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  1. Robert Birkby, in his article, "Leading From Afar', appearing in the Jan-Feb 2017 edition of Scouting Magazine explained the use of the EDGE progression very well. EDGE applies four steps to success: Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable. In your unit, how have you implemented the EDGE progression and what was the outcome?
  2. I have found that there are plenty of opportunities for adults to stay occupied including adults whose son(s) have aged out of the program. Opportunities exist as merit badge counselors, committee functions, fund-raising etc. In my area, there are always positions to be filled at the District level. There are opportunities to help at council long-term camping facilities throughout the year as well. Stay active and registered in your local unit. I have transferred to a different Scout unit on occasion where adult leadership has become a bit thin. I doing so I stay current with former adult
  3. I was never asked this at my EBoR 50+ years ago. In Cubs, it was common to see the blue uniform at school and I joined in on those days designated by my council. Today boys are probably more comfortable wearing the uniform in public when they are participating in a unit activity as a group. Together, this provides a positive example of the uniform and involvement of Scouting in the community. 12PointLife
  4. A rope bridge is always fun if you have the equipment. Works well with an epic "Lord of the Rings" theme. 12PointLife
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