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  1. We have excellent leadership with little to no parental support. Now this particular parent is trying to rally the other parents blaming the dwindling numbers on our current leadership. Sadly without the leaders we have, there would be no leaders at all. We support and encourage all of our scouts the best we can and do our best to help them to have the best scouting experience possible. We do not have much support fro our council, but we do have an excellent CO. I think maybe trying to get the parents together and see what they want to do, because if our leadership steps down, there will
  2. I can tell you they are drug convictions that included distributing to minors. However they are from over ten years ago. What concerns people is the possibility that he hasn't changed his ways, as he seems to spend a lot of time with other known offenders. I just wasn't sure if there was a specific policy regarding parents as there is for Adult Leaders. I have tried to put my personal feelings aside when investigating this. I have many years of law enforcement experience, and sadly that has soured my opinion on the rehabilitation of repeat felons. I am very grateful for your input, an
  3. This is a very difficult question and I am having no luck finding an answer. I know that the BSA has policies in place with regards to Adult Leaders with criminal records, however I can not find anything about parents with records. We have a parent who has been inactive until recently, and now he is attending troop meetings, and committee meetings. Now other parents are expressing concern about him being there due to his criminal record. I am open to ANY advice, knowledge, comments about this situation! Thank-you in advance~
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