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  1. Eagle. I never thought in a million years I would have ever heard that said from a BSA Pro, current or former. I commend you for having the courage to lay it out here for all of us. I also commend the exceptional environment Scouter.com gives us in order to share, support and learn from each other's experiences in BSA's many micro climates and pockets of alternate realities. David CO, I do agree with you about executives only really caring about their livelihoods as an employee of Scouts BSA. Luckily, I been able to work with a handful of exceptional (now laid off) Scout Professionals who never got valued for what they kept bringing into the Districts and Council. With all that, I'll always have faith in Scouting; it's something far more. As Nick Fury said, ""Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.""
  2. Practicing kindness through Scouting ...  or at least trying to.

  3. Multiple letters to CEO, Area who sent it to Regional, a certified 14 page report to Irving TX. Three responses by my attorney to shut down lies that came from the district. Whistle Blower policy not applicaple to volunteers. No retaliation prevention policy in play. The Council Commissioner knows and he's trying to help from his side. "Your actions sound as if they are possibly illegal." What the heck? Nothing I've done is illegal or outside of Scouts BSA guidelines. They have. I have submitted emails, screen shots, letters. "Or did you just decide to go your own way?" My way, as you out it, is how things used to be here back in the late 1990s. Back then, people helped each other freely. There was no boundaries, no pecking order. Back then a volunteer was wanted, no matter what their experience was, or how big their ego was. Good scouters were cherished, period. "First, that may have been the way it was done the first 80 years, but it is not how it is now." You are so right CynicalScouter. That's why it is dying. ... I've just now joined the group that feels is needs to die to make room for a better representation of Scouting values, moral, and ideals.
  4. I already did. Your right. But they did. So the question I have to ask now is this? People with money buy power and use it for their own personal emotional enjoyment, all at the cost of average youth. This is nothing new in the history of mankind. So, in a light heated way here, can you articulate why my saying so is bad. The civil rights movement is all about calling thing like they are, not by how we want to see them. BTW I am a middle aged white guy, who's technically upper middle class. If I can't call it, who else can?
  5. I realized about 6 years ago that district functionally is a product of volunteer effort. So when a small, and shrinking, group of angry white folks ignore the units in the district, expect their for their own, there is plenty of opportunity to help packs go. So yes CS, I fully know the legals about district and council relationships. What I found is that kindness, and supportive aspects of scouting can, in theory, be provided by a group of caring, currently youth protection trained, adults, outside of the district. The nut I haven't been able to crack is the look of legitimacy. The haters in charge look legitimate, but they violate Scouts BSA policy all the time. I as a lone, caring Cub Scout supporter, can easily be branded a bad guy by them and in turn, no Pack will ask me for any help. Next year the Pack folds, and the district is 15% smaller. Said another way, support can be given outside the district's control authority because for the first 80 years of the BSA, that's how people helped each other. I want to help new parents, just not having to kiss the rump of an old person whom I don't agree with to in order to do that. That's what got me into so much trouble.. I didn't want to abide by rules made up my the party in power that go against printed BSA guidelines. Flagrantly in violation of YPT, District training, common sense, Scout Oath and Law. And when you go bringing that up to a Council facing a second bankruptcy in 4 years, they don't want to hear it.
  6. It happened to us a few years back. My birth council was dog droppings, and the other was Swiss watch good. -They were funded by Boeing who left for TX and they had no revenue all of a sudden. Long story short, our messed up council had more people (most of them were messed up) and within 3 years the, crap folks drove all the excellent people out. But kept their camps, which they sold, and now laid-off everyone else.... At times I think my dog can do a better job running a council. Sorry, I digress. There are great councils, but National dictates their terms to every one and everything, so eventually everything will forced to merge.
  7. At least in your Council they ask if someone wants to be chairman. In our communistic horror show, it's only through private appointment, and only to wealthy POS. My efforts to build a private district, is having little success. With no units being supported, there's no idea who's still participating, much less how to reach them and offer them any help.
  8. So, in 2016 our Council merged with another to save money. That Council sold Campmasters, and the quality was worlds better. Trail's End tasted stale. The other council also had better organization, and discipline. Long story short is that BSA popcorn is a very hot topic, and two years later, went back to Trail's End, which my family won't eat (they love Kirkland movie popcorn). I hoped someone from this decade had experience with the two, and if they could agree with my opinions on taste, or not. Bottom line is that people won't buy Trail"s End. I have to sell to strangers outside a storefront. I've tried to buy directly from Campmasters, but never get a reply back. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  9. That's so harsh, but there's so much truth to it. I'm sad a hell, but I have to agree with you David CO. -I'm kinda positioning myself to be in that space when the walls come tumbling down. Now that I'm thinking about it, it would be the same about of work as I'm doing now, just without the lies and slander. And the stress. And the kids would have as good of a time because they don't know or care about any district/council structure.
