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  1. Journalism sure isn't what it used to be. Vicki
  2. Very short on detail but the facts that "recreation area rangers" were in the boat and that it's advertised that operating a boat on the lake after dark can be "extremely hazardous" stand out. If park personnel were in the boat, then we have lost one of our own but it isn't a "Scouting Boating Mishap" - maybe I'm being oversensitive (it's possible!) but it seems to me that that implies scouts were at fault, which they would appear not to be just from this short story. Vicki
  3. The IT version or the original Cold War version? Vicki
  4. OK, Calico, I can't help myself - a teacup poodle and a handgun? Have you seen the South Park episode where Paris Hilton's little dogs keep committing suicide in the back seat of her limo after listening to her conversation on the phone? Have to remember to get those spent shells out of my winter coat pocket... Vicki
  5. Gary, I know some (not by any means all) Missouri Synod Lutheran congregations feel that way. I have heard Wisconsin Synod Lutherans (even more conservative than MO Synod)have that policy but do not know first hand. The objection is to societies which require their members to make oaths. This is the same objection some Christians have to swearing an oath in court. Matthew 5:37 concerning "let your yes be your yes and your no be your no." Also related to the commandment in Exodus to "not take the name of your Lord in vain." I'm a Brotherhood member of the OA, so I'm not getting in
  6. SR540, this is a really good point... "Bottom line, communication and education is key and even then, you will have SM's who enjoy being master of "their" domain and want to keep the OA out." SMs like that normally don't send their scouts to NYLT either. Vicki
  7. Hmmm, Baden, I would not presume to define God. Way above my pay grade:). And I wouldn't presume to put words in Merlyn's mouth, but I think he is an atheist, so you must be referring to some other debate. Or, is the proposed debate scenario, as it would play out, ridiculous enough to qualify as a Schrodinger's cat? What lovely synchronicity the universe has at times! I think I shall attempt to grok the wonderful irony of the situation with my nestmate at the first opportunity. Vicki(This message has been edited by Vicki)
  8. Hmmm, I thought they just had to be able to open a box... Of course, that would depend on the box, eh? Vicki
  9. But Calico, then you have to account for Heidegger's cat! Less well known than Schrodinger's possibly, but does that mean it doesn't exist? Vicki (darn typos)(This message has been edited by Vicki)
  10. "V, while we're dithering with semantics, "the way" was what they used to call themselves before everyone else started calling them Christians." Yep, so Christians weren't the only or the first. The choice of descriptor was intentional, other translations call it "the path" but that can start confusing Taoism and Buddhism which are historically related but not the same. You might say they are really close dance partners. "A boy need not say the a- word to be shown the door. But, he does need our time and friendship to come to that conclusion in his own right." Well stated. Ni
  11. Hey, a belated thank you! Spent at least a few moments of it pulling a couple of ticks off of an inaccessible part of Son 2's backside after his return from a Philmont prep hike. I'm not going because the crew is a bunch of jocks who selected as brutal a trail as they could find, as I knew they would. As it turns out, I made the right choice - Son 2 is already complaining about the pace one of the dads keeps. Guy has a lot of backpacking experience (as do I) - Son 2 will learn his lesson on pacing (evil grin). Or maybe youthful arrogance and metabolism will carry the day - we'll see.
  12. Merlyn, even in the quote you pulled from my post, I say not all Buddhists view Buddha in the same way. As a past student of the way, I believe I am conversant enough with it for these purposes. Vicki
  13. OGE, the Des Peres is still within its banks, as are most of the rivers right around here. Although i feel sorry for it, it is more a huge drainage ditch. Big plans afoot to reclaim it if the money ever comes available. Just a little south, not so much. Vicki
  14. Baden, I know what an EBOR is and I know the conditions under which they are held. I have served in two districts in our council. If, when you say DRP you mean the 12th point, which is what I have been talking about, you would lose that bet. Jrush, you need to study Buddhism a bit more thoroughly. Buddhists do not believe in a creator god. However, the Buddha is venerated as the embodiment of the supreme essence come to earth in at least one, if not more, strains of Buddhism. Not the Christian understanding, nor theist, per se, but definitely recognizing something beyond oneself.
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