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  1. This will be my last post on this subject. While I know many scouts should feel the same as I do and would want the BSA to defend it's honor and integrity. I am sad to see so many scout defending the lack of involvement of the BSA and there for defending bad behavior in scouting.
  2. The person from the Scout Council admitted that Scout Leaders like these know the loop holes in Scouting and use them. I informed him loop holes can only be used if they are left in place to be used. Fix the loop holes is not asking too much either. But it takes more then just one person to make it a big deal. I not tell anyone to quit. but you could still get after the BSA and make it a big deal. I don't think this should be "marked Solved"
  3. I also should add that scouts like these know the CO will most likely not pursue them. And if the CO will not go after them, they also know the BSA will not either. This is why the problem continues for the honest scout members. That is why I think the BSA need to be involved with the behavior of it's members. Enforcing the SCOUT OATH and LAW is not too much to ask.
  4. we all know that after a CO gets shed of dishonest scout members 99% of the time that is the end of the CO involvement. After all they no longer belong with the CO's scout unit. However the BSA still has them as scout members. And as scout members these people are your fellow members, they represent scouting the BSA and all it's members. Not for me any more.
  5. Sorry i have not posted in awhile. Work is the reason. I'll leave it at that. This is the most accurate post I have seen and is the reason for my post. I never asked or told anyone to join me and quit. I will ask you to evaluate why you scout and the organization itself. And if you know about things that should change try to change them. Do not ignore them. That is not honorable or ethical. Do something about it. I'm posting to let you know I tried to fix the problem. At this time it can't be fixed. Mostly because most scout members are putting up with it, so the BSA Organization has n
  6. If you continue "to let things go" and act as if nothing happened. what are you supporting and working for then? What is the message you are sending to the young people. Ignore what is not right and it will not exists? I think a better message is, fix what you can and if it can't be fixed get rid of it.
  7. I would agree if it were just a handful. But when it comes from the Organization itself, then it is time to quit. The BSA should drop the Scout Oath and Law and be honest as to what the Organization, it's members, and the CO will have to put up with. Because the young people in this situation didn't learn anything good.
  8. I my last post i should put Honor as one of the reasons to scout also. Insurance companies can't get that back either, nor can the CO. That is or was part of scouting.
  9. Can an insurance company get back Loyalty, Honesty, or the trust? I think NOT. These are the reasons I scouted. They are also the reason I don't no more. Only the BSA can get back it's integrity. No CO can do this for them. This went beyond the local scout council. I told you I have worked very hard to give the BSA every opportunity the restore it's integrity. A "National Alliance Team" was sent to look into this situation. Of course the CO was not invited to the meeting. The BSA National Alliance Team determined, "there is no solution that would make both sides "happy". Well I can agree wi
  10. I started this discussion so people would know how things are, what you take away from the information given is up to you. I had work very hard to make scouting what the BSA states. Personally I can't belong to an organization that isn't what it states. As long as the BSA allows membership to this type of people I will not belong. For me knowing how things are done or not done is a conflict of interest. I can't teach young people about the Scout Oath or Law, when I know that is not what all scouts are. That the BSA doesn't expect all it's members to live them. At that point it is a waste of ti
  11. They were not allowed the unit numbers. The unit rechartered but lost the charter when the former Scout Leaders threaten to sue the Charter Organization if it filed a police report for stolen property. I talked them into not dropping the three units until the Charters were up. This gave the BSA 6 months to do something about this situation. NO help there. Look, it is the BSA that states it's members follow the Scout Oath and Law. That is what people, scout members, and charter organizations expect. Law implies enforcement. Simply put most people expect the organization you belong to to en
  12. Need more? Part of this same group didn't bring the rechartering documented to the the Charter Organization of the Cub Scout Unit they were leaving at cross over. This Organization had been the Pack's Charter for decades. The unit leader moved the pack and assets to the Charter Organization that Chartered the Boy Scout Troop he was moving to. Now they could keep using the equipment. When I found out about it I call the CEO at the CO he told me he call the committee chair of the pack and was told the unit decided to Charter else where. Honesty. Loyalty, Trustworthy while representing the BSA.
  13. Let me put it this way. Yes the Charter Organization can remove Scout leaders. But that is hard to do when they jump ship. in a 4 year span The Scout Leaders were with 3 different Charter Organizations. The first two no longer have scout troops. See a pattern?
  14. So in a situation like this when the unit leaders jump to another Charter Organization with the former unit's assets. The old Charter Organization has no authority over these Scout Leaders. But because The BSA can revoke their Scout membership. No matter what unit they are in, that is what should happen. I have all the Records bank,equipment list, everything was done with the unit commissioner. Just because the Charter Organization was fed-up with with the situation doesn't mean the BSA should ignore the situation. The Charter Organization had meetings with the unit commissioner and the coun
  15. I hope most of you realize that sooner or later it is going to be hard to get Charter Organizations to Charter Scout Units. After situations like these there will be too much bad blood for them to justify the Charters. Also they will realize the the reason for Chartering scout units doesn't exist any longer. There is no Scout Oath or Law as far as the Scout Organization is concerned. That is why the Charter Organization dropped the three Charters in this situation. This is why I have been after the Scout Organization for so long. They are shooting themselves in the foot. Numbers are dropping.
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