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The Patrol Method

Lessons and questions of Scout leadership and operating troop program

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    • A historical note, the Uniform Method (circa mid 80's) did not exist when I was a scout and nationally ,there were a LOT more scouts yet fewer Eagles. The uniform remains not mandatory.  My point, the other Methods are more important in delivering the Scouting Program. Focus on those. My $0.02,  
    • I agree that the real issue is how adults approach Scouting, and I applaud leaders who believe in the power of the correct complete uniform and act on that in a moderate and positive way.  But there are eight methods in Scouts BSA that call for our attention, so I don't think you can judge a leader's dedication to Scouting from how he or she handles just one of the Methods.  I suspect that very few troops have the skills and resources to "utilize [each Method] to its fullest."  Additionally, the circumstances, needs, strengths, and weaknesses of each troop and each leader are different.  So leaders have to make choices about where they are going to put their time and resources and what Methods they just aren't going to emphasize.  How to decide?  Certainly personal preferences are part of it, as well as the preferences of Scouts and adults in the troop.  Parents complain about the cost of uniforms; but that's an easy fix -- start a used uniform closet.  Well, who is going to handle the collection, storage, communications, exchanges?  Parents complain that their children are growing out of their pants every six months and it would be a lot easier if their kids could wear pants they already have.  Is it likely that a discussion with them about the value of the correct complete uniform will change their minds about a garment their child will wear for a total of about three days?  And of course, if a leader is of the personal view that many youth are embarrassed to be seen in public in Scout uniform, or that the uniform is uncomfortable, or not suited for outdoor activities, or that the ten purposes BSA gives for the uniform are mostly fluff, or has other unfavorable views about the uniform, then that leader is going to apply resources to aspects of the program he or she sees as more valuable (such as Patrols, or Outdoors, or Leadership Development, or the Daily Good Turn).  But even if a leader is a strong believer in the value of the correct complete uniform, and wears an impeccable uniform, he or she may make the calculation that going beyond personal example would not be a good use of time or resources in that troop.
    • To keep this on a lighter side, I had to laugh when they mentioned the meth items found in the trailer.  I can just imagine the discussion when a troop/patrol quartermaster handed out a bong while digging out cooking gear.  A new parent would flip and need CPR.  And unknowing scouts would say Mr Scouter fell over after seeing a flower vase.  Funny! Glad they got it back and neighbors could ID it by the markings on the side.
    • Good news in New York where a Boy Scout was ready to help deliver his new baby brother...
      https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2019/09/18/boy-scout-helps-deliver-mothers-baby-brother-queens-new-york-city Interesting!  That's one emergency case that I never recall being part of any First Aid class in scouting.
    • Another stolen Boy Scout trailer was recovered, this one parked behind a house where thieves were in the process of repainting it.  Interestingly, the trailer still held the scouts' camping equipment, and some "extras"....namely meth paraphernalia.   Sounds like Walter White may have moved on from using RVs. Story:  https://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/story/news/2019/09/17/boy-scout-trailer-recovered-galion-no-arrests-made-yet/2354081001/   
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