader #1, the male who visited Leader #2's tent at 3 am, talked to the parent who saw him make his 3 am visit. This parent was "sleeping under the stars." All was supposedly resolved and they were going to quietly withdraw their son. Since the SM had already called a parent meeting, it was going to be turned into a meeting to discuss a new program the unit was rolling out. Then the witnessing parent and his wife showed up. Even tho the female leader that would have like to retain her leadership position didn't wish for the incident
  2. It was a mixed gender situation. The scout rules state that unmarried person's of different gender should not tent together. This was at 3 am.
  3. Thank you for all supportive advice. What if this parent wants to go to council with the knowledge?
  4. The marriage was over, but not publically. One of the two leaders has resigned to take a more demanding job. The witnessing parent is out for the remaining leaders head on a platter. The best the SM can do is to call a parent's meeting to let them decide. Obviously the remaining leader would prefer not to have their dirty laundry aired for the world to see.
  5. We have a leader that made a mistake. Before he was divorced, he began dating another leader. Late one night he visited this other leaders tent. A non-leader parent observed this. No youth ever found out. Both leaders admit the mistake and are sorry. The troop has agreed that both should not attend a campout at the same time and both leaders agree. Should both leaders be kicked out of Scouting?
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