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  1. Thank you. We have talked to them several times and are very adamant that they we can NOT use the number. So that option is out (trust me we have begged and pleaded) and I do not want to upset them because they are nice (except obviously the treasurer). DE says to open with our SSN and just open and close each time you get a new treasurer. I am not an accountant but that just does not seem right! Cub Scouts I thought was designed for boys to move on to troop and the parents would go with him and that is just the nature of things why could we not set this up so it can run continously?. I
  2. Hello I am new to this forum and I think it is great! We are in a new pack and last year someone got our EIN using their Social Security Number and they want to be off. Our Charter Organization will not let us use their EIN. Do we have to open and close the bank account for everytime we change Treasurers or is their a more permanent way to get this done?
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