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  1. This school was founded in 1969. And yes, it was originally founded in reaction to intergration. However, things have evolved a long way in the past 35 years. The school has a mix of black, hispanic, white and Asian. However, because it is private, we don't have to put up with a lot of the government "bullship". Every class stands and says the pledge every morning. Every morning a devotion is given by a student over the intercom. We still have a public prayer before football games. And the best part, if you don't belive in God or the Flag, you don't have to send your kids
  2. I would not say that we have a "bad" relationship with the church. In fact, I am convinced that if the other charter does not "come thru", the church will gladly "work something out" with the Pack. It is just a lot easier when you have a member of the Pack at the Church on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening to "stay in touch". Again, these are good people and I don't harbor any "hard feelings". Also, as I said in my original post, the Pack has tripled in size. The church has a very small "social hall". That means that we often have to meet in the sanctuary for programs. Lots
  3. Hello, I have a few questions about "moving a pack". Wait. Calm Down. 1. I understand that the Pack is "owned" by the Charter. 2. I understand that the Charter can close a Pack. 3. I understand that that another Charter can open a Pack. Here is the deal. I live in a small town in rural South Carolina. About four years ago, my son brought a note from school annoucing the formation of a Cub Scout Pack. He really wanted to join and I was willing to "give it a try". I did not know the man (current Cub Master) who was organizing this Pack. He had only liv
  4. If twocubdad is correct (and I am sure he is) about the Webelos diamond badge going away after current supplies are exhausted, then the BSA is going to be forced to change this policy soon. They can no longer have an option to wear a badge that no longer exist. I appreciate all of the comments and info that has been provided on this subject. It has been good. I believe I know what my Pack's policy will be: My Bears (at September promotion ceremony) will receive their Bear badge, Webelos hat and Webelos scarf (but retain the blue shirt). They will wear this combination (assumi
  5. Molscouter, I agree that second year Webelos would probally not care about the patches. They are working on their AOL and thinking about Boy Scouts. My concern is the first year Webelos. Right, wrong or otherwise: We usually have a "promotion" ceremony for the scouts in late August or early September. We make a big deal out of it, invite half the county and have food. A real community event in a town of 2500. SO, the Tigers get their Tiger badge and blue uniform. (most get their bobcat then as well) The Wolves get their wolf badge and Bear hat/scarf.
  6. I am focused on the program. However, the way I see it, the program puts a BIG focus on awards. Let's review: Rank badges Gold arrow points Silver arrow points Belt slides Progress toward rank beads. Sport/academic pins Webelos pins Plus a whole lot more... In addition, every scout event seems to involve a patch. No, I do not think the program is "all about the patches". However, I do think that a big part of the program (like any other) is recognition of accomplishment. The boy that: "scouts for food", "gathers clothes for the homeless", "
  7. ScoutNut Wait a minute: First I do not argue with your statement of the policy. I think I said basically the same thing in my last post. I simply said that it should be reviewed and midofied. However, I disagree with your second point: I have two 10 year old boys. They have both just earned their Webelos badge. Boy "a" has been with the program since 1st grade. He has earned all ranks and lots of arrows. Boy "b" has been with the program since 2nd grade. He has earned all ranks (except Tiger) and lots of arrows. Both boys get their Webelos. T
  8. Thank you Molscouter. You read my post correctly. As for others: I am not saying that I am going to tell my boys to put the badge on top of the others. It is "just a thought". No different from the thought of "wearing the badge in a plastic hanger". Also, I understand that not all boys are going to earn all badges. My point was: There will always be boys that will have a spot on their uniform for the Webelos badge (along with other ranks) and other boys that will not. To me, the policy is sort of backwards: The guide says: Webelos wear current badge of rank only.
  9. There was one other point I meant to bring out. This problem will not fade with time. My current Wolf class is composed of 5 boys that joined in first grade (earned Tiger) and 6 boys that joined as second graders. Assuming they all hang around until Webelo time, I will have boys in the same class with this problem. I don't think boys joining in second grade (or later) is uncommon. SO, there will always be some boys with a spot available and others that "don't have room". Just a thought: How about the diamond shaped Webelo badge attached in the center of the othe
  10. Hello all, We are a small pack that is only 3 years old. We began this pack with a group 1st graders (Tigers) and a few 2nd graders (Wolves). My initial Wolves are now 4th graders and will soon receive their Webelo badges. They are all still wearing blue uniforms and no one seems ready to "upgrade" to the tan. Since these boys were never Tigers, they have an empty spot on their blue uniforms to place the diamond shaped Webelo badge. The uniform guide says this is OK. My concern comes about a 1 year from now. My first class of Tigers will be ready for Webelo b
  11. Hello, Pack 428 (less than 2 years old) is about to have its first pinewood derby. The pack has a total of 20 scouts. 7 boys are working toward their Tiger Badge. 8 boys have their Tiger and Bobcat. They are working toward their Wolf badge. 5 boys have their Bobcat and Wolf. They are working toward their Bear badge. The local council published the 2003 rules for the pinewood derby. One rule says: "Each pack can send one winner from each rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelo I, and Webelo II) to the BSA expo in April...." My question. Does this mean at
  12. First of all, I handle the "real" problems in my life just fine, thank you. Secondly, I think it is wonderful that you have been involved in scouts for 30 years. However, just because no one has complained about the size of the flag in the last thirty years does not make it any less of a problem to some people. Look at camping gear. Camping gear from 30 years ago is a joke compared with what is available today. The products adjusted to the consumer. If we did everything the same as "30 years ago" there would still be a lot of kids not allowed to be in BSA. Change is not
  13. Please see replies to this topic under the "cub scout" forum. This topic was put under this forum by mistake. Thank you
  14. I must say that I find it a little insulting that the BSA does not even offer a smaller version of the flag. Every day we see examples of our armed forces proudly carrying smaller versions of the USA flag. Yet, the BSA has some "problem" with 7 year old scouts carrying less that a 3 x 5 flag. Let's face it. BSA does not have a person sitting in some room sewing these flags by hand. The job of creating these flags is subcontracted to some flag company. That same flag company could easily make other size flags. The bottom line is GREED. BSA has a monopoly on this merchandise. The
  15. I did check with the scout shop. They said it is 3x5 or nothing. The cost is awful. I went to a few local flag/banner shops. I can get a simple gold/blue flag (2 x 3) for about $12. I'm sure I can find iron-on or sew-on lettering for a resonable price. (unlike the $2.20 per letter price the scout shop wants). The problem would be the wolf symbol in the center of the flag. I have no idea how I would duplicate that symbol. Anyone have any ideas? I have never seen a patch or decal that duplicates the red/black wolf in the center of the pack flag.
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