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  1. Our Troop is charted to a Catholic Church. All registered adults are required to take the Virtus training. I guess my experience with Virtus was better than yours. Scouting's Youth Protection Training seems to be mainly about placing barriers to abuse while Virtus seemed to go into detail on identifying grooming behaviors.
  2. No more than 4 fundraisers a year and lose your non-profit status? Where is that documented?
  3. What is this 30 square foot requirement?
  4. No date, no author, no letterhead. Does not seem to be an official document. May not have come from national either. If it is an official document it was not distributed to the general membership.
  5. That would be what? Unit Leader, Committee Chairman, and Chartered Organization Representative? And the point would be?
  6. Do any of you have experience backpacking in the badlands? Our scouts want to do this for a high adventure this summer. From what I read about the Badlands National Park it seems it can be challenging. It sounds like there are few trails so travel requires good navigation skills. There is no water sources worthwhile filtering so you need to carry one gallon of water per person per day. It looks like the days are hot and can get cold at night. On the plus side there are excellent scenery, plenty of wildlife, and solitude.
  7. The adult application says 21... http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-501.pdf
  8. Do you think this will really work? Someone illegally obtaining a gun will not bother purchasing insurance. It just puts a hurdle in front of legal responsible buyers.
  9. Basement, they will continue to be "innocent" with or without a guard.
  10. Basement, how exactly would we be infringing on a kindergartener's freedoms if we post a guard in every school?
  11. It will be interesting to see where he obtained his weapons. Being a convicted felon he could not legally purchase them.
  12. Basement, I asked what reasonable restrictions would make a difference. I don't think any of those would have prevented the latest school tragedy.
  13. Ok Basement, what reasonable restrictions would make a difference.
  14. So I will ask again... Has anyone come up with a better idea?
  15. What is wrong with a properly trained armed guard in a school? Has anyone come up with a better idea?
  16. Or for community organizations... http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Membership/Charter_Partners/Community.aspx
  17. Check out this page to see if there are some resources available for the particular church... http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Membership/Charter_Partners/Religious.aspx
  18. No, it is not kinda sad. It is sad.
  19. "I think the beads and such should be given to the SPL of the troop, and he should put them on the adult leader. In the case of the cubs, the CM should get it and give it to some cubs to give to them. It'll be fast that way." Not only will it be fast but it will be much more meaningful to the Scouts in attendance.
  20. "Backpacking in wilderness recreation areas has a federally imposed limit of 10 per group. If your hike plan takes you to the interior of the area (which, with trained venturers, it probably will) you need to be prepared to split up in an emergency. So you need 4 adults. That leaves space for six youth. Boils down to a ratio of 2:3." Really? Where in the Guide to Safe Scouting does it say 4 adults are needed? I have filed tour plans several times for backcountry trips with only two adults and was never denied.
  21. Procedural answer: The chartering organization selects the leadership (they will sign off on the charter). Political answer: You mentioned this person's spouse is now the president of the chartering organization. The spouse will have ultimate authority over the charter. Practical answer: What does it hurt to have this person on the charter? Perhaps a few dollars for a registration fee. Other than that no damage done.
  22. packsaddle wrote: "What's this about un-married men not being allowed in leadership positions?" Yes, Calico, do tell.
  23. Fehler, It most certainly did happen. The guard was not standing at attention - he was leaning toward the offender. His weapon was not at attention - it was at his side directed toward the offender. He had taken one large step off the mat. In any case the presence of the guard and the solemness of the ceremony was enough to command respect for me.
  24. The discussion of showing proper respect at memorials reminds me of an incident our Scout troop witnessed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery just recently. The area around the tomb is called the plaza and is roped off to keep people out of the area. Tourists wait around this rope to witness the changing of the guard every 1/2 hour. While they are waiting they watch a single guard slowly march from one end to the other, turn about, pause, then continue to the other end repeatedly until the time comes for the changing of the guard ceremony. The only sound you here a
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