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  1. IM, There is also the opportunity if your son wishes to join his chapters ceremonial team (If they have one) or the Lodge ceremonial team. Some Lodges also have a dance team and compete with other Lodges anfd their conclaves and such.
  2. 1. If you have not already earned, (with your parents/gaurdians permission) enroll in the Religious program for your faith. Discuss with your counselor how this will help strengthen your faith. If there is no program for your faith research some traiing programs available at your place of worship and discuss them with your counselor and then enroll in the program for your age group.
  3. RD, Sounds like fun. Are you going to come up with the first name? Cause I'm raring to go. Bryan
  4. The little strip of clothe that reads Boy Scouts of America over the right front pocket. That says it all!
  5. There's actually a couple more reason's not to do this at a scout camp. Pigs can be very dangerous if you are not careful, so a scout could get hurt. Next, in the summer it is hot and pig farms tend to smell very bad. Also, to meet the requirement a scout must raise a feeder pig from weaning to market weight. Or they can choose to visit a hog farm or packing plant, which makes raising a pig moot. Lastly, you get one scout with a misguided moral compass who might let the pig out one night and no BLT's.
  6. We have been looking at this for just a short time now. We have been seeking a Crafter list for folks in our area and could probably sweet talk our chartering org into letting us use their hall for nothing.
  7. Rogue, Sounds like your dad was a heck of an SM.
  8. You can offer all the generic courses that every Cub Leader should have. Youth Protection Training or New Leader Essentials are a way to start the day. In the PM you can have position specific training. Den Leader, Webelos Den Leader training and any other training that the adults who register request. This way you get some training done and there is still time in the day for the parents and Pack leaders to enjoy the programs with their cubs. You can also conduct some workshops that might appeal to Den Leaders such as Ceremonies, Advancement Helps etc. These are things that might be done
  9. We still get all sorts, from OA for summer camp attendance, 100% Boy's Life, etc. Our district gives out participant ribbons and if a competition takes place , 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well.
  10. Sctdad, Have your program people look at combining activities as previously mentioned. We hold a Merit Badge college every year in December, usually the 2nd weekend. This is attended by most scout troops. You now have all the leaders in one place. Time for IOLS classroom sessions, YPT, NLE and a lot of other training. A lot can be done in a days time and this works really well. This takes a lot of pressure off the districts to plan training dates and offers an extra opportunity to train. Our council also holds a training weekend; BALOO, Scoutmaster fundamentals and Webelos Leader train
  11. I was in England for a NATO exercise a few years ago. I just love that breakfast. Eggs and Fried bread, great Bacon along with baked beans and stewed tomatoes. Thanks for jogging the memory. That and a hot cup of tea.
  12. It seems April and May are the busiest here. With our Pack, Troop, OA Chapter and District calendars, along with the Council and Lodge calendars I don't think there are too many free weekends available at any one time of the year. With popcorn sales, summer camp, service projects, campouts, hikes and other outings there is always something to attend or do. This month is busy; Lodge winter weekend, Pack PWD (same weekend), District Klondike, and University of Scouting.
  13. We had one scout that disliked everything that was prepared for meals on campouts. He hated that food, or the brand or the way it was cooked, even if he cooked it. It was too hot or cold, raw or burned. His patrol let him make the menu and he still refused to eat for 1 reason or another. Pickiest kid I ever worked with. No known food allergies either, according to his parents. We never forced him to eat and we always had PB&J's available (the PB or Jelly was not his brand or was crunchy or the bread was stale). Usually by saturday dinner he would eat due to an empty belly. It all came out
  14. Remember Schiff, Thanks for the link. After reading the article I wanted to see if our annual calendar would mesh and allow our scouts to work toward this patch.
  15. The author brings up a good point on the issue of race. How come we meet so many descendants of slaves but no descendants of slave owners?
  16. Has anyone ever hosted a Craft Fair as a fund raiser for their unit? We've been throwing this idea around and I was just looking for some feedback/insight. Thanks Bryan
  17. Our council just held it's winter camp for boy scouts. We still do Cub scout winter day camp but this was the first time for boy scouts. We had 18 participants, not the best turn out but for our first try a small number was probably more manageable. It program was for 4 days and 3 nights. The scouts could work on 4 different merit badges; Fishing, Rifle Shooting, Winter Sports and Wilderness Survival. In the evenings we watched movies, played board games and of course a Cracker Barrel. The rifle shooting was done with black powder rifles. This was a big deal to the scouts because mos
  18. I used to be a Bobwhite, a good old Bobwhite too! C-03-04 Delivering the promise. Happy New Year
  19. I hope I am not the first or the last to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! And God Bless us all.
  20. Gcan, We use this ceremony. You can find it at www.wahshashe.org You can modify it as needed. Painted arrows and/or certificates are all nice. The last thing is to make sure that the entire scout troop is on hand to greet the new scouts. Our OA chapter has its own ceremony team and the scouts put alot of effort into their ceremonies. Check with your DE to see if there is a ceremony team available.
  21. You can omit 1 pound of hamburger and add 1 pound of sweet italian sausage. Also add freshly chopped parsley to the mix of spices. Mushrooms go well in veggie or carno versions.
  22. I was just reading through this posting and as I scrolled down passed the sponsor sidebar that was advertizing a gay gift site. But no penguins.
  23. I am looking for information on the old silk screen and embroidered patrol flags that the BSA used to sell. Anyone out there know of some web sites that would get me pointed in the right direction? I have a few of them and really can't find much about them. Thanks YIS Bryan
  24. I just took 2.5 feet of snow off my roof last night.
  25. Our pack collects donations of food items and money at our November pack meeting. The Cubmaster will then go shopping to create as many turkey dinners as possible. He approaches local clergy in our community seeking names of families that are in need and the pack donates a full Thanksgiving dinner to them. I am curious do anyother units do this?
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