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  1. bearess

    Would you say anything

    So, the SE called me today. He was actually very clear about next steps— he’ll meet with the ASM (along with the SM and COR) on Monday. He said if there are excuses made, or it happens again, he will pull ASMs membership. So! There we go.
  2. bearess

    Would you say anything

    Well, I made a YPT report. I had conversations with the SM, ASM, COR beforehand, and felt it was the right thing. We will see what happens— my bet is absolutely nothing!!
  3. We currently have six girls who are already meeting/planning. Active committee (setting up financials). SM is a longtime ASM who is easily the most skilled backwoods camper in the Troop! Also have an ASM lined up— 25 y/o, Venturer. They are ready to roll! We are recruiting the same way we recruit boys— word of mouth, mainly. Flyers. Community service events. I suspect they will be up to 10-11 girls by February.
  4. bearess

    Would you say anything

    Yes, thank you for articulating my feelings. I’m not thrilled by the situation, and if my son was upset, or didn’t want to continue, I’d be livid. But...he’s not. What he took away was that, yes, ASM loses it and it’s not OK, but that other adults saw it and intervened. He said the SM got him a sandwich so he didn’t have to go in the dining hall crying, said it was OK, that flags get dropped every year, everyone knew it was an accident. SM also told son he was “going places”, which thrilled son to no end. I’m doubtful, frankly, that talking to the ASM will be effective. He has a long history of stuff like this. He’s not changing. He’s a SuperScout— Eagle, Wood Badge instructor, etc. Getting rid of him, full stop, will be tough, and may not happen. Focusing on that as a goal might not be realistic. I don’t know.
  5. bearess

    Would you say anything

    I think all of that is the right thing to do/say— but it’s challenging. The guy has a son my son’s age, also in the Troop. So removing him as an ASM wouldn’t necessarily achieve the goal of removing him from Scouts—he’d still come to everything with his son. Me going to everything isn’t possible- I don’t have the vacation time to go to camp and a weeklong summer trip (which they do every year). I’m a Den Leader for my younger son, and those meetings overlap with the Troop meetings. Here’s the trouble— my son likes Scouts and likes his Troop. Any other Troop would be 15-20 minute drive, different school district, etc. Removing him from the Troop seems like such a bad option— but letting him stay is no good either! I do appreciate that the rest of the leadership talked to him, and I think the message was “If it happens again, you will have to leave”- but I do think they are limited in what they can do, as his son is a Scout.
  6. bearess

    Would you say anything

    Sigh. So son went to camp last week. He had a great time, loved it. But, the first day, I guess there was confusion about who was supposed to be carrying the flag. Son was carrying it, he went to hand it to someone else and dropped it. Oops. Son was embarrassed, all the boys acted quickly to pick it up, everyone clearly understood it was a mistake. Well, ASM/former Cubmaster was there and apparently screamed at my son in front of everyone until he cried. Another ASM and the SM were there, they took son aside, calmed him down. The other ASM called me about it once they got home. Apparently they had a meeting last night (COR, SM, both ASMs) to speak to ASM about how he talks to the boys (yelling/humiliating). I hope this will resolve it, but I’m doubtful it will. Sigh. I don’t know what to do from here.
  7. My son has a boy in his Troop who always tents with his dad (Dad is an ASM, don’t get me started). It’s odd, and the other boys notice, but I don’t think anyone is bothered by the fact that he’s advancing thru rank. As someone said, the rank requirements are pretty clear— none of them require doing your share of work in a patrol, or sleeping in a patrol. I don’t nderstand the “deal” the SM made— it seems like he’s adding to the requirements. Leaving camp without telling anyone is VERY problematic. I would have to think very hard about how to proceed from there.
  8. bearess

    NATIONAL POLICY: AOL and Crossover Ceremonies

    Same here, although it isn’t linked to Blue and Gold. Obviously the Crossover/AOL joint ceremony isn’t as common as I thought. However, I do think that it’s common enough that having the option of joining the scripts into one cohesive ceremony would be nice.
  9. bearess

    Cub Leader who pays for Woodbadge

    Yeah, I’ve done Baloo. I feel confident that I understand Patrol Method well enough to lead the Cubs thru AOL. I’m also trying to involve Boy Scouts whenever possible (have a Scout or two come teach knots for the Wolves, that sort of thing). Finally, I’m trying to gradually give them simple responsibilities now— they will vote on their electives this year, they choose their campout menu— to transition them to Boy-led when they are you, rather than jumping into that with Webelos without any preparation.
  10. bearess

    NATIONAL POLICY: AOL and Crossover Ceremonies

    Huh. Maybe I’ve just always been to weird troops, then! Crossover and AOL are always simultaneous round these parts!
  11. bearess

    Cub Leader who pays for Woodbadge

    I’m a den leader, and I agree with whoever said that it seems superfluous at this level. I’m sure it’s a good training, but.....I don’t feel I need leadership training to run herd on first graders! I’m my son’s den leader now, and I’ll stick with that for four more years. After that, I’d like to go back down and be a Tiger Leader in perpetuity. I’d even do Lions! I just don’t feel that a ton of training is needed for that......
  12. bearess

    NATIONAL POLICY: AOL and Crossover Ceremonies

    Statements like the really get at what makes OA so challenging and so easy to be done poorly. There is no “Native American mystique”— the tribes of North America are/were so diverse that there is nothing common to all of them. Some lodges, I’m sure, work really closely with the local tribe and put on a fantastic, authentic ceremony honoring the tribe in their area. Most don’t. In another BSA forum I’m on, an Arrowman stated that his lodge didn’t have any Indians nearby, as the three reservations in his state were far away. Through random professional contacts, I happen to know about a large group of Sauk and Fox living in his Council, some of whom are WWII vets working to get recognition from the government for their part in the Code Talkers program. They would welcome OA members looking for help with ceremonies— and, they’d welcome any “cheerful service” the OA wanted to give to help them work thru the endless red tape! But the local chapter hasn’t made any effort to find them, so the chapter does a random, half-hearted ceremony based on an amalgamation of Indian myths and lore from all over. The odd thing about the scripts, to me, is that they aren’t related. At every AOL ceremony I’ve been to, boys have also crossed over. The two scripts don’t seem designed for that.
  13. bearess

    Sloooooow advancement

    Thanks so much for the feedback. He’s at summer camp now. Before he left, his SM told him he wanted them to sit down together and look at his advancement. He’ll be home for a week, then the next week he’s doing a week long canoe trip with his Troop. I think I’ll ask his SM to remind him that a lot of stuff is closed off if you aren’t first class at 14. I suspect that will motivate him to remember to advance!
  14. bearess

    Sloooooow advancement

    Thanks for the advice. I think you’re right, give it time, and then a reminder. The older boys/PLs are the ones who sign off on advancement/skills (with the exception of Scout masters conference and, I assume, BOR). I think that he just doesn’t think to ask about it. Anyway, he’s off to summer camp today, where he’s doing a first class adventure program. So......we shall see!
  15. bearess

    Denied a court of honor.

    Well, you did appear to say you reported it. In response to a post asking if you reported it, you replied “Yes, I did, and proud that I did”. Also, if your son can’t swim or do strenuous activity, he must have had to have alternative badge requirements for Eagle (First Class requires swimming, as well as the cycling/swimming/hiking merit badge requirements). It seems like you would have been working closely with the committee to get all of that done. Did he complete all the required Eagle merit badges or did he complete alternative badges for some? Specifically, did your son earn hiking, swimming, cycling, or personal fitness?