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  1. i recently asked some a adult leader that would support the lifting of a ban on the matter and he said that it probably not going to be possible to get the ban amended. im going to ask around a bit more but this is kinda disheartening to say the least but if it gets into a discussion i will use the oath and law thanks for all the reply Thomas
  2. it makes your kit alot lighter this is really helpful hiking when every lb. matters and thanks for that i will keep it in mind
  3. well i meant the kabar becker knives not the kabar USMC the beckers are made by kabar but are a very different knife ex. http://bestbushcraftknife.com/media/kabar-becker-bk2-4-640x427.jpg ok i think what i am going to try to push through is as follows to allow fixed blades with a blade length of up to 6in require that a scout must prove that he is responsible with a fixed blade and know how to properly use and carry it and a scout must bring in the knife to be approved for use in the troop- approval will be carried out by myself and a adult leader ex a knife that would n
  4. thanks for all the links i already know that is not banned overall in scouting and i also see the point that you made on the younger scouts carrying larger knives(8in+) and those scouts should be dealt with like the scouts who bring switchblades: to take it away and here in south Carolina there is no laws limiting the amount of blade i can carry and also some of this is opinion EX.Avoid large sheath knives. They are heavy and awkward to carry, and unnecessary for most camp chores except for cleaning fish. i see this as opinion. why should i trust this persons(or peoples) o
  5. hi all sorry if this is the wrong subforum to post this but i will go a head im a knife guy, always have and probably always will be my favorite type of knife to have is a fixed blade knife there is multiple advantages to this type of knife for camp and wilderness use 1. no lock= very small chance of the tool failing 2.strong: i can do more with a fixed blade in a lighter package 3.cheaper; it is easier to get a better knife for a lower cost in a fixed blade Ex. esee knives,kabar becker knives, ect 4. easier to sharpen. dispute all these advantages my troop has a ban on
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