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  1. It's a deal breaker for me if they do not want to go to training, they can locate another SM..it's just that important to me. The funny thing is that in the by-laws (dont get me started on this) It specifys that the SM must be wood badged and teh SPL must go to Brownsea ( that's are local terminology for youth training) The committee member in question is a real difficult person scouts do not liek to call her to arrange a BOR.
  2. Venividi, You raise some interesting points, the committee member simply dismissed him to return with a complete uniform..FYI this is a troop of about 7 boys only of which 4 usually shows.. I've got my work cust our for me!
  3. Tks OGE, I have a training issue with members of the committee, The SM just stepped down so now it's me however I'm stipulating that I'll accept the position if: 1. If you accept a leadership position within the troop you must go to training for said position. The others dont relate to this discussion. Where did you find the info on the uniform is not required?
  4. I thought I had read somewhere that the scout must come "properly dressed" but am unable to locate where I had seen that. Does anyone else remeber seeing that or am I imagining it? Also properly dressed to you means.....
  5. gwd-scouter......It offended me as well. My son and I left the troop for a year but we did return this past December. Unfortunatly we couldnt find a new troop to mesh with and returned reluctantly. I did not return as an ASM. This last summer camp only 1 adult was able to attend the entire week so I re-registered only for camp. The SM stepped down suddenly and now I've been asked to step in. I am kicking the idea back and forth however cannot accept in permanently unless the committee is ready to make real change for recruitement. Gernblanisten..no LDS are charter org is a Baptist Chu
  6. OGE...It's open but female leaders or single mom's need to have either another female come along or their husband.
  7. This is common, it pretty much has tore up the troop I serve. The commitee decided that all females must have either antoher female or husband on each campout.
  8. Is the troop dead ..no does it have the making of a mass exodus.. yes. In my opinion you need to repl the SM. Then ask each family to serve the troop in some capacity either on committee or ASM or just drivers but the most important they need to be trained.
  9. I'd be pleased just to have another boy benefit from what the program has to offer. If it's exciting and fun he'll attend. Greet him with open arms tell him you would like to seem him attend more meetings and see what the next move is. Are there family issues that prevent him from attending all or most of the meetings? Eammon is right on this one!!
  10. Opening tent flaps in my opionion does violate YP (privacy). Teh ASM needs to be spoken to he's out of line.
  11. Has anyone done this hike? I'm looking for any info ie:how many days, camp sites you stopped at and such..tks
  12. Lisabob. On rule # 5 please tell the parents not to tell their sons that they're having fun at disneyland while there at camp!! Ron Owls rule we32803
  13. Dont forget to have some other boys with flashlights (spotlights) flashing on the new boy
  14. Den Chiefs..Get your boys active with Webelos dens let the boys recruit
  15. Wente Scout Reservation in Willists Calif, complete waterfront program including white water rafting
  16. I'm in the Bay Area let me know how I can help/ PM me with your questions and how I can contact
  17. So why couldn't the patrol go on a hike by themselves? You'll see in the G2SS patrols are allowed to their own activity's without supervision. I dont know the patrol so whether that would be appropriate or not.
  18. Thanks everyone for your input, Ya I would be willing to step up in the SM role. I forgot to mention that I am already WB trained(Go Owl's!). Our committe would have to really re-consider policys and how they generally conduct business. We would also need to partner with one of the local packs as a feeder unit, there are of course the big 3 in town with approx 80 scouts in each so the general feeling is bigger is better.
  19. Eammon..tks for the ideas on recruiting A little more insight, the current CR & CC would like the SM to step aside, they both admit he does not connect with the boys (part of reason why I left) the troop has a bad name for itself since they disallowed female ASM's from going on outings unless another female or their husband attended also. For the past two years only 2 boys have joined the troop, I attribute this to shall we say a less than lack luster SM and lack of a troop program (SPL's plan the meeting on the way to it!) I've been asked if I would be the SM, which I'm consider
  20. After taking a 9 month hiatus from Scouting..My son and I decided to return to our original troop. The troop has fallen upon even harder times than when we left. There are approx only 5 boys now in the troop 2 Life Scouts and 3 Tenderfoots. Last nights meeting only 3 scouts attended. Can you effectily run a program this limited amount of scouts?
  21. "Put him on trial for his actions." You must be joking, Maybe the troop can work on their Law merit badge at the same time.
  22. Isn't this double jeopardy? Does the scout show remorse for his acitons? What purpose will it serve for him to be removed? A simple conversation should be effecient in my opionion.
  23. Anyone have OA Jamboree patches to sell/trade? Or Jambo patches in general.
  24. The troop I serve also uses that as punishment. It could be also interpeted as hazing to some, others just keeping physically fit. In some instances even the S.M. and ASM's have dropped to give 10 if there not in uniform.
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