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  1. It could be worse timing. And $33 is not bad considering everything. I'm good with it. I think this isn't such a big deal.
  2. Sorry my post was moved. I will not participate in I&P.

    1. Sentinel947


      Apologies. As you can understand its a politized issue.

  3. Just saw the news that BSA is now accepting members based on the gender they claim on their application. Interesting. Transgender is 'in'. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/30/us/boy-scouts-reversing-century-old-stance-will-allow-transgender-boys.html?emc=edit_na_20170130&nl=breaking-news&nlid=48592939&ref=headline
  4. Wow, it's almost as if this isn't I&P! (sarcasm) Can't you guys discuss anything without getting mad at each other?
  5. Back to a more serious tone, we've done this often but never for more than two nights on the road one way for a long trip. You have to know the boys and find hotels that allow a decent capacity per room. It also helps to have some space outside so they can run relay races or something to burn off the energy. A pool is even better. We have a careful 'reading of the riot act' before we enter the rooms and then the SP does an inspection of the rooms once we're packed out. We've never had a problem other than so-and-so snores too loud (oops that's the SM). On a couple of trips we exploited our
  6. It's been around a few years. Qwazse's idea isn't a bad one but after dealing with these adventures in acronyms I'd much prefer something that works with SCREAM. As for topic, I think that if BSA makes a further modification to its program (as it seems wont to do), it would be a relevant topic. And NJCubScouter, when you consider the foundations of geometry, or Mandelbrot fractals, or really, many other examples where science and art intersect (there was this guy, Leonardo), the relationship will seem much more natural.
  7. Our Eagle guy merely counsels them on what is the usual content of the EBOR and answers any questions the boy has about the process. The EBOR usually takes about 30 minutes or so. Mine was all of about 10 minutes way back when.
  8. Nothing can beat Krispy Kreme. I'll take 'em stale for that matter but if they're still warm....I'm pretty sure there's something in the Bible about them being sinful.
  9. I guess I could always try the Dick Cheney defense, lol. I haven't seen one over my property yet...that I wasn't flying. So far so good.
  10. In the spirit of working things out on my own, I actually have used these things a few times to get views that I simply can't get as easily any other way. That said, I always make sure I have permission to use over the property of whoever owns it below. And as for my own property, any of these things flying over my property without my permission will find themselves on the wrong end of a 12 gauge - or maybe tangled in the fishing lines I have strung to keep birds out of certain places. Take 'em all out of the sky if they are over Vumbi land. Let the owners seek me out for the remains.
  11. MrBob, point taken. He stood out as the only adult in the ceremony and could have handed that job to the SPL. Not many were paying attention by that time. To me it stuck out that the only adult who entered the ceremony was the last person to represent the scouts to the audience. And while I can't say what the impression was by the audience, and I've spoken to the leader before - he's a really nice guy, it wasn't exactly the image that the audience had from watching the boys. I admit that after the long wait, I was applying a critical eye to everything, perhaps not as fairly as I could have.
  12. Correct, they're all edible. Cambridgeskip, what is required in order to be part of the Commonwealth? Just curious.
  13. Agreed. "Ground monkeys Running" reminds me of 'The Revenant'. In Yellowstone, many years ago, I watched through binoculars as a bear ran 'the 50' faster than any human ever could over really rough terrain. They look big and clumsy, until you see a male threaten the cubs of a female, then you can see why you wouldn't have a prayer. A 44 mag wouldn't do much to a grizzly. Might kill it eventually, but not before you'd been eviscerated. I'm not sure it would even be of much use for a black bear for that matter, the times I've been charged there was no way I could have gotten off an accurate sho
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