  10. I like to give my cubs the chance to make any sized PWD car they want. You're only 7 once my friend. *it's actually the length of the blade, so maybe an 8" depth. -but don't tell the kids that 😉
  11. Maybe this thread has gotten off topic and I feel I'm partially to blame. Retaliation is a very important topic and may need to be expanded on even more if visitors have their own questions or experiences to share. However, here's some feelings to some earlier comments Thank you for the kind words. -Those never get old when you're a volunteer. Pay-To-Rule (where wealthy Type A, or Karens, or their employers, make donations to a council and buy top leadership positions) sucks. Royally. I've always invited the District and Council to join my events and advertise camps or sell some services. They've ALWAYS declined. I've had my Woodbadge cert & Basic UC training (and other training they had control of) withheld by District and Council folks so I got dinged for not being "trained". I've had my teeth kicked in 3 times by District volunteers backed by Council employees: slander followed by official people voicing concerned that I'm involved in scouting. (My heart's been broken maybe a dozen times as well) The three slanderings ended when my attorney got involved and drafted a response. All their stories evaporated, instantly. "We never said that." The biggest problem came when I took Commissioner Bachelor of Science continuing ed in another Council, and figured out that a prominent District level volunteer had circumvented BSA membership validation safeguards. After finding evidence, and bringing it to the Council President and Council Commissioner, I lost my Packs, and the violator got promoted to District Chairman. My Council is like an iceberg, floating in the middle of the ocean. While the angry eskimo chiefs fight for supremacy, the lowly villagers fall off the shrinking ice, and drown, one by one. -All I've done here is invest in boats. BUT! I can't save any units because I'm the bad guy. The nut I'm trying to crack here is how to be relevant when the local BSA authority has deemed you to not be legitimate. I haven't broken a single BSA guideline, while those who keep screwing with me all have violated BSA guidelines, and I've got documentation. But THEY have silver beavers, and I'm just a lowly cub scout zealot without any packs. (I do help parents all the time, I just have to keep a low profile when I do it. I feel like I'm in East Germany.) OH! and what kills me is the "promise" new employees from National make when they first arrive, saying they'll clean up the place. They're so full of it crap they smell funny. Within 6 months, they're doing exact stupid stuff the doofus they've replaced did before them. Nothing changes, only membership has shrunk even more and another camp's been sold. There is a way to brake the cycle, I just haven't figured it out yet. Any help here would be appreciated.
  12. That is possibly the nicest thing a fellow scouter has ever said to me. Forgive me if I print that and hang it on my wall. The DIY district thing is holding steady. I'm in the midst of sending out emails to the last known Packs and asking them if they need some positive energy. I've got one totally new interactive/virtual/distance/Zoom activity figured out. If I can some up with three more I can host my very own carnival. And host it for FREE. I am almost done working out the bugs of a virtual, open invitation, pinewood derby event. Basically, if you've ever made a car, we can re-race it, again, for FREE. The real District folks say I am bad for scouting (mainly because of my FREE fetish), but man do parents and their kids seem to love me. Since I'm being totally honest here, I'll add that I am a recovering addict... I have a 1999 Delta 92" band saw made in the USA. With it, I can cut out a PWD car in under 60 seconds with the new blade! I have two sewing machines; one does embroidery for personalizing bags and gifts, while the other is an old school Singer that will sew a patch onto any shirt or jacket. I have 3 PWD tracks; 2, 3 and 4 lane. Laptop with PWD software installed and an old school serial port (none of that wonky USB to serial junk). My custom space derby rig adjusts to fit any two adjacent posts. A rain-gutter regatta rig. Digital projector, 40" flat panel display and a portable bridge for Arrow of Light presentations. ... Okay maybe I'm not "recovering" after all, but what a fun addiction to have right? Oh and a monster Ford 4x4 to carry it all!
  13. DAMN that's harsh! Hearing that said by another person that is. But I know it to be true.
  14. Wow! Great thread. Great conversations... about a lousy topic. About 8 years ago I concluded that BSA wanted to make money selling camps. In those 8 years, our Council merged, and 5 properties were liquidated. I've made up a list of sneaky ways Councils sell properties, one of them is closing a camp for a year, or not listing it for a season, and then complaining that it lost money that year. I've met a regional stooge before. They make politicians look humane. This one didn't give a rat's arse about the kids or us volunteers. To be in that high of a tier of the BSA you need to be a full-blown fanatic and card carrying party member. Every Council is different, with their motives and issues. Our Council is a cult, but the one a few miles away is super nice to their families, but fell on hard times. I've found that real numbers, data, excel spreadsheets is the best way to look at Scouting. Numbers typically don't lie and will tell you whats what. But in failing areas, stooges in charge don't want the numbers shown because it makes them look bad. I'll echo what someone said earlier, and encourage readers to stay focused on keeping the youth engaged. Ignore the price-hike threats and let them come to you with their sob stories about losing money and the threat of selling camps. When they do come to your unit with a huge price hike, play dumb and let them explain it to you. Then I would ask the unit (parents) how they feel about it, and if they want to continue or not.
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