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  1. Agreed, the superintendents have control of the keys and have locked everyone out at the risk of being sued because one org got in and another was turned away. The ones that do allow outside orgs have instituted fee structures that are unreachable for units. One school quoted us something like $125 a night for a simple meeting place.
  2. All of the schools around us are very familiar with this law, They adopted the policy to not let anyone in.
  3. The word I got was that the University of Colorado requested that element be removed and not National OA removing it. It would probably be better if the slide referenced that or if there was a statement that went out regarding this. I would hope that negotiations are continuing but my money is that it will be out for this NOAC.
  4. It's probably worse than that- once you take YPT you are not supposed to be alone with any other scout even if they come to stay the night with your child and your spouse has to run out and pick something up from the store. I would guess that it wouldn't take much for a lawyer (I'm NAL) to draw some pretty strong parallels of this "groups of friends and families" campout that is pulled together by registered leaders and probably discussed at meetings or if nothing else you probably used the resources by being a Scout leader to get emails and phone numbers of these "friends" who also happen to
  5. Couple of thoughts as a MBC- Backpack, snowshoe, or cross-country ski for at least 4 miles. To me this would require the Scout to hike a minimum of 4 miles total and stay the night carrying everything they need for that experience. Doesn't say anything about a tent, want to sleep outside, great. I would expect food, water, 10 essentials, sleeping materials, toiletries, etc to be carried for the duration of the trip. Out and back would only require 2 miles in and 2 miles out to meet this requirement. Plan and carry out an overnight snow camping experience. Is there snow on the
  6. Hand signals are used in TV, I highlighted the appropriate ones below... 1 minute is a single finger in the air. I am a technology fan as well but sometimes you gotta break it down to the lowest common denominator!
  7. With the new Polestar process, election/selection results are to be announced immediately. The way it was explained to me at NOAC, it is no different than a Scout sitting on their BOR and not being told for months whether they passed or not.
  8. All I will say, is there are native people out there that do not hold your views. They are not Berkeley professors, nor are they pushing political correctness. I will say that our Lodge has reached out the Elders of our local tribe and they in fact did have some restrictions and input to what was acceptable. We were like 90% of Lodges around the country and wore Northern Plains style costuming including the War Bonnets. We now wear simple ribbon shirts (and dresses for the females) with pants and some simple jewelry. Certainly keeping the conversations open to others is not going to happen by
  9. This is in no ways a thorough inspection of the camp (if using a current long term certified camp) since the long term folks should have done there job to inspect the camp and create a safe space for long term camps. If it's safe for long term camping then a short term camp should be well protected and a safe space... There are inspections and requirements that need to be done if the camping spot is not a NCAP inspected spot. NCAP STC Process
  10. 2017 and 2021 we were issued a Crew flag, certainly wasn't a cotton 3'X5' flag by any means but our Crew Leader was issued one and told to take it on the trail with them both times.
  11. When I was a Troop Guide for a patrol, one of the participants wanted a private ceremony. So we met at a steakhouse and with his wife and mom there, I did a small meaningful beading on the patio. Same patrol, another gentleman asked for his beads/cert/necker to be sent to his house. Did 3 others at either Troop meetings (2) or Roundtable (1) The last course I staffed, they seem to like the group beadings, so the Course Director sets up a day and anyone that was staff or a participant come to the local camp and those that are "finished" get beaded. This one usually includes a pot
  12. 12 step process It was referred to but here is the actual process. Don't take any shortcuts or assume anything! Get your professional involved as soon as possible! Everything here is in order and should be followed in order...
  13. I will be there. I will be our Lodge's adult contingent leader and as luck would have it my son will be the youth leader. Tons of classes, trainings, fun events, and fellowship. I had a blast in '18 and look forward to going again!
  14. From my experience this last summer- I would not expect any type of variance or exception for cavalcade. Thankfully we all made it under the 200lb limit but one of our guys was super close...
  15. My understanding for question #2- Withing 6 months of the bk case being approved Grand canyon council will list for sale our properties on the commercial market. We then have approximately 3 years to sell said property or it will then be basically signed over to the trust. I would assume you want as much as possible for each property since the final amount due is an actual dollar amount and not a property specification. IMO-Seems the settlement wants cash not properties but would take them once a good faith effort is made.
  16. Grand Canyon Council has decided to sell Camp Geronimo and 10 acres of the Heard Scout Pueblo. 7M was the number we were given... Grand Canyon Council announcement
  17. What week are you going? We are 617-CY (June 17th) and am really excited! Can't wait to go back HOmE!
  18. Fellowship/Vigil last weekend in August, small group activities and rotations. Masks and increased sanitation. Ordeal this weekend, same idea as above. We will be following the protocols set forth from national about ceremony modifications. Essentially no contact is the big picture...
  19. Couldn't let this one pass- Sorry David you are wrong about this one, period. We work very closely with our affiliated tribe and have their full blessing to wear what we wear and do what we do. Our Lodge has 2 OA advisors that are Native American that work closely with our youth and adults to make sure we do not cross boundaries. There is also a National committee that works with Tribes all across the country. After the last update from National about clothing we decided to revisit our choices for "ceremonies". I put that in quotes because it is nothing more than a play with actors, lines
  20. Scoutbook should have it listed IF your council uploads the list into Scoutbook.... My Dashboard-> My Account-> My Positions-> At the bottom it should show all of your current positions and if registered as a MBC then they should all be listed out.
  21. Waiting on National to publish guidelines, if they want to make that available. I don't think they will IMO. The logistics of getting everything right is going to be difficult at best.
  22. Ours are printed and then laminated
  23. Why not just increase the patrol members to 8 per patrol? The syllabus allows for 6-8 youth per patrol. With 8 patrols that would take you up to 64 participants. The minimum size of a Troop for NYLT is 4 patrols, but I think it is much better to have the interaction of 6-8 patrols than it is with 4-5 patrols. I do agree with having 10 TG's though, seems one or two always drop out at the last minute or aren't quite up to speed yet by course time.
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