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  1. Thank you everyone for your thoughts! Unfortunately the committee chair is best friends with the CubMaster, so I don't know how far any of us would get on that track. The next closest pack is 3o minutes away. Its doable though. I do have understanding for the situation of the parent. My oldest child has a mental illness and I actually chose to pull him out of scouts halfway through his year as a Bear for the sake of the other scouts. So I get it, I really do. But at some point my sympathy for their situation is greatly overshadowed by my desire for my children to have a positive scouting exper
  2. Our pack is a tiny pack. It has about 13 active scouts for the whole back. Two members of the pack are the cubmaster's sons. These 2 boys are always fighting, always cussing, always being defiant and rude. They have been caught playing with lighters during meetings. They have been caught stealing during meetings. Not only is their behavior deplorable, they treat others terribly. We have lost numerous scouts due to these boys behavior and now my children want to quit as well. I want my kids to enjoy scouts but they cannot do it with these 2 boys. Many of us parents have pointed this out to the
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