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  1. I mean, this could be said of any war or historic event— first person accounts are fascinating. They are also ephemeral. I don’t feel sorry for younger generations who wont have first-hand accounts of WWII any more than I feel sorry for myself to have never heard a first person account of WWI.
  2. Sure! I don’t know all the details, but here is what I do know. He is no longer an ASM, but is still a member of the Committee. He accompanies the Troop on campouts as a parent, but that’s all. I am glad I reported it— the Scoutmaster said that it really “empowered” him, whatever that means.
  3. I wonder how much prior scouting experience matters, really. My dad is an ASM for my son’s troop. I bet my dad is a pretty typical former scout for his age (born 1947)— he did a few years of Cubs, was in Scouts till he was in early HS (maybe 14 or 15), enjoyed camping, etc. He remembers his cousin being SPL, but not who was in his patrol, other than a few friends. I don’t think his scouting experience makes any difference in how he is as an ASM. He follows the guidance of the SM.
  4. Talk to their parents, use the name and pronouns they prefer. A Scout is kind.
  5. LatinScot, I appreciate you taking the time to answer. I understand the basics of the LDS beliefs. My comment was in response to those who said LDS units are run differently— to me, Troop leaders and camping are big differences. I understand the LDS method is based on your beliefs. I happen to disagree, but that’s neither here nor there. As gblotter said, the departure of LDS will result in greater program fidelity. I’d say that the fact that such significant changes to BSA had to be made for LDS units means the program was never a great fit.
  6. LDS troops also limit camping for young scouts, rarely have elected PORs for scouts, and are often known as Eagle mills. There are many differences. Personally, I think the partnership with the CoLDS has been a net negative for BSA. I think their willingness to bend/change the rules for one group has negatively impacted the program, making it exclusive and divisive. I think BSA will be better for this change. For the LDS Church, I think it’s a loss.
  7. I bet being a CC at recharger is miserable! Trying to do online trading is bad enough!! But a parent who shows up for events with a duration of less than 72 hours doesn’t need to register. Your unit may require that, National doesn’t. Frankly, if an adult is committed enough to show up to an event of over 72 hours, I bet they are willing to be a MBC. I agree making a parent register and do YPT before any volunteering is overkill. But a parent who is going on a longer trip? Call me a helicopter Mom, but I see nothing wrong with a background check.
  8. But the parent dropping off or chaperoning a day hike doesn’t have to register, per National— only parents spending more than 72 hours with a group have to. i don’t understand, at all, why a group would have to go home on Wednesday if parents were required to register— register the parents as MB counselors. No cost to the Troop or parent, and you are in compliance. Plus your Troop gets another MBC. Win/win/win. Same with the unregistered cops/social worker going to Canada. Sure, they probably have nothing to hide. So register them. YPT takes 45 minutes, maybe— I did it while folding
  9. Huh. I hadn’t seen the custom fit option before. I wonder what the turn around time is When my dad found the Den Mother dress, he also found a sewing pattern for Den Mother dresses. I’ve been meaning to look at that, as well as try on the dress, as his mother was built like me— I suspect she sewed or altered the dress to accommodate her bust.
  10. My experience is that one of two things will happen— people will withdraw themselves from the activity, or the background check will find out important info. As I said, I was stunned that parents with sexual convictions signed up to chaperone field trips, knowing we were doing background checks! But they did. By following the rules, the camp gains information. Where is the harm?
  11. Why is it a stupid rule? I’ve worked in public schools that required background checks for parent volunteers/field trip chaperones— honestly, when we began to do background checks, the things some parents were convicted of shocked me. And these were people volunteering to chaperone and be background checked! I would not knowingly send my son to a camp that flouted this rule. I also can’t see the benefit to not registering adults. Running background checks strikes me as something with no real downsides.
  12. Oh, come on. There is gender— there are separate dens/troops. And there have been different uniform options for women for ages— my dad was cleaning out his house recently and found his moms Den Mother dress, circa 1957! Personally, I wear a tan shirt, and it is terrible. I’m large busted, but petite everywhere else— so a youth large would fit my shoulders/waist, but I wear an adult large to fit my bust. It looks awful. I don’t see any reason not to offer girls clothing that fits well and is flattering.
  13. So, the SE called me today. He was actually very clear about next steps— he’ll meet with the ASM (along with the SM and COR) on Monday. He said if there are excuses made, or it happens again, he will pull ASMs membership. So! There we go.
  14. Well, I made a YPT report. I had conversations with the SM, ASM, COR beforehand, and felt it was the right thing. We will see what happens— my bet is absolutely nothing!!
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