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  1. satl8 we are going the week of July 14th and are super excited!
  2. Anyone been on a Philmont Cavalcade trek and have any advice for our crew?
  3. Back specifically to the topic of the Sailing HA's run out of Sea Base, any recommendations on which one to do? Key West, Bahamas or St. Thomas? Any pros/cons we should consider while deciding among them? Thanks to everyone!
  4. We have a group looking at the different sailing high adventures out of Sea Base. No one from our troop has gone on one of these, so I was hoping to get some feedback from anyone else's experiences? One thing we are wondering is which is better, the Sea Base Bahamas adventure or the Key West sailing adventure?
  5. Hi everyone. I just wanted to thank for the guidance you gave me on my question. This was all extremely helpful to me and our troop.
  6. Thanks that is actually very useful. What I am more interested in is how does the troop handle finances as far as holding participants who sign up responsible or the costs? In the past our troop has had a few who sign up to attend Philmont or another high adventure and then they pull out after the troop and the crews are fully committed. We have no policy or process in place to deal with this currently. The crew is usually left holding the bag trying to recruit replacements to offset the costs.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has experience within their troops for an effective policy regarding financial responsibility for high adventure camps. Currently we do not have anything considered a "policy" around this and we would like to get more structured going forward. Thanks for any advice or examples that could be helpful.
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