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  1. Both Hoosier trails council and Crossroads of America council are closed this summer.
  2. I like the full salute! I think that would be a cool greeting!
  3. This is a great idea. I have seen some councils promoting this on Facebook. I hope that it works out!
  4. But another question needs to be asked: Are local councils liable for abuse cases that take place in the council? If so, they and their assets might be at risk regardless of nationals bankruptcy.
  5. Welcome to the virtual campfire!
  6. Thanks for posting this! I anticipate that we won't have a regalia option in the future. Only the uniform and the black shirt/pants options. I would like to see what the ceremonialist medallion looks like.
  7. I would first call the registrar for the council in which the merit badge was earned. They should be able to tell you if the counselor for the badges in question is actually a registered counselor.
  8. I have been told that some committees apply additional rules on their troop. One such rule was that a scout in that troop could not earn more that 5 badges with one counselor. I don't know if that was appropriate for the committee to do. If it was, I could see a committee enacting rules about scoutmasters for their troop being MBC. I'm not saying that they should, but I could see it happening. I
  9. I've been seeing similar advertising on FOX News Channel for the last several months.
  10. Agreed. I believe that years ago, there was a consensus of what morally straight meant. Many COs sponsored troops because of shared values that included that. Society has changed, so the consensus is no longer there. BSA went in one direction, some COs went in another with Trail Life, LDS is going in yet another. To me, this is just a case of people with common viewpoints now diverging. No blood, No foul. Let's just shake hands and walk away.
  11. Sadly I am reminded of events in the Colonial Virginia Council. They sold Camp Chickahominy and mortgaged their scout office to pay for Bayport Scout Reserve, which was supposed to be a Premier Scout facility. They couldn't make payments on Bayport, so it was foreclosed and they had to move out of their scout office.
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