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Questions and answers for parents and leaders new to Scouting.

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  3. My son is a Boy Scout now!

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    • Can you believe a youth leader with a some youth help, built a castle for his group? During WW1, Harry Delos Andrews was stationed as an hospital administrator in Chateau de la Roche in southern France. The posting left a lasting impression. "In the 1920s, one of Andrews’ projects was his Boy Scout-esque troop, which he named the Knights of the Golden Trail (KOGT).  The group often camped along the shore of the Little Miami River, which bisects Loveland. The two plots where the group stayed were donated by families of the scouts, who obtained the land through a subscription promotion held by the Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper. The KOGT spent so much time on the site that they began to leave their camping gear there, leading Andrews to want to build two stone structures as shelters. Of course, the combination of knights and stone abodes led Andrews to decide that a castle needed to be built." The Knights of the Golden Trail were said to be like a boy scout troop but based on the Ten Commandments and a Knights Code of Chivalry. Andrews refused to sell castle to Elvis Presley, and ultimately willed the castle and its ground to the Knights of the Golden Trail, who maintain it to this day. "Nothing that God ever made on the earth is more awe inspiring and heart warming than the sight of a noble youth just budding into manhood, Any man of high ideals who wishes to help save civilization is invited to become a member of the Knights of the Golden Trail."  - Harry Andrews More at sources: http://mentalfloss.com/article/68755/ohios-loveland-castle-was-hand-built-midwestern-medievalist http://www.weirdus.com/states/ohio/personalized_properties/loveland_castle/index.php https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/9795 I could find no current contact information for the Knights of the Golden Trail. 
    • I would not put it into the by-laws. I would, as the GTA states, designate persons who you know are trained and understand advancement as a method and have embraced your vision of the troop. In other words, no blanket "prohibitions" instead use specific designations. Utilize your ASM corps, and PLC as the field to which you designate. A brand new scout parent who is a first year ASM is likely not to be designated by me as someone who could sign off any scout requirement. It is vital the adult understands the advancement method and knows the expectations of it. IMO, to be designated by the SM : 1. the adult learns, 2. the adult is tested, 3. the adult is designated 4. the adults may sign off.    
    • In our Troop we allow First Class and above Scouts to sign off on First Class and below Scouts Rank Advancement.  We feel it helps with Leadership.  We do have a discussion with all new First Class Scouts to ensure they follow the "Describe", "Show", "Demonstrate" instructions for making certain the Scouts completed the requirement.
    • Agreed.   Even though the rules state that only 1 merit badge sash should be worn at a time, the double-wide approach really looks dorky compared to the scouts who blow off the rule and just wear 2 sashes, bandolier style. It's over the top, but at least it kind of looks symmetrical instead of looking like a blanket.
    • I think when it is all done, you will be glad you did.  You also get to experience those campouts and events all over again.  I know I would have regretted not doing it.  Just enjoy the moment.
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