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  1. It is the little things that the boys say or do that stick with you the most. You now have a fond memory of this scout with many more to come from all your scouts.
  2. Welcome, I live just north of Mount Pleasant, MI.
  3. Lisabob, It seems that you are in a situation where you no longer enjoy what you are doing, so you might want to change. Step back and look at what you do enjoy about scouting. Is it working with the youth, is it working behind the scenes to provide a better program, or out in front in a postion such a member of the training team. Your posts show your passion for the program so it is not your commitment. Maybe new scenery such as the new crew you wrote about or being a Unit commissioner. I have had burnout in the past and just reflecting on what I really enjoy about scouting he
  4. Another creep checking in. Was an ASM before the kid came along. Was an ASM and SM while he was in scouts and I am still the SM. Even creepier, the son is now an ASM as well. And now the creepiest of all, I have served on the District Committee, as an Associate OA chapter Advisor and am still an Assistant Cubmaster. AND I AINT GOING NO WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Drying out tents in the basement is another big no no.
  6. Our council camp hosts a haunted trail every Halloween. Troops come and select a stretch of trail and are the haunters. Guests are given a hay ride of horror through the camp and then enter a haunted house and then refreshments (Donuts and Cider) at the end. The haunted house is staffed by the summer camp staff and the scouts have a great time. Alot of the leaders and parents also have fun helping haunt the camp. The main thing the troops are reminded is not to scary because of the little kids that come through with their families. It has been a success every year and our troop is looking forw
  7. Actually it says qualifications not requirements, although each one says must be. Oddly enough there are no qualifications or requirements for Troop Chaplain.
  8. Last night at our troop mtg the Cubmaster and I sat down with the scout and had a little chat. We told him our expectations and that he would be the example for the Cubs. He is now the Tiger Cub Den Chief.
  9. Go to http://www.scouting.org. Select training, then go to the on line learning and select denchief training.
  10. John-in-KC, We already looked the advancement guidelines over, what he wants to do seems to meet the req's. The scout plans on doing a write up and presenting it to our committee. He is going to contact local health officals first for some advice & guidelines. He has the DAC's # and is to contact him once he has an outline of a plan to get his read on the idea. As for including the scouts, as the SM, I encourage the candidates in the troop to use this worker source because the other scouts get their service hours this way, it is great PR for the scouts and they get an idea of what t
  11. When an Eagle candidate and I go over the application, I give him some guidelines about the references he needs. 1. A letter from an Educator. (Usually a teacher or Principle are more than happy to do this) The scout may use two or three educators to get the three letters he needs. 2. No family members or Adult leaders in the troop. A Den Leader or Cubmaster are fine. 3. No friends or fellow scouts. 4. A sports coach, Pastor or other youth group leader (4H, FFA, etc). 5. A neighbor. One recent candidate got his girl friend's mom to write him a letter. It was ver
  12. A Life Scout in our troop approached me last week about doing his Eagle Project. He said he is thinking about doing a Health Fair. We sat down and went over the pros and cons, what could be done (ie; Blood Pressure check, Diabetes testing, etc...) who to contact & where to hold the event. This is still in the planning stage and we will be discussing how he will demo leadership, involve the rest of the troop, etc... My question to my learned collegues is have any of you had a boy do this for his Eagle Scout project?
  13. Camping, Cooking, First Aid & Hiking. They fall under that SM hat I wear. I also do Aviation, Reading, Emergency Prep and Safety.
  14. GWD Congratulations! Contact the Cubmaster and Den leader about having the OA ceremonies team putting on an AOL and Cross over ceremony. It has worked great here. The pack leaders still talk about this years ceremony we held and want to do the same for next years ceremony. We all ready have the date set and the team booked.
  15. As for being a FC the scout is close to 2nd class (Lacking First aid) and is Close to 1st class (lacking First aid and some Cooking). I was unaware of Tigers not having DC's. I just don't want to dampen his enthusiasm. By the time the DC training is going to take place in our area he should be 1st Class. I think letting him help in an "Unofficial capacity" would be alright so long as the DL and parents are okay with it.
  16. I recently had one of my younger scouts approach me about becoming a Denchief for the Tiger Cubs. This scout just crossed over this past spring and he is a Tenderfoot. When he asked about taking on this position he had already completed the Denchief Essentials training on-line and showed me his certificate. I told the boy that The Cubmaster and Den Leader have to be consulted on this manner as well. He told me that he was asked to help at their den meetings by the DL already (This scouts mother is Webelos I DL. The Tigers and Web I meet the same night at the same place). After talking it over
  17. Today was probably one of the best days I have had in scouting. A young man I have known since he was a cub scout made Eagle. He started out lacking self confidence. I had the opportunity to help him along and he grew to a focused young man with dreams and aspirations. I am so proud of him. Then this evening at our troop meeting we held Board of Reviews for two boys. One boy was made a Life Scout. It is just a matter of time and I have every confidence that he will be an Eagle Scout. The second scout was being reviewed for Tenderfoot. The board had him state the Scout Oath and LaW as
  18. Have your Coucil Exec come and do a State of the council with Q & A period afterwards.
  19. Janshort2, Ask your candidates questions that cover all of scouting. Training, what do they have and will they seek more and update skills as needed. Can they attend Woodbadge, pow wows, etc... Program, do they understand boy lead and the patrol method. Do they understand the roles of the SPL and the PLC. Camping and other outtings, can they attend summer camp and make most of the weekend campouts. Can they attend district events such as camporees and klondike derbies. Recruiting new scouts and leaders, What kind of rapport does the candidate have with the local Cub s
  20. One of our scouts just recently did his ESLP for a VA hospital. Turned out great. Along with writing their senator, a scout could interview a current or former member of the armed forces. Then present the interview to his troop or patrol.
  21. Talk to the SM about this. She is interferring with the boys' and his program. His arena is programs, hers is supporting his. Present both sides of the story (if you have seen this in action). She should be handled with care though because it sounds like she is trying to ensure that she doesn't fail her grandson like she did his mom (I am assuming she is the maternal Grandma) or at least make the same mistakes with him.
  22. Our DE recently emailed all the unit leaders a file called Total Area Youth(TAY). This is a list of scout aged youth in our district by public, private school as well as youth that are home schooled. It provides you with the number of youth for each school by grade and total for each school. I am sure this will help me focus my efforts in recruiting in the future (nice to know how large your target audience is). My question, is this being used in any other councils and what is the success rate in recruiting new members? Bryan (Used to be a Bobwhite)
  23. Have your CC hand her a uniform inspection sheet for adults.
  24. Eamonn, Thank You. Eternal Father, Strong to Save, Bryan CPO USN Ret
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