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  1. Yes, I can send in a digital image in full color to be printed. I was just looking at other banners for packs that has already been made for ideas.
  2. Our pack has decided to get a vinyl banner for outdoors at about 10 x 3 ft in size. We mainly want to have Cub Scouts Pack 26 with our location on there and I guess the logo. Has anyone had one made up that looks nice? I did a search online for different ideas and nothign jumped out. We want to use it at different activities outside. For example, we're having a car wash in June and this owuld ne nice to put near the street. I get so nervous with boys by the street holding signs with cars flying by. We also sell tickets ahead of time. Thanks, Warren
  3. Hi Everyone, I noticed at my council they do not have any more of the pack trainer knot awards available. And on the scoutstuff.org site they do not have it listed as one of the knot awards on their site. Does anyone know if they did away with this? Thanks! Warren
  4. Hi Everyone, I am making my own AOL plaques but need to put engraved metal plates on each with the scout's name and other info. Does anyone have a good online source for this? I only need 8 of them. Thanks!
  5. I agree with you scouter1960. I was in the Navy myself during the first Iraq war and will show any and all respect I can for my country. Thank goodness I don't have this issue with my den or pack. As others have said, I would be sure to lead the boys. One thing you can do is at the beginning of the meeting discuss what the flag stands for and talk about the respect for it and why we stand. Who knows... maybe you could get your point out without causing any issues. Warren Pack 26 Savannah, GA
  6. Yes, I have seen it is comma delimited but I'm not sure on all of the columns what they are. I'm wanting to know the format for the advancement file to upload. I looked at their file and recognize most of the information but not quite all of it. I just thought someone might have this information available somewhere. I wrote the site http://www.CubManager.com and want to support uploading the advancement file for it. Thanks! Warren
  7. Thanks for the info. I just completed a web site called CubManager at http://www.CubManager.com which is great for managing awards for scouts in your pack. It was a woodbadge project but took it a step further since and made it for other packs to begin using soon. I want to include a way to create the file to upload for advancements.
  8. Hi Everyone, I know this is an old thread but hoping someone can help me out. I downloaded a demo copy of Packmaster and created an export file to look at it. I can tel what most of the data is in the comma delimited file expect for the first row and the last row. If anyone knows more about this for the advancement file format, let me know please. Thanks! Warren
  9. Does anyone have information for the scoutnet advancement file format that is uploaded through their site for councils? Thanks!
  10. If you have 5 knot awards for your leader uniform, how are the top 2 aligned? Centered? Or to the side? I thought I saw a thread of this before but cannot find it. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, I got my beads a week ago - so happy! The scoutmaster from my course put the beads and neckerchief on some way where they were connected together. But now I do not know how he did it. I looked online everywhere and cannot find if there is a certain way to wear them. Does anyone know this? Thanks Warren
  12. Hi, I have been trying to think of a good cobra yell for our patrol but I cannot come up with some to give as options. All I thought of is yelling "COBRA" with "ssssssssssssssssssss" after it. Anyone have a good yell for cobras? Thanks
  13. Hi, Does anyone have a clipart image of the Cobra that is in the cobra patrol patch? I am looking for the same one that is red like the patch but larger size to use for a patrol flag. I am going to use the iron-on sheets for it. Thanks, Warren
  14. Well, I guess everyone can just blame me for this whole thread and confussion! haha I just posted asking what the proper color of insignia is for the new shirts. We sure did get alot of feedback on it! I don't think anyone is going to convince everyone else of what to do. I just like to follow the BSA guidelines on everything so based on replies here, I just changed my red numbers and trained badge to the green ones on my Cub Scout tan leader shirt. Next month I get my woodbadge beads! Warren
  15. Thanks for clarifying all of this. The people at our council did not know. I'm going to change mine out this week. Warren
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