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  1. If your a Merit Badge counselor and have already completed the updated youth protection do you still have to register as a leader in your sons Boy Scout Troop?
  2. Our troop does use the blue cards. They just want worksheets for every single merit badge to be completely filled out even the parts that say discuss. They said that this proves they completed the merit badge when it's time to go in front of the Eagle Board. So in other words I don't need to stress about past Merit Badges that I have no worksheets for because the national Boy Scouts won't require him to have them when it's time for him to earn his Eagle rank. This answers my questions and thanks so much!
  3. When a Boy Scout is working on a merit badge does he have to have the printed merit badge worksheets for every badge or is that up to each individual merit badge counselor? The reason I ask is because our past troop said it's not required and our current troop says it is. It proves the merit badge was completed. I thought once it's turned in and you have a blue card signed it was proof enough. Thanks in advance!
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