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  1. I hear ya on this one @@Stosh. You are 100% correct. It is that very reason we are taking out business elsewhere away from the CT Historical Society. It was brought to the Directors attention but we never received a response. There were massive layoffs there around January. Many of the the older employees, the ones with lots of educational and museum experience, were let go. This was all over the papers. The person I had to deal with was promoted and now would be the the only person I have contact with to schedule or reserve these scout programs. My wife would even have to deal with the perso
  2. I definetely agree. First impressions say a lot. It is just a shame they don't fix things there.
  3. @@frankpalazzi This is a great idea. I will look into it.
  4. @@CalicoPenn Thanks! Unfortunately this was one that someone recommended. According to the coordinator they have been doing the programs for years. The person who coordinates it also instructs. Just wasn't a friendly person to work with. I never checked to see if it was a new person. Maybe my recommendation came from when someone else was running it. The coordinator seemed young 23-24 ish. So that might have been the issue. But poor representation for Scouts everywhere. Looking to see if anyone from CT recommends any one else. Asking as part researching - cannot go just based on who I k
  5. Any CT scout groups participate in museum trips for their programs? We participated in a program at the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford and it was completely awful. We were embarrassed for our scouts. The person who coordinates them is very rude and unprofessional over email and in person. While I highly recommend you stay away from their programs - does anyone have any better places for museum visits or additions to their programs?
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