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  1. prof

    keeping in touch w troop Eagles

    Not with Eagle Scouts, but with one group that I work with, the graduates all start a linked in account. That works better to communicate with them and get updates from them than email.
  2. Hopefully, his behavior will change and he will have learned despite his parents. I'm certain that the rest of the scouts in your troop appreciate what you did.
  3. prof


    As a committee chair for both a pack and a troop, this was something I took care of each year.
  4. prof

    Parent Reaction to Fee Increase

    Agreed. I think the fee increase will have an effect on those currently in scouts. We will, no doubt, lose some. I think it will have a much larger effect on recruiting new scouts into the program. A lot of the people in the program are already "sold" on scouts. Retaining them might be a challenge. Recruiting new people, who aren't yet "sold" on the program might be much more difficult.
  5. I saw this yesterday on facebook. Not sure what effects it may have. Mods: If this isn't the best place for this, please move as you see fit. www.baltimorebsa.org › document › national-leadership-update-11419
  6. Here in Indiana, I would tend to agree with Latin Scot about the numbers. One out of ten would be very optimistic. I don't see the youth in my area expressing any interest in continuing. Perhaps things are different in Utah and elsewhere.
  7. prof

    Best Time for Scouting for Food

    Given the strained relationship between Scouts BSA and the Girl Scouts, I wonder if this will continue to be a joint project.
  8. prof

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    When I went to the OPs link, I noticed that it said "comments are turned off." I wonder how much blow back the councils are getting. I also wonder if the fees would have been higher had it not been for the vocal response to the original announcement about a fee increase.
  9. The above link didn't work for some, so try this one to access the letter. (Thanks for catching, Walk) https://michiganscouting.org/a-message-from-the-council-leadership-october-20-2/
  10. Here is a link to the letter sent out last night. https://michiganscouting.org/a-message-from-the-council-leaderhip-october-20/?fbclid=IwAR1xwORx8FJwvS6yqxoGzY6gwEYXa5RFzavpGigny8u7MlhwcvDpqkKXU2I
  11. It appears from a letter posted on Facebook that MCC is discontinuing use of two other camps, Munhacke and Roto-Kiwan. Presumably for sale. Sad.
  12. Seems like the National Organization for Women is giving a board of review to someone who doesn't want to wait the prescribed amount of time, which is a requirement (which NOW and the scout, I guess, didn't understand or think should apply). Scouts BSA is saying wait until October 2020. I hope that they hold the line on this one.
  13. This was in my news fed this morning https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2019/10/15/girls-boy-scouts-eagle-scout/
  14. prof

    Where would you go?

    Several here have mentioned Trail Life. Maybe Baden Powell Service Association. I haven't done any homework on the subject yet. Might need to do so soon. Can anyone with experience with those groups (or others) chime in?
  15. prof

    My son was awarded Eagle!

    Congrats to all involved!!!!!