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merit badge counselor

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Every Merit Badge REQUIRES a district approved councilor to sign the completed Blue Card (Scout Record) and provide Merit Badge instruction on THAT Merit Badge .   Run, do not walk from this SM.  

First Aid is one of the merit badges for which I will heap praise on the scout summer camp. The guys at the health lodge do a really good job of 'hands on' and really fun activities for this one. They

I do not understand that MB class, except that whoever ran it did not really worry about the Boys in the Troop that the First Aid boys were in. First Aid is the most important MB, IMHO, for a scout t

... Quayze' date=' does your council office also collect blue cards??? ...[/quote']


I don't think they do. But we have Eagles keep them at the ready when they bring their application to HQ. We encourage them or a parent to take their app in in person so issues like this can be addressed without any delay or middle-men.

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Guys, guys, guys.....


Such crazy talk here. Scouts calling counselors, knowledge retention, quizzes..... Crazy I say!


Do you not all know the merit badge program is under the National Advancement Team and their High Speed, Low Drag advancement policies? Anything, ANYTHING!, which stands is the way of a Scout checking the boxes in the most efficient and minimalist way is absolutely forbidden.

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