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  1. By the way, I can't go into specifics, so as to protect them child from further problems. He has always been a really good kid and he needs people to just mind their own business.
  2. Can council kick a boy out because of rumors that they might have heard about him. Nothing confirmed and most of them blow way out from the truth? Would they at least need to call the family and ask them what is going on or can they kick him out blindly? We have a situation with a boy that I know and I want to make sure he is treated fairly.
  3. kenk, He has been active in Troop 1 since he crossed over. We were approached about helping to start a Troop in our small town. He didn't want to completely leave his current Troop but felt that his experience would be a good thing for the new Troop. The older boys in his current Troop wished to start a Team, and he wanted to be part of it also. We are going to get more uniforms for Jamboree, but are waiting for the discount that council is going to give for those. We should find out the 31st how much it is going to be and when it will be given to us.
  4. Scoutnut, I meant to write that the Team and Troop are sponsored by the same church. I know that they are not sponsored by the Troop. Yeah, we will just have to do the best we can for now, cause I don't have the money to buy 2 more uniforms.
  5. My son is currently registered in 2 Troops and a Team. Which uniform should he wear. The Team is sponsored by one of the Troops that he is registered in. He is also going to Jamboree, so I will have to deal with changing patches on his shirts this summer any way.
  6. emb021 You understood correctly. This committee member/person who keeps the records is also the person who turns things into council. Therefore no advancement records have been turned into council for this. I talked to enough people that I think the situation has been fixed and won't happen again. I want my son's situation worked out but I also don't want other boys to go through what my son has. I want the program to be better for all boys involved now and to come.
  7. Conversation went well today. SM knew nothing of the new situation and told son to not worry that he would take care of the situation. I was prepared for any arguement and there wasn't one of any kind. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
  8. Thanks everyone for your responses. we have our regular meeting today. Committee chair is going to be there as is SM and an ASM. CC and I have already discussed this and she wants to talk to the SM and this ASM, which is fine. Son and I are going to talk to them about this today.
  9. Not SM who is questioning son. It is a member of committee, advancement chair. Want to defend SM, he has been good. SM approved it during SMs conference, son went before board and they approved, board member who wasn't there (one in charge of records) informed that it wasn't done correctly.(This message has been edited by kittle)
  10. I've looked at and read over the requirements for Den Chief. Is there a work book somewhere that they need to fill out detailing exactly what they did/are doing? Can they work with any age Cub Scouts? My son has been working with a Cub Scout Pack since about March (officially) and sometime last year (unofficially). He was using this as his POR for Life Scout and the SM knew and approved him doing the position. I was told Tuesday night that he didn't work with a Webelos den or fill out a workbook so none of his time would count. I already talked to someone at district level and he w
  11. meant to say we are not unhappy in our current troop. Must have been tired when I typed that.
  12. Scoutldr We were approached by the Webelos leader, who would be the ASM, and his wife who is the Cub Master for the Pack. We have a Charter Organization, the same one that sponsors the Cub Scouts. The COR would be the same as for Cubs (he is an Eagle and understands the program). There are already 3 Webelos that should be crossing over, 1 boy who has wanted to join for about a year but mother won't drive him 20+ miles to a local Troop, 2 brothers (one of which is almost First Class, long story but he wants to get back into scouting), and my son (who is almost Eagle). My son would be 'dual
  13. I don't really know exactly what to ask. My son and I have been approached once again about helping to start a Troop in our town. There are finally enough boys interested that it is feasible. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. I've been ASM for a couple of years now and my son has been in Boy Scouts for about 5 years. I know the basics. Kittle
  14. We were actually told by council level about boys being able to be dual registered. Our Troop now's SM has offered some support to this effort. I have mentioned for some time that if they could get enough boys for a Troop maybe they could camp with another Troop til the boys were more established. If they are able to be dual registered, my son would technically be registered with 3 Troops (original, new and Jamboree) and is Den Chief for the Pack in our community. Thanks everybody for sharing your answers and thoughts. Eagle 92, My son is not a member of OA. He was hoping to
  15. I know that you have to wonder why would a boy want to be registered in more than one, but there is a good reason. We live in a very small community and have been trying to get a Troop started for some time. We can barely keep a Pack going. My son has said that he would be willing to transfer membership to another Troop after he has finished his Eagle, but that he wanted to finish with the boys that he started with. We were told last night that he could actually be registered with 2 Troops in order to help these other boys get a Troop started. It would be great if we got a Troop going, I
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