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  1. Sounds great to me. Shooting sports is something that should never be lost.
  2. I'm torn on this one. I agree with augustspecht, leaders are responsible for Scouts safety no matter what, and we all know that they've been known to sneak things into camp that they shouldn't (some adults have been known to as well). But at the same time I wouldn't want someone going through my things without my permission. I remember working at Scout camp in the early 90's. One of the staff was known for his love of illegal substances. The camp director got wind of it and called in the local Sherriff who went with him into the Scouts trailer at camp and searched his bags. They found p
  3. I've always carried. And always will. I'd rather have one and not need one than not have one and need it. Camping in back country where you can't call for help, can't get ahold of the police and there are wild animals everywhere, you'd better believe someone should have a weapon. I've been in Scouting for over 30 years and been in a few situations where one of the leaders having a gun saved lives. It can and does happen. I'm not saying that you should bring it into meetings and pull it out for everyone to see, but responsible adults having a concealed weapon is not a problem for me. Bes
  4. I guess since anyone can join, why not: http://www.trendolizer.com/2017/10/boy-scouts-to-allow-old-men-into-cub-scouts-program.html
  5. Boy Scouts has always been a safe and fun place for boys to be boys. A place for boys to learn to be men. That's exactly what it was made for in the first place. It has always been a place were boys gather together to learn from men. It builds better men for the future. It's not anti-girl, but pro-boy. I think that's important. At the same time, girls should have the same thing. That's what Girl Scouts are about. What is wrong with it being a boys club? Why is exclusivity so hated now? Mentorship and education for boys from men is a good thing, not a bad thing. I would never want t
  6. It seems like nothing but a money grab to me. Boy Scouts has been hemorrhaging members in the last decade. After they announced that gay and "transgendered" kids could be in, their numbers dropped significantly. Now they're getting scared so they figure that they'll cater even more to the pressure of the left and allow girls. What they don't realize is that Scouting is so far from what it was originally and has lost so much of it's focus and meaning. Doing this just furthers that. Next thing they'll remove God from Scouting, then guns, etc. Until it's unrecognizable by anyone. It makes
  7. I've tried to learn sign language before. I'm partially deaf (about 80% deaf in one ear and 10% in the other, which I suppose would be insulting to any truly deaf person to call myself deaf) so I've always thought that it would be good to at least know some sign language. I've never been any good at it though. I commend anyone who can use it proficiently.
  8. What?? I almost fainted when I read that. Balderdash I say!
  9. I didn't realize that either. It gives me hope that I might get one now after some vast clerical error.
  10. I would argue that that is a very, very different situation.
  11. @@gumbymaster, I like to think so. I'm pretty much open to most anything. I like everyone. But I'll always voice my opinion if asked. When you're as ugly as I am, it's hard to be judgmental of others.
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