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  1. Our council publishes the menu on their website. I can look today and see what they plan to serve in June. But by the time we show up for camp it seems at least half the plans have changed. A salad bar is available for all lunches and dinners if someone is really concerned about "Heart Healthy". In general it is "Kid Friendly". Well maybe not the vegetables. The leader's guide makes mention that they will make accomodations for anyone requiring special diets if they are informed in advance. Any improvements I could make they would need to charge higher camp fees. Th
  2. 1. Very - at least to the level covered in Woodbadge. 2. The eleven leadership skills. 3. About two hours if memory serves me correctly. Why do you ask?
  3. My troop used the YMCA in Eau Claire one night on our way to the Boundary Waters.
  4. Richard, I doubt any of us use that form. I did not know it existed. Most of us keep up to date with the Guide to Safe Scouting. The Guide to Safe Scouting does not mention the form. It merely says that we need to contact our Scout Executive or his designee. There seems to be a communications issue between the national office and us local volunteers. Changes in medical forms, tour permits, youth protection training requirements, amoung other things change in a rather short notice but the notification to the volunteers seems to trickle down gradually.
  5. SeattlePioneer, It was the Council Executive. The Guide to Safe Scouting says that all major injuries or deaths are to be reported to the Scout Executive. Upon the report he offered involvement if needed. The DE was in the loop as well as he made the report on my behalf. I personally had a certain degree of first aid training. In my situation about all I could do was immobilize and make the injured scout comfortable until paramedics arrived. I would have been able to perform CPR if necesary. We may have had a couple scouts able to perform CPR as well. I could see a situati
  6. My first campout as Scoutmaster I had a Scout nearly die in a sledding accident. Scout suffered a concussion and a compressed spine. Was airlifted to a trama center. He fully recovered after a few months. I as the Scoutmaster took charge. After we had the injured Scout in the care of emergency personel we had a discussion with the rest of the troop and explained what was happening and that I was available for anyone to have a private conversation with me. All Scouts in the troop handled the situation very well and were very supportive of the injured Scout. Other than the brother,
  7. One camporee the scouts had finished their lunch and were hanging around the campfire waiting for events to begin again. I layed down in the tent to relax. As a lay there listening to the conversation around the campfire I soon became drowsy. While half asleep I heard someone say "don't put that in the fire!". Followed by someone else saying "do it!". They went back and forth a few time but in my drowsiness it really did not register. Then someone said "everybody run... its gonna blow!". At that point I became completely conscious. I had images of one of the 20 lb propane cylinders
  8. How about an invitation to the Eagle Court of Honor. Give the Eagle Scout a few minutes to speak. He can publicly thank those who have helped him along the way. Having helped numerous scouts earn Eagle this was more meaningful than any gift I may have received. As a volunteer moments like that are my "payday".
  9. I have taken a den of wolf scouts into a neighborhood with similar sized lots. 4 scouts in two groups. 88 homes. 2 hours. Somewhat hilly. All at the verge of dropping by the end. All had a good time but were glad to be done. Hope this helps.
  10. When I was a District Training Chairman back in the 90's our council did not charge anything for basic leader training. To me that is fulfilling the council's obligation to support the units. After all, in the Friends of Scouting sales pitch they said that training is one of the things your donation pays for. Our council, at least, made good on that claim. The council office would make all the photocopies you needed provided you gave them a two week notice. The DE would bring the photocopies back from the office. The council provided their camps for free. Including cabins. Just
  11. If the merit badge counselor list is not published how are Scoutmasters going to find you anyway? I would choose which merit badges you are most passionate for.
  12. Beavah, Richard is one of the few people at national who do talk to those of us on the "front line". I think such a channel of communication is important as we may have influence on policy decisions. I am more concerned about those a national who set policy and hand them down to us without our input. For example the definition of "active" for advancement purposes.
  13. Richard, My perception of patrol outings: An activity planned and conducted by a patrol (not a troop). It could be a campout. It could be a hike. It could be any number of things. It does not require adult leadership. It has nothing to do with 300 feet. The Scoutmaster could be at home miles away. It must be approved by the Scoutmaster. It must be ok with the parents. It is a true test of the patrol method. All patrols should aspire to this. And I would be interested in your idea of reality.(This message has been edited by NealOnWheels)
  14. Ok, I see the the Guide to Safe Scouting lists the following things: Trips - requires two adults Outings - requires two adults Patrol Activities - does not require any adults. It does not mention Patrol Outings. None of these are defined. So Richard what are the definitions of Trips, Outings, and Patrol Activities.
  15. RichardB, Are you Richard Bourlan from the national office? If so why would you not know what a patrol outing is?
  16. Another conflict... The GSSS allows one registered leader and one parent. This new form requires two registered leaders. Is this changing or is it a misprint???
  17. I think many of us are overthinking this. In an emergency I will take care of the health and welfare of the youth before concerning myself with two deep leadership. At that point I am not really concerned about false accusations. Once the emergency has been attended to then I would make a judgement call as to how to procede. Can I return to the group? Can I find a substitute even for a few hours? Do I cancel the event and how do I get the group home? It will all depend on the circumstances. There are too many senarios to give a do XYZ when ABC happens.
  18. Just use some common sense.
  19. As I mentioned in your other post see http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=254165
  20. See http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=254165 I have not seen any documented cases so I expect it never has been done. I don't think you will find any procedures for that. Why do you ask?
  21. Or we can have it made overseas and still complain about the price.
  22. Eagle92, What you quoted was for Eagle projects. Not for Second Class, Star, and Life. It does not specify what does or does not qualify for the lower ranks. It does say the projects must be approved by the Scoutmaster. That seems to me to allow a lot of discretion to the Scoutmaster.
  23. It seems to me that Gern has a firm grasp on reality. The US has a lot of regulations that cost business a lot of money. Asian businesses do not have anywhere near the regulations we have. And then we have to have "free" trade with them. Even though Gern may be liberal, I doubt he hates that the US has been successful. I am very conservative and could not agree with him more on this subject. If we are to be competitive we have three choices: 1. Eliminate our regulations. 2. Require trading partners to have similar regulations. 3. A compromise between 1 & 2. If we c
  24. That will sure make it difficult to get seven rows of knots on a uniform!
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