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  1. Nice idea Beavah! I wonder if the Council office will approve the Money Earning Application. hmmm
  2. I read through a few comments on their page. I found this response by the owner of the page very interesting: "I'm pretty sure the next one will be how to teach the Personal Management merit badge using video games!"
  3. Wow, only four Boy Scout Summer Camps for the entire lower peninsula and none in the southern area. Our Council (from Indiana) operates a Summer Camp in the southern area. I imagine there will be a lot more units attending our camp next summer. I wonder what impact that will have on the quality of our program.
  4. Are they meeting the needs of the units? If any of these events have weak attendance then that should be a signal that it should be eliminated or changed in a manner that would bring better attended. If it is strongly attended then it should be kept as is.
  5. That's a good one Merlyn. That is exactly the feeling I get about this 11 member special committee.
  6. You can't cross county lines with firewood here in much of Indiana and Michigan. Scrap lumber is ok so that is what we use. The state parks around here do not allow collection of any firewood even if it is on the ground. So if we want a fire (what scout would not) we must collect scrap lumber at home before we go.
  7. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygamy Merlyn, I think you would approve of what wikipedia calls a group marriage and not with polygamy or polyandry.
  8. Look at the last 3 pages of this document... http://www.baltimorebsa.org/openrosters/DocDownload.aspx?orgkey=749&id=112992
  9. There are federal regulations on food packaging - nutritional information for example. The individual packets probably do not meet those regulations. Not sure if a Scout group could do that but a grocery store certainly could not.
  10. It's the Scoutmaster's call on rank and the Counselor's call on the merit badge. If I were either one I would say no.
  11. Beavah you are absolutely correct. I know of a Scouter who was arrested for abusing a scout. The police obtained a search warrant for his home to gather evidence. During the search they came across a journal written by the Scouter detailing the abuse with that scout and other scouts. It was very strong evidence to the man's guilt. However during trial the journal was allowed because it was not on the list of items contained in the warrant. And because the prosecution had publicly announced the existence of the journal and the details in the journal the judge spent considerable tim
  12. Thanks moosetracker, The news articles are much more specific than the statement on the website.
  13. I see nothing in that statement that indicates they would allow a gay leader. The only time sexual orientation is mentioned is: "Scoutings commitment to its members, leaders, employees and the community with regard to ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, age and/or sexual orientation." That is not even a complete sentence. It conveys no information.
  14. If it weren't for that last minute I would never get anything done.
  15. When I was a Scoutmaster the PLC planned a campout over Mother's Day. Wow, that did not go over very well with the mother's. I did not realize Mother's Day was so sacred. Every other year after that I suggested the PLC not plan anything for that weekend.
  16. "he thinks the image and colors on it look cool" Then he definitely should wear it.
  17. Regarding the PLC meeting two deep leadership is not needed. Two deep leadership is needed for trips and outings. Two deep leadership is not required for meetings. But the one-on-one rule would apply to meetings.
  18. I did not know there was an off season for council camps. None of the camps around here do.
  19. That is odd Deaf Scouter. I don't know why a district would mandate 100/300/100. Or a council for that matter. Distance has nothing to do with how much liability insurance you should have. You buy enough to protect your assets. Even the 50/100/50 on the tour plans is a recommendation. The only requirement is that it meet state law.
  20. Seattle Pioneer wrote... "Of course, it's not a problem unless something goes wrong. Then it can be a big deal and perhaps a major liability." What would be big deal be? What would the major liability be? The way I see it an accident could very well be a "big deal" and there could be "major liability" regardless if there is proof of these items or not.
  21. I cannot see anything on the tour plan regarding vehicle registration. I see where you fill in vehicle insurance liability limits but nothing requiring any proof. Our troop collects this information annually. We do not ask for proof. We take the driver's word on it.
  22. Try to give them a hands on experience. They will get a lot more out of it than just showing them things. But of course be mindful of safety.
  23. "did you post that link so that we could have an interesting discussion about a dedicated boy or so that we would re-ignite the debate of whether a 13 year old Eagle is really an Eagle?" I am a former Scoutmaster of many Eagle Scouts, some who earned it at age 17.99 years old and some at age 14. Never had any 13 years old. Some have scoffed at my two 14 year old eagles but I know they earned theirs. And both of the stayed active in the troop until age 18. So Scouting to them was more than just the Eagle.
  24. You are right. In Cub Scouts all they need is to "do your best". In Boy Scouts the must complete the requirements as written. But do you realize that they do not need to repeat the Scout Oath and Law from memory for the Scout Badge? They only need to understand and agree to live by them. The Arrow of Light requirements are actually more difficult. It is not until Tenderfoot that they need to repeat from memory.
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