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    American Legion Cap

    And welcome to the virtual campfire.
  3. It appears that the council is shedding itself of several camps in the Puget Sound area. Perhaps a scouter in that area can chime in with what they perceive the real effects will be. https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/local/article223126030.html
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    Howdy from the Texas panhandle

    Welcome to the virtual camp fire!
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    Greetings from Indiana

    And it was good to see that picture again!!!
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    Greetings from Indiana

    You are correct. That should be 1983. And that is me in the back near the right hand side. Glad to help solve the mystery!!!!!
  7. prof

    Greetings from Indiana

    You are correct!!! I can't wait to get back to the home camp!!!
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    Greetings from Indiana

    Yep, I remember you, but that was before the title "uncle" I was the quartermaster/trading post manager. I think that was your first year as a DIR. I think you were trading post manager the year before as you showed me the ropes. Belzer completely ruled!!!!! I hope to make it back that way sometime for a visit. Probably in 2020 for the grand ritual / 100 year anniversary of Firecrafter. That should be a blast. Did they do much for the 100 year anniversary of the camp? Steve
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    Greetings from Indiana

    Welcome to the campfire! Good to have another fan of Camp Belzer around! That was my home camp for my OA chapter. I staffed there in 1983. Great place!
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    Welcome to the campfire!
  11. prof

    Where did you go to summer camp?

    @WonderBoy Big thumbs up for Camp Ransburg! Premier Scout camp in the Midwest! Went there as a scout 3 times, then a summer on staff (1980) Staffed Belzer cub camp for a year (1983). Attended there as a cub! Great place. Belzer was home camp for my chapter of OA! Hope to get back that way some time!
  12. prof

    Here's another mystery patch

    Yep, Firecrafter was an early camp program like OA or tribe of Mic O Say. The council incorporated OA but didn't get rid of Firecrafter. Great program. Challenging and fun. Lotsa history in the council. Its worth it to take a look at the link and browse around in that site! Prof. Firecrafter, 1980
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    Howdy, y'all.

    Welcome to the virtual campfire!!!
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    Hello... Mobile, AL

    Welcome to the virtual campfire!
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    Welcome to the forum!! Glad to have you here!!!!