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  1. There's nothin' in the Big BSA Book O' Rules that says an independently organized activity with 2+ troops/packs is a district/council activity. So why would a DE say that? A District Executive has two main concerns: Membership. Money. So, why not go for a piece of the action? Ask the DE to produce that "rule" in Black & White. He can't, because it isn't there! Keep doing what you're doing, and have fun!
  2. Adults being children, Been there, done that, got the battle scars. The COR should insist on a meeting--do it after a troop meeting, then no excuses about "I have another commitment," etc. The COR should "lay it on the line" that if such behavior is exhibited in front of the scouts again, then BOTH adults can enjoy their Scouting elsewhere, regardless of "who started it". Their boys are welcome to stay. The Scout Law prevails here. By the way, Council/District does NOT get involved in these types of matters unless a crime is committed, then they may/may not take action. That type of behav
  3. If it's a K of C function, and the parents give permission for their boys to be there working, then by all means, wear the Class A's and be proud! Let common sense rule the day. If we didn't, we couldn't march in the Memorial Day parade with our Legion Post, because the parade passes by 2 restaurant/bars, and a liquor store! Silly. Always trust the advice of your Chartered Org. Rep.
  4. There are a lot of myths about flag retirement as well. One popular one is that if the flag touches the ground you have to burn it. Nope, just clean it! Another one is that they must be folded into the triangular shape. That is a military tradition that has carried over to Scouting and many other groups. Any way you fold it is fine. Ever order a flag from your senator or congressman? It arrives in a square box, folded square.
  5. "Pressurized Fuel Training"....I'm still giggling about this.... The national white fuel ban was from years ago. The problem was troops in the north weren't doing any winter camping because........Propane tanks freeze when you're in single-digit or below temperatures. White gas works every time, regardless of temperature. We use a mix of propane and white gas stoves and lanterns in our troop, but white gas stove use by a scout must have an adult watching, for reasons I hope are obvious. A 10-minute run through with those unfamiliar with the white gas appliances is all that is needed.
  6. "think my District Advancement Chair would side with scoutnut. He said HQ checks "funny" things with blue cards (e.g. lot's of different MBs with the same signature, too many MBs where boy's and councilor's last name match). It's not too far fetched that a registrar could check a signature that he/she didn't recognize to see, just for kicks, if the counselor ever registered with the BSA." Quayze, does your council office also collect blue cards??? Ours just enters the information into Scoutnet from the advancement reports---we keep the pink copy, and the blue cards go into a shoeb
  7. About 10 years ago, our troop was made up of mostly High School athletes. We moved the troop meetings to Sunday nights (no games/practices), and the PLC planned their annual calendar to include the greatest number of Scouts. A little extra work, but it CAN be done! Editing to add: Unfortunately, we couldn't come up with a strategy to compete with the video games.
  8. Merit badge sash. Your ECOH is and should be a troop function, not an OA function!
  9. If there is no Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, it's whomever the Scoutmaster appoints.
  10. All Pack leadership is chosen (or approved upon recommendation) by the Chartered Organization, not elected or voted in. By-Laws? You don't need 'em. Everything you need is in the BSA literature. May I ask what kind of Chartered Org. sponsors your pack? Committee members are leaders other than the Cubmaster and assistants, and Den Leaders and assistants who have specific jobs in the Pack, such as Treasurer, Activities Coordinator, Fundraising Chair, etc.
  11. Our troop does repeated verbal reminders at troop meetings and multiple e-mails. You snooze, you lose.
  12. Our CO has prohibited fixed blade/sheath knives since 1970. The first troop committee was made up of WW1 and WW2 veterans, too--I'm sure they had their reasons. We've lived just fine under that restriction, and no one seems to want to revisit it.
  13. Opinion only, since no two families are alike, and I've never seen any such data. We've had it both ways, depending on the boy and the parent. Both types (boy with involved or uninvolved) parent have advanced/made Eagle over the years. But...you know the toughest job for a youth in any troop? Being the Scoutmaster's son. Think about it!
  14. THAT is going out to the entire troop on Christmas Eve!
  15. I gave one of those to the SM's wife last year, and she was thrilled to receive it! They are still available at the Scout shop.
  16. A tip of the fedora, then, as I enjoy a Chesterfield at the CO headquarters.
  17. Well, then, perhaps I should have used the term "Tobacco POLICE". However, I stand by my assertion.
  18. At the close of each calendar year, I send complete financials (bank ledgers, copies of statements, and committee financial reports) to the CO. I do it via Registered Mail and retain the receipt. In 21 years, I have yet to have a problem. And If I did, I'd simply produce a copy of the receipt, and the documents I sent. Ball Game Over. Troop/Pack finances should never be a reason for a treasurer to have to live in their car. If it is, you have TOO MUCH MONEY! Raise what you need, and spend what you raise. Follow that mantra, and you'll never be wrong.
  19. I'm afraid you are missing my point entirely. Trying to explain would be going off-topic.
  20. Agree totally that kids shouldn't use them. It's an adult product made (intended) for those who wish to quit cigarettes. Use it away from Scouts only because it can be easily mistaken for the "real thing".
  21. You'll see my point when the coffee pot is viewed as just as evil as the Marlboro pack. Mark my words, it WILL happen.
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