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  1. prof

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    WOW. I was just watching Fox news and saw a commercial from lawyers trolling for Boy Scout abuse victims. Brings it up to a new level.
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    New to the forum, old to Scouting

    Welcome to the campfire!
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    Good morning/New to the Forum.....

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    Hello World

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  7. This certainly was the case for me growing up. My troop wasn't very motivated to do a lot. In terms of camping and outdoor activities, I camped a lot more as a member of OA and Firecrafter (local honor camping group similar to OA) than I did with my troop with all of the ordeals, and fellowships and staffing camporees.
  8. Same with my old lodge. From the earliest ordeal (Late April) to the last (Mid September) is only 5 and a half months. Even if those dates were juggled a bit to get to 6 months, it wouldn't address the arrowmen who went through the ordeals in May and June. Around here, it looks like everyone will need to take a winter season to meet the requirements. Which is as it has been before the change.
  9. prof

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    I was just on Facebook and saw an ad from a law firm advertising to attract BSA abuse victims. The lawyers are out there trolling.
  10. prof

    Hello from Eastern Washington

    Welcome to the campfire!
  11. prof

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    I was looking on google to see if there were any updates. As I looked through the first couple of pages for news stories, I noticed several law firm advertising to attract abuse victims. I am not sure how many clients they will find, but they sure are looking!
  12. That would be Camp Belzer. It has brought out the best of several generations. Rest in peace, fellow Eagle.
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    Hello from Columbus

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    Hello From North Cackalacky

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