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  1. Tks for the info Ca Scouter and good hiking!!
  2. Does anyone have information on hiking to the top of El Capitan? How long is it (mileage) Is there somewhere you can camp for the night without reservations?
  3. There are several you can do, troop garage sale, candy bars, popcorn,car washes, Xmas tree recylcing,even have a local troop that for I believe for $25.00 will erect a flag pole on 4-5 major holidays and then remove it. Just dont forget to file a fundraising permit
  4. Run away fast from this troop...This troop is heading down the path of controversy. How many members of this committee have attended training for thei position? My guess is probably none of them if they had been trained they would have none their putting up obstacles that prohibit a good program. 80%? and whats a valid excuse not to attend? My advise dont get involved with a troop that prefers rules over program and training.
  5. What about reaching out to other units in your area or even outside your area schedule a campout with a another troop. During the campout have someone either talk about their heritage and have the boys cook something to share that best represents their background. For my ticket I scheduled a campout with a Samoan troop and roasted a pig. I used to be an owl
  6. Our upcoming Camporee will be centered around old school scouting
  7. I recently left a troop that was anti woman they didnt want any women on troop campouts unless another woman or her husband attended. The woman in question had been thru Woodbadge and just finished up being a Webelos 2 leader had her oldest boy in the troop for a year and then the second one crossed over, once she turned in her application the comittee decided to enact this rule. The troop went from 25 scouts to a now 7 scouts with only about 3-4 showing up to meetings.
  8. Possibly but it's on the west coast San Francisco Bay Area Council for Los Mochos there phone # is 510-577-9000. You would have to ask I do know there is no full time ranger but once was.
  9. Sure why not? Wouldn't it clear up so much? I agree active is more than just paying dues but it also NOT having an attendance requirement
  10. jokehh.. I'd love to have that name you spoke to at Natl because the troop I was formerly with had an attendance record of 50% meetings and outings when I discussed this with our district rep he told me that troops do have the right to set such requirements and that his response came from Natl. Wouldn't be great to get a "written" response from Natl!!!
  11. You probably wont find it however I have read that the scout must come "properly dressed"
  12. The one that I used to publish also had the scribe report on outings
  13. I was the editor and the boys named it "The Fleur DeLeis" (i'll have to double check that spelling. But the cover would have a brotherhood of scouting story and there would be a couple of feature articles by myself but I would have the S.M.,CC submit articles as well as the OA rep,Troop guide Chaplains Aide. Are you looking for ideas to put one together?
  14. Are COR ( a female with much scouting experience) went to the CO to get their support in banning women from attending campouts unless another female or her husband attended, it ruined the troop it went from approx. 22 scouts to 9 within 5 months. Of the 9 only 4 were atending meetings when I transferred out.
  15. Tks everyone keep em coming if you find any new ones
  16. Anyone aware of any eagles scouts either past or present that played professional football? or let's open it up to any professional sports.
  17. Ask your CC exactly what rule was violated in youth protecion and G2SS while playing flag football.
  18. Another case of units coming up with more rules, Looks like they want you focused on skills not merit badges. Becoming 1st Class in the first year will be a product of a good program there should be no reason if his aptrol want to work on a merit badge outside of the meetings on their own.
  19. Prior to starting the course WE32803 I came up with a list of goals or personal mission statement I wanted to accomplish for the troop it worked for me you'll probably come upwith alot of ideas during the course especially talking to your other patrol members. After having this list I was able to work with my TC to fit it into the parameters (measurable, verifiable) of the ticket.
  20. Attend as much training as possible for your new position
  21. We presented the colors at a MLB, a year later the famous chair throwing incident happen..even know the people involved with it.
  22. One of the local troops in my city host Japanese scouts and vise versa they take them to Yosemite and when in Japan climb Mt. Fuji
  23. If the unit has a 10 month program then that's what it is. If the scouts wanted more but adults were not available then thye could have individual patrol meetings/outings so of the POR's would still work out. Who decided on the 10 month program PLC or committee?
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