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  1. Thanks for your input guys! I don't want to give my son's name but he is a former Cadet national champion and current Jr. national runner up (2nd place). I have never encouraged him to get big but during the wrestling season he is near 285. It is very hard to compete and be successful if you aren't near the max weight. His last national event was in June so that only left 2 months to cut weight. We did have 3 conversations with Philmont before going down. The problem is that every time I called we got someone different to talk to. The last doctor we talked to said to bring him down but there
  2. I'm back! I had a great time in the end. My heart was broken however because my son was sent home. I thought about going home the third day out on the trail but I stayed for the boys and after I got to crater lake which I had visited as a boy I started to have a good time. This is was a trip I took with my dad in 1984 and it was to be a trip with my son before he leaves home for his life as a young man. As I said with the first post above my son is a top-notch athlete and along with one boy in our crew that is a cross-country runner he was the most fit in our group. Philmonts Height and Weig
  3. No info yet. My council rep is talking to philmont today and well get an answer. We are a scouting family and I did this trip with my dad in 1984 now I'm doing it with my son. By the way I grew up in Topeka. My sister is a k-state grad but my dad followed KU football and basketball. I'm torn but I'd have to lean towards The Hawks. Living in St. Louis now. Thanks fellow scouters!!!
  4. I know Philmont has weight requirements but are they sending kids back home that don't meet the guidelines? I called out to philmont and the doctor I talked to was nice but refused to talk about it. Just kept refering to the weight chart. We have a kid that is 275 lbs 17 years old. He is a national level wrestler, bench presses over 300 lbs. Is as in shape as you could be yet there is noway he's going to make weight. This is the one kid you wouldn't have too worry about but since hes bult like an offensive lineman he'll be sent home?? Or does philmont use some common sence with kids l
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