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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/04/10/texas-eagle-scout-achieves-rare-award/?intcmp=obnetwork So he had to have been a 13 year old Eagle Scout.
  2. Then they must be late for an AHG meeting.
  3. Lightning striking the tree next to my tent. Could see a perfect outline of the tree right through the tent as if the tent was not there. Saw a fireball where the lightning ejected from a branch about 10 feet over my tent. And the sound was horrendous. The ground shook. Shortly after that a camp staff member came and got us and said we needed to go to the dining hall to take cover. But by then the worst had already passed by.(This message has been edited by NealOnWheels)
  4. No, But the committee could recommend the chartering organization does.
  5. I wonder if his parents used the EDGE method.
  6. It does not matter they are functionally equivalent. A lot of the knots can be tied in different ways.
  7. You are right Beavah, My link was not the most up to date version of Safety Afloat. Funny that I did a Google search and that was the first link on scouting.org that popped up. I guess I should not assume that anything on the scouting.org website is up to date including the link that Beavah supplied. Richard B. if you are reading this I think you need to have this corrected.
  8. BadenP writes "AHG teaches that non Christians are evil and should not be associated with, and publish that in their literature." Please produce this literature and then I will believe you.
  9. Wow, Obviously the requirements have changed from the last time I looked at them. But it looks like the conversation about sex is limited to a family meeting. It does not appear to me that the conversation must occur with the counselor.
  10. It would not be that big of a deal to have two different uniforms. I do. When I leave the pack this year I will convert the cub scout uniform to a boy scout uniform and have a spare. I have encountered many times when it would have been convenient to have a second one.
  11. Beavah makes a strong argument for putting a non-swimmer Scout with another scout. I tend to agree with the reasoning. However, Safety Afloat makes it very clear that the non-swimming scout must be in a canoe with an adult. Not just any swimmer adult but a certified lifegaurd adult. I wonder what the rationale was behind that requirement. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/Aquatics/safety-afloat.aspx
  12. Ah yes, I remember... Very hot and humid in the campsite. But a short walk out to the beach let you be cooled off by an ocean breeze. Scrawny little racoons that would try to sneak up and steel food right out of your hands. Make eye contact with them and they would freeze as if by being motionless you could not see them. Hermit crab races kept the scouts entertained for hours. Key Deer that were so small they appeared to be dogs. No-see-ums that would travel in clouds. As the cloud passed your skin you felt hundreds of tiny pin pricks. Poison wood trees with bar
  13. I don't know Scoutfish. The same logic could be used to say BSA should ban commercial stoves as well. Or knives, saws and axes. Or campfires. Or any number of activities.
  14. Eamonn, the benefits are below. Not sure it is worth the $35. Membership costs $35 annually. Benefits include the following: ■Packet sent upon joining containing an embossed affiliation card, lapel pin, luggage tag, and window cling. ■Quarterly electronic newsletter Alumni Alive! Its a popular, convenient update of all the great happenings within Scouting today. ■Cell phone ring tones of 10 bugle calls. This is fun! Watch for people who think Reveille requires a salute! ■Free one-year membership to the National Scouting Museum. This world-class museum is located in Irving, Tex
  15. The Board of Review interviewed the Scout. We did not. The Board of Review had the opportunity to review the references including parent references. We did not. They had a much better chance at making an informed decision than we.
  16. "My question: did he deserve an eagle when he was breaking several points of the scout law while getting it?" None of us here have the details to say one way or another. A Board of Review with a lot more information made a decision. I am satisfied with their finding.
  17. Commercial stoves are built with safety features and tested by independent labs to meet certain safety standards. BSA would be exposed to a huge liability if it permitted its members to use home built devices.
  18. "The project is a go" Does that mean his project has been approved? Did he get a time extension? And for how long?
  19. Ok, Packsaddle, where do you draw the line? Lets say he submitted the plan 2 months before his 18th birthday and the adults keep putting hurdles in place. His 18th birthday comes around and it still is not approved. Would you tell him to just give up on it? Or how about 3 months before his birthday? or 6 months? or one year? As far as I know he had an acceptable project and enough time to complete it. The only reason Eagle92 gives for turning down the project is the minimum 100 hours they wanted to see.
  20. Twocubdad wrote "The idea being that the Scout EARNS the money by providing valuable goods and services, not just standing on the corner and asking for donations." From what I read asking for donations is perfectly acceptable as long as it is approved by the council. Nothing I see says a scout must earn any money.
  21. The Guide to Advancement allows an extension for "various mistakes or omissions by adults". So if his plan should have been acceptable when he presented it and he had a reasonable amount of time left to complete the project he might have a chance at an extension. Someone must apply for an extension. Don't assume the council is doing it on his behalf. See page 69 in the Guide to Advancement for the application. I don't know how likely it is it would be granted.
  22. "showin' our age" ??? thanks Beavah! I'm not that old am I? Seems like the Exxon Valdez was not that long ago. Oh, it was 22 years ago. Thanks perdidochas! What a cruel reality check.
  23. I could not disagree more with you Bart. I have repeatably seen scouts develop more character in one week of High Adventure than many adult have ever developed. Sure character is developed when the going gets tough. But only when adults don't step in and do things for them. Scouts will rise to the occasion and work together to get things accomplished. This is a valuable less in citizenship that cannot be taught in merit badge work.
  24. Eagle92 wrote: "A) USE .GIF, .TIF and other "non-loosey" files like .jpeg. A "loosey" file takes up less space, but everytime you open it up, you lose pixals, which over time ruins the picture." The actual terms is "lossy" and "lossless". JPEG is uses a "lossy" compression meaning it looses image information to perform compression. However, by selecting the amount of compression you can have a reasonable tradeoff between image quality and storage space. GIF is a "lossless" compression. It can only store 256 colors so for photography it is not the best choice. It does req
  25. There is nothing stopping a unit from doing it on their own. Define your own rules and provide your own recognition whether it be a patch or a certificate.
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