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  1. Go to www.gilwell.com You can up load your scan to an area called whatisit that allows others to see it so that they can identify the patch for you. YIS
  2. If you go to www.oa-bsa.org and select Guide to Inductions you will find all the requirements for the Order of the Arrow. They are (in a nut shell); 1. Unit leader approval 2. Be registered member of BSA (Troop or Team) 3. Hold rank of 1st Class as a minimum 4. Have 15 nights of Boy scout camping experience. These must include one but no more than one long term camp of at least 6 consecutive days and 5 nights of resident camping, approved and under the auspices of the Boy Scouts of America. The balance is to be made up of overnight , weekend and other short term camp outs. The
  3. I was just posting to another thread and thought this was a good topic to go over. What do you as an SM, discuss with a young man during this SM conference? I have used it as a time to get the young man to reflect on his experiences in scouting, both good and bad. I lead them with open ended questions and then let them do the talking. A couple of simple references to some early time when he first joined the troop or a time when I remember him emerging as a leader for the first time. They usually remember these times but didnt know you were watching. I have always ended the conference with a qu
  4. I have held them at meeting and camping. On campouts, usually in the afternoon so that a BOR can be convened after dinner and Vespers. I always stay in camp or the same room as our meetings. As for an Eagle SM conference, I set up a time with the candidate and see to it that there are no disturbances.
  5. Our troop recently experienced a 25% increase with 7 Webelos crossing over from our local Cub Pack. The NSP is a really Gungho group of scouts who like most young guys want to fit in with the older guys. The older scouts have taken to the younger guys and are helping them along the way. Things here are great we have a boy lead program (organized chaos), active youth, an excellent C.O., a well run committee, and really supportive parents. I dont really see any problems yet, but I am getting a feeling that the older scouts need a boost to maintain their interest in the program. At our last meeti
  6. The best part were the staff and participants, the people made the course. The dedication and comaraderie made it the most enjoyable training I've ever been through. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend the course to all. As for the course material, the best part was the hands on experiences. Theory just goes so far. Least favorite was the planning for the service project, to many chiefs not enough indians at first. Yet, in the end all was pulled off. Writing my ticket was a challenge to make it a worhtwhile effort and attainable at the same time. I liked the Diversity aspect of it
  7. May God protect all who go in harms way.
  8. Encourage them to start when they join. The SM and SPL should sit with the new scout or scouts and explain the entire advancement system. This includes how to start working on a Merit badge, completing rank requirements or what the purpose of a BOR is. The PLC with guidence from the SM and ASMs should utilize the program guides for meeting and outing activities. Each of these themed programs say what advancement opportunities are available. By following the program outlines a troop can fulfill the advancement and scout skill needs of the whole troop. The scout has to take the initiative to see
  9. Kenk, When the boys cross over as a den they have a built in support group of peers with them. They all experience the same things at the same time. It always helps to have a friend to go through a new experience with. My son was a bit timid, yet with a group of school friends with him, he has done quite well. Of the 6 boys that crossed over with him, 5 are left in the troop. They have all attained Life scout rank. They also run the troop as SPL, ASPL and JASM and Troop Guides. Along with a Troop guide helping the NSP, the older guys mentor the new scouts usually without either scout knowin
  10. Ang, It sounds as though your SM has the program down to a science. They will be taught scout skills and then they will learn to put them to use. They will succeed and fail, sometimes at the very same time. A forgotten poncho teaches them to be prepared, while extra trash bags teach them to improvise when faced with a problem. As these boys progress through scouting their parents will see a self confident young man emerge from their son, and who knows, maybe the Know-it-all will learn something too.
