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    Hello from Eastern Washington

    Welcome to the campfire!
  2. prof

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    I was looking on google to see if there were any updates. As I looked through the first couple of pages for news stories, I noticed several law firm advertising to attract abuse victims. I am not sure how many clients they will find, but they sure are looking!
  3. That would be Camp Belzer. It has brought out the best of several generations. Rest in peace, fellow Eagle.
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    Hello from Columbus

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    Hello From North Cackalacky

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    Looking forward to learning from each other!

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    long time lurker, new participant

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  8. As a youth, I was active in OA. Thoroughly enjoyed it. My troop was not the best in terms of outdoor activities and such. I camped more at OA events than with my troop. OA can be a good way to keep older youth active in scouting.
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    Howdy Folks!

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    American Legion Cap

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  14. It appears that the council is shedding itself of several camps in the Puget Sound area. Perhaps a scouter in that area can chime in with what they perceive the real effects will be. https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/local/article223126030.html