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No women allowed - is this usual?

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My, My , My,...


Aside from "male role model issues" (or is defining THAT part and parcel with this discussion?)


BP in his original program had 8 or 10 boys bunk together in ONE BIG TENT. Adult leaders tented WAAAY over there...


Now, usually, we have TWO boys in ONE tent, many times. Adults are NOT permitted to bunk with the boys, unless they are Dad or...?mom? WHAT BOY IN HIS RIGHT MIND would want to bunk with his mom???(please, mom, no offence intended. But "what would the guys think??") So...


The adults bunk in their own tents (?one?two?...) WAAAAY over there.

And where is the difficulty? Potty issues are easily dealt with, with shovel, screening and "zoning" declarations. And I know ALL Scouts and their leaders are "Ladies and Gentlemen" in their Language AND their Actions...(...Courteous...)


Isn't the umpteenth point of the Scout Law "A Scout is Loving and Respectful of his Mother?" I know MY boy knows that part of the Law, from my example AND direction...


....and not just HIS mother, but anyone elses...


So where is the problem, ultimately, if one politely points out the truth of a matter?


ScoutScooter, y'all have fun, now, hear?




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Scoutmaster Ron, Is your unit an LDS unit?


Women on camp outs! Oh the humanity!

We faced this dilemma. We sent four crews to Northern Tiers. Each crew had a woman (mom) on it. Not a problem for 3 of the crews as their husbands were there to keep them in line. But on the fourth crew, Whoa Nelly! She is a widow. No man to keep her under control. So they decided it was a leadership opportunity for her 14 year old son. He was required to tent with her and keep her under control. He succeeded. It turned out to be a great trip for them.

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gwd-scouter......It offended me as well. My son and I left the troop for a year but we did return this past December. Unfortunatly we couldnt find a new troop to mesh with and returned reluctantly. I did not return as an ASM. This last summer camp only 1 adult was able to attend the entire week so I re-registered only for camp. The SM stepped down suddenly and now I've been asked to step in. I am kicking the idea back and forth however cannot accept in permanently unless the committee is ready to make real change for recruitement.


Gernblanisten..no LDS are charter org is a Baptist Church.



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WOW, am I late on this one....


Should Females be allowed? Yes


I think any adult leader should be allowed on a camping trip. Do I think non-registered parent be allowed? NO. Boy Scouts should be a boy ran troop. The boys should work and live as a family and be dependent on themselves and there brothers. So, I believe if a parent wants to go camping they should 1. register and 2. be there in the capacity of a leader and not a parent. (including wearing a uniform).


What would I do if I was a female and he didn't want me to go to meetings and camping trips? I would become a registered leader and if did not like it then I would bring it up to council. One, more thing.... ask your son if he even wants you to go, I know I would not have want my mom to go.... LOL


I have seen toooooo many times were parent want to turn a Boy Scout camping trip into a family camping trip and the Scout always second guess everything his scout master, patrol leader etc. says and looks at the parent for guidance instead of his fellow scouts.


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I still meet men who think that women shouldn't attend campouts, hikes etc. because they believe it takes away from the bonding between the men and the boys. Some believe that they should not be allowed to serve as leaders in units for the same reason. Others just don't want to deal with the logistics involved (separate shower, bathroom and sleeping facilities.) BSA policy is clear on this issue. All are welcome and parents are free to attend any activity with their son at any time.

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Okay, I know I am new and freely admit this; so take it for what it is worth.

I know that if I were dead that it is highly unlikely that my wife would remarry.


If my son then decided to join scouting and my wife were told that she wasn't allowed to accompany or spotcheck what her child was being exposed to that there is no way she would allow him to be taken into the custody of a group of men she didn't personally know. The nature of the chartering organization would be completely irrelevant. It is completely an issue of her responsibility to the child to ensure his safety.


My first instinct when the boy said he wanted to join, was regardless of whether or not I looked into leadership positions, was to determine if there was any resistance to having the parents around... not as leaders but merely to see what ways the adults interacted with the youth.


Any significant resistance would have put my son and I both on the road looking for a different troop. The "public perception" of "Scoutmasters and Priests" is worse than many of you old-timers care to believe or may be exposed to since we tend to self-select our friends and shy away from those who don't agree with us.


I currently think scouting is great, even with the politics of the adult realm. But if you won't bring a parent(either sex) camping once or twice or let them attend a couple of meetings if that enlists the parents confidence and recruits a scout, then the question becomes -"Why not, do you have something to hide?"

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What you need to do is check out as many Troops as there is in your area.

(Look at the Bylaws of each troop at least you will know what to expect)

Then talk to parents and leaders to get a feel about the troop and stories about the troop.

In our troop we have Female leaders that are trained and are welcome on campouts.

It is up to them if they want to go or not.(there is no rule saying they cant)

B.S.A. tells us they are welcome so that tells you that you cant stop them.

Some troops will let the female leaders go on campouts just to make it hard on them so they wouldnt want to go anymore.

In my opinion I think that you should join the troop of your sons choice.

Sign up as a leader and get trained for what ever they offer

This way you know what to do and if the other leaders are not teaching the boys the right way.

I say this from experience I have went through all the training and I am the Committee Chairman for our troop.

We have females on the committee and they are also MB councilors for the boys.

If they wish to go on camp outs Hikes and so on they would be welcome


Mr. Maynard.


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