  11. First ensure the meeting dates/times are posted on a troop calendar and that each member of the PLC has a copy. Your SM could also ensure that each PLC member knows that attendance at PLC meetings is a part of their job for POR requiremnt for advancement. You might also ask the PLC what they want for agenda items and bring minutes of previous meetings. They might feel that they have no input so why come anyway. Keep your meetings simple and to the point at first, then improve and expand them as you need. I do this with our SPL, ASPL, PLs after each troop meeting, we do a quick debrief, what we
  12. SPL210, Have the patrol go to www.streamwood.net They can find several different patrol patches there as well.
  13. When we go camping each patrol is responsible for their own menu, shopping and funding. During patrol corners at a troop mtg each patrol writes up their own menu, 3 weeks prior to the trip. They must have their menu approved by the SM. All meals must be balanced or back to square one. Each patrol collects about $10.00 per member, and then they go shopping. We have taught them to comparison shop and to use coupons as well. This amount of money also allows them to buy exhaustable items they need as a patrol; foil, salt & pepper, dish soap, scrubbie pads, etc. The NSP is taught at troop mtgs
  14. How about Paleontology? Some of the requirements could be: 1. Earn the Geology or Archeology Merit Badge 2. Give a brief history of the science of Paleontology. 3. Collect 20 different fossils and display them for exhibit. Properly Identified and Labeled. 4. Discuss the following terms; Paleontologist, Fossil Record, Dinosaur, etc... 5. Do one of the following: A. Visit a dig site. Interview the site supervisor. Prepare a written report and present it to your troop or patrol. B. Visit a Natural History Museum in your. Prepare a written repor
  15. Our troop is experiencing some growth and I hit upon an idea today to smooth the transition for everyone involved. I am going to put together a packet with the following: Scout Application Meeting info - Times and Place Troop Resource Survey Troop Annual Calendar Troop Phone Numbers Where to purchase uniforms and other needed Scout items ie; Handbook We have always been a bit remiss in this aspect, and with 8 Webelos getting ready to cross over I feel this will help answer some of the questions their parents will naturally have. With all the experience out there, can anyo
  16. We always state before we start a fund raiser where to money will, general fund or scout accounts. For the general fund, I usually let the boys know what the money is going for; New tents, Cook gear, or maybe a winter cabin rental at our local scout camp. We also let them know what things will cost so they how much we need to raise. Give the boys ownership and they will run with the ball.
  17. My first scouting memory is getting my bobcat pin from our Cubmaster Mr. Strickland when I was 8. I wanted to turn it right side up as soon as I could. I couldn't wait to go to 3 meetings because I had no idea what "Deed" was, let alone a Good one.
  18. I have worked with several young scouts who have had disabilities. The one that comes to mind was born with 1 arm. His most amazing accomplishment to me wasn't earning Eagle but on the way there earning the Rifle Shooting MB. He out shot most of camp that week. He had 3 things going for him, supportive parents, a creative imagination and determination. The Camping MB should be no problem for this young man. There are several options that he can choose from to earn this badge. Backpacking the 4 miles should be easy if he doesn't have a problem walking. If he can swim, planning and carryin
  19. Doing a Good Turn Daily is sometimes just kind word.
  20. OGE, In the OA Guide for for Officers and Advisors the Unit Election Procedures state: " Before the election, the OA team must secure from the unit leader verification that at least 50% of the registered active unit membership is present. If at least 50% is not present, an election cannot be held." The guide also describes what is considered a Registered Active Member. " A Boy Scout or Varsity Scout who carries a current national membership card and participates in at least some unit activities during the year is considered to be a registered active member of the unit." YIS
  21. Yes, the scouts in our troop go to Tiger Cub winter day camp and Cub Scout Winter day camp to help out. By being den guides, the scouts have gained leadership skills. They have also put scout skills to use by putting on cooking and other demonstrations. I feel this is also the first step in showing a boy how to give back to scouting as well.
  22. As a boy it was self-confidence, taught by a good SM. As an Adult leader it has been patience and humility.
  23. To Merlyn_Leroy I dont know about the rest of the posters here, but I will say a prayer for you. Not that you should succeed in your endeavors, but because a Scout is Kind.
  24. As soon as I read it I made a copy with the intent of using it for a Eagle CoH. You are twice blest, for having such good parents, and for you cherishing their memory. I hope I can pass this lesson on to the Scouts in the troop I work with.
  25. I held training for our troops new junior leaders today. Everything went about the way I figured they would till lunch. Had all the ingredients in different bags, each boy selected one. I waited for the initial "hey I got lettuce or mines just buns" but they never came. The boys started bartering with each other as if they were in the cafeteria at school. They then started sharing with each other and we had a good lunch. I was caught flat-footed by this because the transition was seemless, and I never got to utter a word. During the reflection I asked them if they had seen or done this al
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