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  1. Well, I joined this site so that I could learn more about scouting in an attempt to be more of an asset to our boys, our den and our pack. I came forward with a simple question to help clarify den dues and to hear what others were doing in terms of their dens. However, I was quickly attacked and labeled a complainer, a problem parent, an absentee and uninformed parent and a complaining private school parent, so please forgive me if I was defensive in light of the immediate attacks over a simple question. I also do not agree that I was applauding only those responses that agreed with me or
  2. Thank you Sidney, Actually, my husband and I are considering asking to split the den and my husband becoming a DL. Maybe that would relieve some of the pressure from our current DL. We pay separately for all events (swimming/pool time, sporting events, historical events, seasonal events, Blue and Gold and camping) above and beyond the $90.00 in fees. Honestly, I am NOT opposed to den dues and I don't think anything should come out of the Den Leader's pocket. I simply think that it can be done in a more cost effective manner and I am always willing to help. =0) Thanks agai
  3. Sidney Porter, Thanks, but I'm not angry, bitter or burnt out. =0) Have a SUPER HAPPY day! =0)
  4. Sentinel947, ​I agree that our DL should have gathered everyone`s opinion regarding the amount of den dues collected and I suggested to our DL that we revisit the idea as a complete den. I have found cost effective ways to work toward the achievements and I have offered to share these ideas with our DL as well. I am always happy and willing to help. Finally, I am not opposed in any way to den dues if truly necessary. As a family, we ALWAYS join in and contribute more than our fair share in all that we do and we are happy to do it. In this case, I simply feel that the amount of
  5. Baseball fan, You are entitled to you opinion just as I am entitled to mine. If I were a DL and I discovered that one of my parents was writing about me, I would become very enlightened about my performance and apologize to that parent for not creating a forum where parents could openly and honestly discuss topics within our own den.
  6. PwB, We have to pay all of our fees and dues up front. We have about 60 scouts in our pack. The $90.00 does not include camping or fees for outings. Our B&G is catered but we have to buy tickets per person and pay for all of that separately.
  7. Ding Ding, I answered your questions with honesty. Sorry if you found my honesty as insulting as your angry, bitter and sarcastic questions.
  8. PbW, Thank you so very much for your informative and respectful response to my question. Our pack does a lot of fundraising and I'm proud to say that our kiddos are very successful with popcorn sales! =0) Last year they had over $10,000 in sales and they are on track to exceed that this year; another reason why I questioned the $40.00 den dues. Thank you again for you kindness and have a SUPER night! God bless!
  9. Wow Ding Dong! You definitely sound angry, bitter and burnt out, not almost there, definitely there! Perhaps you should take some time off to re-visit the 12 Core Values of Scouting. Both my husband and I are VERY involved and OF COURSE we have offered to help source supplies AND time! I'm newer to scouting but I didn't just come in on a load of turnips King Ding Dong! It is absolutely ridiculous that you would even suggest that we would expect the DL to do everything by himself, but I would happily spend time with my son on our table saw to help out the den. As far ropes go, ou
  10. Hello Friends! I still consider myself relatively new to scouting, so I'm looking for some advice. One of my sons is just starting his third year of scouting (Bear). He has had the same den leader since joining Cub Scouts as a Tiger Cub. This year, his den leader sent an email stating that he discussed den dues with a few parents following a den meeting (we were unable to attend that meeting because my son was sick) and that they decided to implement den dues this year in the amount of $40.00 per scout. This amount is above and beyond the $50.00 pack registration fee that we've already pa
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