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  1. The one nickname that has really stuck in our troop is "Pinky". The boy got it after emptying the igloo cooler of cherry bug juice (pink teeth, tongue, lips and fingers). The boys give each other silly monickers but most last til the outing is over.
  2. According to the Uniform inspection sheet I recieved with my Wood Badge packet - Headgear. Boy Scout leaders wear the olive and red visor cap, or campaign hat. Cub Scout leaders wear the blue and gold visor cap. Webelos leaders wear the blue Webelos visor cap. Varsity Scout leaders wear the blaze visor cap. Personally, I like the Expedition hat myself, it is functional (broad brim keeps the sun out of your eyes and off your neck), it recovers well from minor abuse and is very stylish. With the Adult leader pin attached it is a nice addition to the uniform.
  3. I spent almost 22 years in the USN and the culture then was that tattoos were okay. I knew that they weren't for me, but I never thought any less of shipmates that got them. As far a piercings go, Pirates wore a gold ear ring so that upon death their burial could be paid for. I personally have no problem with them or tattoos but counsel anybody against both for all the obvious health issues that go along with being poked with a needle that might be sterile or not.
  4. Scouterpaul, If you have a question, speak up. It is in the best interest of the boys. As far as how you refer to the unit you are affiliated with, the boys call me their Scoutmaster, but they dont own me. I am there for them, to help guide and assist them as they need.
  5. I have heard of troops that have a uniform locker of sorts. Scout uniforms that are out grown are saved and passed on. As far as "My Mom hasn't had time to sew it on" doesn't work here , this SM learned to sew sewing on a Tenderfoot patch at the age of 11.
  6. SMT376, Have your Camporee committee get together and go over the Athletics and maybe the Sports merit badge requirements. Decide which ones would have to be done prior to the camporee and which ones could be done that weekend. You could also have team (Patrol) games as well, for boys who already have the badge(s) or dont wish to compete in indiviual events. Friday night you could put on a torch relay run and fire lighting ceremony and saturday night have a Medal ceremony (Play the National Anthem as an opening). Put together a flyer with this info to unit leaders. The boys would have an
  7. ozemu, For a really good understanding of Memorial Day go to www.usmemorialday.org . It originally was to honor the war dead from our Civil War, and is now for honoring all of our veterans who died in the defense of our freedom and country.
  8. My heart felt sympathy to the Berg family. I guess I would wear a hood too if I did something I was ashamed of doing. Good thing they can't hide behind a mask from God.
  9. SMRON, It is really sad to see this come to pass, because the only ones that really lose are the boys. They have lost a leader who really thinks that Scouting is the great program that it is. She felt that way enough to get all the training she could and be as active as she could. I hope she finds another troop that welcomes her with open arms. You said that the parents dont know of this, sounds like a parents meeting is in order. Then they can decide if this leader was treated unfairly and vote with their feet. I feel that this will divide your troop for quite sometime if n
  10. Scout Spirit is a part of advancement. Emphasize it as part of the troops election process as well. The boys will understand your message.
  11. This sounds more like a power trip or ego trip on the part of the CC than anything else. I think she actually fears this woman and her credentials as a leader. If you have to cancel an outing or two put the onus on the CC that she will have to be the other woman on these outings!(Have them tent together). Cancel enough outings and I am sure that the CCs son will quit or want to and so will other boys. It is their vote (participation) that really counts. I am sure that as devious as the CC is, she will see the error of her ways.
  12. Folks, This is just what I am looking for, Pro's and Con's. I knew of the BP patrol award, but am looking for something to build a little "Espirit d'corps"and then keeping it rolling. Please keep these ideas coming. I am actually worried about the younger boys getting discouraged trying to compete with the older boys. We would need to keep things (different experience levels) on an even keel. Thank you! YIS BAS
  13. The troop I work with is trying to build "Patrol Spirit". We are thinking of using an Honor Patrol based on patrol participation at troop events (Troop meetings,PLC meetings, Campouts, Service Projects, etc), Uniform inspections, patrol competitions (knot tying, first aid, lashing, etc) and Scout spirit. The SM, ASM's, SPL, ASPL and JASM will be the judges. The award would be given monthly. Successes/failures, Yeahs/nays, or other ideas/suggestions will be welcomed. YIS BAS
  14. FOG, I was agreeing with you, just pointing out what and where the info was gotten from. The front of the manual for requirements also states: "Requirements. You are expected to meet the requirements as they are stated-no more and no less. You are expected to do exactly what is stated in the requirements. If it says "show or demonstrate." that is what you must do. Just telling about it isn't enough. The same thing holds true for such words as "make," "list," and "in the field," "collect," "identify,"and "label."" The manual also states what exact steps must be taken, what documenta
  15. "If you have a permanent physical or mental disability, you may become an Eagle Scout by qualifying for as many required merit badges as you can and qualifying for alternative merit badges for the rest. If you seek to become an Eagle Scout under this procedure, you must submit a special application to your local council service center. Your application must be approved by your council advancement committee before you can work on alternative merit badges." This statement is from Boy Scout Requirements 2004.
  16. In the troop I work with we have set a rank requirement for SPL and ASPL, they must be Star. We hold nominations from the floor. The nominee must be seconded and then the nominee may accept or decline the nomination (some have declined). When the nominations for SPL and ASPL are closed the SM informs each candidate that he must give a short speech the following meeting on how he will lead the troop during his tenure. After the speeches have been given we hold the election complete with ballots. The winners are then announced and congratulated. The new SPL and ASPL then intervi
  17. Try making Smacos. They are Smore Tacos. All you need is a 12" skillet, Flour tortillas, miniature marshmallows and chocolate chips. Put tortilla in skillet, add some chocolate chips and marshmallows, fold tortilla in half and place over heat (campfire or cook stove) til everything melts and voila a SMACO! bs
  18. Another question, Where/who do you get to host a unit site?
  19. Wheeler, You seem to be a person with a vast and broad education. To bad your mind and views are so narrow. As far as life being dangerous, yes it is that is why we have parents and programs such as scouts. To provide a safe place for boys to grow. No mutilation required. Bryan Schram SM Troop 645 Harrison, MI
  20. Get your son to look at the Wilderness Survival, Pioneering, Orienteering and Surveying merit badges. The merit badge pamphlets list great reference material in the back offering more information on each topic. These merit badges will help your son along his trail to Eagle and teach him self reliance.
  21. As BW recommends, first contact your District Chairman. But also contact your District Commissioner and your Unit Commissioner. These folks are there to support your program. It sounds like you know what to do as far as putting on a Recruiting Night, so get with these people and enlist their aid. Also meet with your ASMs and Troop Committee and come up with a plan and then put it into motion. I have always felt that going up the chain is the next step. Contact your Council office and let them know what you need and when (Fliers, form, mailings, etc...).Then follow up and hold them accountable.
  22. November 10, 1775 is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Recruiting started in Philadelphia at Tunn Tavern. As for proper appearence in uniform and patch placement, when a boy joins scouting an adult leader should show him the handbook inside covers so he knows were to place the patches. I also insist that the boys sew on their own patches and merit badges. It doesn't hurt a boy to learn to sew. USN-Ret.
  23. Laurie, You are one special Aunt. May God give you and yours all the strength you need.
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