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  1. What does a council training chair need to take/have in order to wear the "trained" patch, besides YPT of course.. I see the district training committee workshop training syllabus, but not a council one.
  2. jc2008

    Concurrent registration as Cub Scout and Boy Scout

    You have to be first class To be a den chief.
  3. Split the tiger den up immediately. You don't encourage people to step up (heck I wouldn't with 23 kids!) neither is it a productive meeting for the kids. Run the first den meeting for each tiger den to show the parents how simple it can be. Break out a calendar at end of meeting and have each parent sign up to host and plan a meeting. With 8 families and 2 meetings a month (keep it simple, they can up the number when they are more confident) that is 4 months done. You can point out if no one hosts and plans the meeting then there simply won't be one, they usually gets parents motivated. And if they walk away, it's sad for the kid but the parent wouldn't have been a valuable asset anywys.
  4. This is exactly why we have two deep leadership at all times! Any report by any child should be taken seriously and investigated by police (not BSA). You should always believe the child and report, and let law enforcement figure it out. And if the leaders are following two deep leadership rules then the second leader can verify That the adult is innocent. If you are alone with the scouts and one accuses you of something Then you aren't following the rules and its your head...
  5. jc2008

    New Way Funding

    So basically after the perks you are giving around $70 to council for a year of scouting and no fos requests. With installments that doesn't seem terrible for a year long program. Popcorn is more for the units rather than council. After all out of their "third" comes the freight cost and incentives they offer, not to mention employee hours administrating the sale. And if a council sells a ton of popcorn then it's the units that are majorly benefitting anyways. That same fee for leaders would be ridiculous. Already have problems getting people to pay or having to use the units money to pay for volunteers, so much so that lots of adults are unregistered.
  6. Thanks I was wondering about no first aid and such in the syllabus. Will take a look and make it work, we are expecting a larger than usual class this year
  7. Reading syllabus for the 1.5 day iols and had a question.. There don't appear to be round robins so the entire course is all Doing the same activity at once ? We need to make sure patrol guides are Experts in all instead of finding experts for Each activity? How did your course run ?
  8. jc2008

    To staff woodbadge or not

    Yes, you will get wife aggro. But it can help you see the course in a whole new way and learn more the second time around when you aren't rushed and feeling like your head is going to explode. It would be good to do, but its the 2 weekends of the course + being there a day before participants + a few staff developments, one of which is most likely an overnight.
  9. jc2008

    Who owns troop gear?

    We are taking about where a troop meets and its "stuff". What we need to be talking about is WHAT IS BEST FoR THE YOUTH! If the sm is unhappy or uncomfortable with the church, move. The church doesn't seem Overly involved as the cor don't have any Idea much about their scout troop as op stated. Ops son WANTS to be in the troop so obviously something is being done right If kids want to be in troop. No one is trying to run off with the troops stuff that belongs to the co to have for Personal use. The stuff is still being used by the scouts and again what is best for the youth Comes up again. I would stop trying to stir the pot about item ownership if the things in question are still being used For their intended purpose: To Give the youth a good scouting program As for the other complaints, when adults cannot get along in units, there is one easy solution which is for The adults who are unhappy to form a new unit. More often than not you get a new found respect for all The grievances you had with the old regime.
  10. jc2008

    Scout O Rama ideas

    Do you have a range master ? Slingshots with paintballs at targets. We do rockets for ours. Blast car demo ? First aid? Magic tricks demo where the scouts use explain demonstrate guide and enable to teach simple magic tricks Human fooseball Woggle making using patacord and knots like the turkshead Since your boys just sit there like lumps of coal find something that is interesting to them and have them show others..
  11. jc2008

    a questionable Leader

    Regardless of how the man is behaving, I would also not like to work with a Scout who doesn't want to participate. As a leader, I am there to help teach the kids and teach them leadership skills. Not to force them to do something or try to treat behavioral issues. I am not trained as a child psychologist. Behavior is up to the parents. I do run our popcorn sales and if I have a child who doesn't want to do anything, I send them home and they don't come back until they want to be there. Its not a babysitting service after all!
  12. jc2008

    Very Small Pack

    we run a combined program for a large pack. You can use the combined program delivery system: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/multicultural/pdf/523-006_web.pdf and just modify it for the dens you do have (take out the parts for the dens you do not have boys for). They give examples of activities to run or you can make up your own activities to illustrate the same ideas.
  13. jc2008

    Beyond car camping

    I think you are losing sight of what your ultimate goal is: What is best for the scouts and the scouts having a good time. Adventuring farther from the car and not carrying a lot of gear sounds like something you think would be fun and adventurous. For an 8 year old, staying outside with mom, dad and all his cub scout friends IS adventurous, even if the car is 10 feet away. And the ONLY way you are going to consistently get that kid out there in the wilderness over and over again is to make sure MOM AND DAD ARE COMFORTABLE AND HAPPY! Because if mom/dad don't have a good time and find it miserable trying to make do without their 40lb cots or their electric coffee pot or some other modern convenience, you wont be seeing that scout quite as often if ever. You can grow their love of the outdoors during your daytime activities, hike away from the parking lot into the wilderness and show them the cool stuff then. Its entire families you are trying to march through the woods in cub scouts, not just the boys, so you have to make sure its comfortable and convenient to where people want to attend your campouts over and over and have time to enjoy the fun stuff without any loss of creature comforts, (Our pack goes camping twice in the fall and 3 times in spring, not including a special overnighter at the battleship or zoo or aquarium or other indoor place). We drive right up to where we camp, drop our gear, and then park our cars out of sight of where we camp at so its not too parking lot-ish, but still extremely conveinant for the parents. Maybe try something of that sort? drop gear and drive car out of site? We use our council's camp and this works well for us. We are in the "woods" but with our cars..
  14. We did "angry bird tennis". Go to your lowes or Home Depot or sherwin Williams and ask for a bunch of the large paint stir sticks. Go to dollar store and buy the 9" solid color birthday plates in angry bird colors and some regular balloons and finally google "angry bird balloon face template" and print out the angry bird faces. Duct tape and regular tape too. Duct tape the paint stick to back of party plate making a tennis racket then cut out and glue I the angry bird face parts to the party plate. Blow up balloons and let them whack them around the room or back and forth.
  15. jc2008

    Welcome to the Pack "letter"

    If you don't have the "outgoing" showmanship personality for cubmaster, at least have the "host" mentality. When people are at your events, picture yourself as the host, like you would at your house. You go up, welcome people and speak to everyone to make them all feel welcome. Introduce yourself to people you do not know and introduce other people who do not know each other. Just like you would do at a party at your house. If you make people feel included and part of something they tend to want to help more than if they feel alone/isolated. If you can have a parent meeting, the whiteboard method is a good way to get volunteers. Write down all the activities you want to do for the year (Blue and Gold, Pinewood Derbt, Christmas Party, Food Drive, Hike, Campout etc) on the whiteboard. Then point at first thing on the list and ask who wants to be in charge of getting that event going. If no one raises their hand, wipe it off the board. After you wipe a few things off the board and parents realize there is no program without their help, they may start to volunteer.