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  1. Thank you. My husband who has been in scouting for 30+ years gave me wrong info! LOL Our troop is going through some major issues, so positions have not filled yet, so it came down to the senior ASM making the decision since the SM was not camping. I appreciate the help!
  2. I've looked for the answer and can not find so I need some help. Silly-ish question: At a recent campout our SPL did not come until late at night. During set up, we had only 6 boys. Two are Tenderfoot and the other 4 are Scout. Of the 2 tenderfoots who would be the "senior" just temporarily until the SPL came? Scout#1 is 11yrs old, crossed over to the troop from a pack and has Arrow of Light. Has been active with the troop since March 2013. Scout#2 is 13yrs old, was not in cub scouts. Joined the troop in May 2013. Does it go by rank then age? or Does it go by rank
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