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  1. What a perfect time for a compentent Unit Commissioner.
  2. rraffalo, So you are bound and determined to "fight to the death", either you or the CC. Is this senario really in the best interest of the troop? Remember who Scouting is for: the Scouts. And yes that includes your son. Seems like this kind of fight could severly harm the troop regardless of who is right or wrong. I would suggest that you take a calm approach and see what can be worked out.
  3. The American Legion has a very good flag etiquette resource on their website. I thought I would ask them of their opinion on the subject. Here is their response... Neal - Thanks for stopping by our website and your question. You are absolutely correct. The Flag Code does not mandate that the flag be folded. Tradition calls for it to be folded into a triangle. When you order a new flag from our Emblem Sales Division it comes in a rectangular box. Thanks for your patriotic concern. Sincerely, MICHAEL D. BUSS Deputy Director A/C&Y Division The American Legion 317/630-1206 317/630-1369 Fa
  4. Our pack marched in the parade and presented a wreath afterwards at the memorial ceremony.
  5. The traditional method to fold the flag is in triangles. Nothing authoritative I can find says the only method to fold the flag is in triangles. Rectangles is probably more practical for shipping. As long as it is folded in a respectful manner I don't see a problem with it.
  6. They can be earned multiple times. Our pack provides the first one. Repeats are paid for by the family.
  7. Correct OGE. So at this point the registrar should verifiy that there are signatures on the project workbook. He should not be making any determination on whether or not the project was carried out properly. That determination now falls upon the Board of Review. I guess if he has concerns about it he could attach a note for consideration of the Board of Review. Of course this is how it should be - changing things is quite another.
  8. The real issue here is not whether or not the donations were proper but that the registrar is approving/disapproving Eagle projects. That is the job of the advancement committee and ultimately the Board of Review. The registars job is to verify the scout is registered and that the application is accurate. You can get a "ruling" on this particular incident but what prevents the registrar "discovering" another issue?
  9. Qwazse, Read the adult application. There's no declaration of sexual preference principle there either. Yet the BSA has revoked the membership of openly gay leaders. Now I have never heard of any youth being denied membership. So maybe it is policy and maybe it is not. If someone can point to a specific case where a youth was denied then that would settle the argument.
  10. The president of NESA is a member of the National Boy Scout Committee which handles issues involving advancement. see http://www.nesa.org/president.html
  11. "It is against the law." - That is very debateable. "It is contrary to our values." - Maybe. But it could be argued that not using such methods would be contrary to our values. "It gives aid and comfort to the enemy." - I don't really see how this is the case. It may embolden our enemies but it certainly does not give them aid and comfort. "It is fundamentally an act of treason." - And how is this so? "It should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." - only if something illegal occured.
  12. From scoutstuff.org: "Each heirloom-quality, 1" diameter coin contains one troy ounce of .999 fine silver" So it is indeed .999
  13. I am no lawyer but I thought it took a court order to make someone a legal gaurdian. Maybe I am wrong. Why did you not allow this Webelos Scout to the campout without a parent? Surely you could have found a responsible adult to supervise him. He could have stayed in a tent with another scout or even by himself if he were comfortable with that arrangement
  14. Well let's look at what the Guide to Safe Scouting says... Look at Member Responsibilities & Member Responsibilities. Don't just look under Barriers to Abuse but go farther down to Youth Member Behavior Guidelines where it is explained in greater detail. It lists how to handle discipline in the unit. It has several steps. The last step when all else fails is removing a scout from the unit membership. At that point the council is to be notified. So to answer your question, I would not call my Scout Executive if one scout called his tentmate a poopy face.
  15. Beavah, I read those two paragraphs under Mandatory Report of Child Abuse so I could read it in context. The first paragraph mandates that Scouters report cases of child abuse to the local athorities. The second paragraph describes two different things to be reported to the Scout Executive. They are seperated by the word "or". The first is any report described in the first paragraph. The second is "any violation of BSAs Youth Protection policies". It seems very clear to me. Of course you would argue that this is only a guide anyway.
  16. eisely, Are you refering to The Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act, 20 U.S.C. 7905 I beleive this is part of the No Child Left Behind Act.
  17. And the best part is: "Only adults who have completed Scouting Leadership 101 or the new version of Wood Badge will be authorized to instruct Unit Leadership Seminar in their unit programs."
  18. Please tell me this is an April fools joke...
  19. John, I reread that thread and did not see any warnings that it would be going away. Perhaps you could see it reading between the lines however. Richard was asking what our perceptions were. He wanted to see what the "perceptions versus reality" were. I and a few others gave him our perceptions. I asked him what the reality was. He never answered. I was prepared to point out the the Scoutmaster Handbook says patrol campouts without adult supervision is permitted. The next thing we know the Guide to Safe Scouting no longer allows it.
  20. Not meeting minimum membership requirements. Lacking proper number of adult leadership. Violation of a Scouting policy. Why do you ask?
  21. Still green numbers... http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/images/pdfs/Boy_Scout_UniformCklt.pdf
  22. clemlaw, I would also consider Girl Scouts highest honor as well. I would also consider pariticipation in many other activities in which a youth had distinguished themself. And I would favor any number of these things over someone who had nothing of the sort.
  23. BadenP, Do me a favor. Ask your wife which federal law prohibits using an Eagle rank as a consideration to favor one candidate over another?(This message has been edited by NealOnWheels)
  24. According to the latest uniform inspection sheet... http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/images/pdfs/34048.pdf you can wear either.
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