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Just because one has paid their debt to society doesn't mean they aren't going to pay for the rest of their lives too.  There are self proclaimed vigilantes out there that will make sure that the past will never be just the past.-

 Is this a general post or are you responding to another post in this thread?

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It was aimed at a few of the comments about having records expunged, modified, etc.  The whole aim of the background check process is to see what is in a person's past.  If one has paid their debt to society for a wrong-doing, shouldn't that be sufficient, otherwise are we not running counter to the Law of the Land which states the punishment should fit the crime?  Well, if one's past haunts them for the rest of their lives through background checks, then everything from DWI to murder and rape are life sentences.  


They don't care about traffic infractions as much as other issues.  Anything dealing with sex is an automatic life-time, no questions asked, sentence.  Traffic ticket?  Well that probably got lost along the way many moons ago.  Well, the sexual tendencies of a person are one thing, but the speeding and disregard for the traffic laws is quite another.  Who do you want driving your kid around the country?


Background checks thus become more political than practical, and open the door for all kinds of vigilantism on the part of those "interpreting" the results.  Good luck with the fairness of all that.

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@@jlglmg2010, very complicated and I doubt anyone here can answer your question completely. In the end it's the charter org and national that have the say.


1) According to BSA adult volunteers need to pass a background check. Many units require you to be a member to attend events. Everyone must take youth protection training.


2) That's up to national and the charter org. I've seen folks with DWI accepted but barred by the CO from driving scouts. I've seen folks with a battery charge be denied despite have done their time.


3) Usually the kids are not involved. If there's a borderline case where national approves but the CO is still cautious most units will work with the CO on how the parent in question can be involved. Again this is very open since national and the CO have all the day.


4) Not sure what new regulations you're referring to. National and the CO are misty involved in background checks. Councils get involved in other membership issues and may have some say depending on the issue.


5) Can't speak for council but negative checks do go to the unit. At least we got two that got kicked back to us.


6) We got the full check from Lexis/Nexis. Our CO also runs a detailed check. Can never be too careful.


Advice would be that if you have something in your past best to sit down and talk to your unit leads and CO so it's not a surprise.



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