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  1. danielhenry12

    Struggling to stay in Scouts

    Yes, I do understand. My son had also dropped the scout sessions in the mid. Most of the time they are not doing practice sessions for which they are committed. Experienced and young boys are under more supervision .
  2. danielhenry12


    Changes are mandatory, thanks for sharing this. Yesterday, I read a news that " 16 year old child died while climbing during scout training". This incident was very unfortunate. I hope strict safety measures would must be added soon.
  3. danielhenry12

    One Scout dead, another injured climbing (OR)

    Sorry to hear that, but we all know that climbing is very risky sport and therefore it becomes mandatory for all climbers to take all safety precautions while going for climbing. How could trainers allow children to climb without any safety kits. Its very disappointing. I pray to God that the injured child will may recover soon.
  4. danielhenry12

    Is retention a problem?

    I understand your concern, because I also feel the same when I was a part of scout during my school days. This is very unfortunate, but absolutely true.