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  1. Thanks for your quick reply! I will give your directions over to Scoutmaster (my husband) to see if he can build this. I think I will just make the sandwiches for the COH! Those I cannot mess up. Thanks Again!
  2. Does anyone know how an "Eagle light box" is made to use in an Eagle COH? I have looked all day on line, trying to find directions. Thanks
  3. Eagle-To-Be's Eagle project is most definately benefitting the community! If it weren't, our District Eagle chair would have never given the go ahead. His project isn't within the city boundries. Therefore, this 12 year old kid stated it isn't benefitting "our community." The project is mapping and transcribing a historical cemetery, that is quite large for a rural cemetery. Eagle-To-Be has told the troop that this project benefits no only the town, but the state and anyone that is working on their family history. He plans to submit the information to several locations. It is an awsome project. One problem is that the guys in our troop only see planting trees as an eagle project. Our current Scoutmaster has said that our troop will not be planting trees! There are other things that can be done. When you think about how many families have thrown away their family records, not realizing the importance in them...hopefully Eagle-To-Be can influence one or two of these Scouts to see the importance their family history.
  4. An Eagle project must not be scheduled as a "troop activity." And, the Eagle project is the Eagle-To-Be's project, not a troop project. That has been understood by us all along. However, for only one out of a group of 20 or so Scouts, and 2 out of 19 leaders to show, is just horrible. Better odds playing poker in Vegas! The non support of the troop for his fellow Scout is showing a lack of Scout Spirit, and yes, this will hold them back until they start acting like Scouts. I typed up the Scout Law and checked off how much of the law has been disregarded by our troop. Trustworthy (they couldn't be trusted to help); loyal (they aren't showing any loyalty to their fellow Scout); helpful (no help); Friendly (not friendly when putting down his project, and saying they weren't going to help); Courteous and Kind (nope); Obedient (well, they don't have to obey by attending so this wasn't broken); Cheerful (if they had only said "good luck, sorry I can't be there" they would be showing some cheerfulness)...So 7 out of 12 parts of the law. On the Oath: "To help people at all times." They were not willing to help Eagle To Be. This past weekend Eagle to be had 1 troop member, and 2 leaders attend from his own troop. From another troop in town, he had 4 young Scouts (11 and 12 yr olds maybe), a friend, a couple of adult leaders from other troops that knew him from Cub Scouts, and his uncle drove over 200 miles each way to attend a few hours. Comments we heard was "this is a great project." And Scoutmaster said that if the troop had come along, very little would have gotten done (from past experience). Our troop is going to be asked again,tonight, to attend the 2nd day of the project this weekend. This is not a 8-12 project. Last Saturday was 7:30a - 6pm. It is a well though out project that needs a lot of time. However, our troop has always been told they can stay as long as they can. In fact, Eagle to be only had 2 people remain past 2pm. That was fine. And he is very happy they helped out. Eagle-To-Be is less upset about this than I, as Advancement Chair, and the Scoutmaster have been. But Eagle to Be was "prepared" for his troop not to show. And he took it all in stride without any complaints. He didn't even grumble one bit about them not showing. So that shows he has learned something over the last 8 years!
  5. Some questions posed was: 1) has this Scout helped me out in my times of "need", 2) is his activity well thought out and planned, 3) is food being provided, 4) are proper facilities available (bathrooms, running water, tools, etc., 5) has he looked to fellow students, siblings, friends, parents, etc 1. yes 2. yes 3. yes 4. yes 5. yes. Scout has attended the majority of Eagle projects in our small town over the last 5 years he has been in Scouting. The cost of food is his biggest expense, and that was properly detailed in his write-up. Bathrooms are provided, as is the tissue, water and soap for cleaning hands. And last, he has mailed out at least a dozen letters, and has visited the local troops with invitations in hand. He has explained the project, and who is benefiting, and answered questions posed by the troops, including our own. Our Troop isn't the one who had to approve the project (other than the SM and Committee Chair person, and I, the Adv. Chair had to verify he had all badge requirements met). It is our District Eagle Advancement Chair who has the final say, and he is a tough one. He was very impressed with Scouts pre-project write-up. We only have 21 on our roster (16 are regulars). In the other 3 troops, I think there are 15, 15, 10. Scouting is not looked at with high regards in our community, and we are constantly trying to work on the problem by doing service for churches, and parks, etc. As far as the Youngers vs. Olders go, the youngers are always wondering "whats in it for me." Service for others just... they have been very selfish and it is keeping many from advancing for lack of "Scout spirit." In our troop, the Senior patrol must be high school and at least 14. We have a few who have balked this past year because they want to be Senior Patrol Leaders, and whine "but I can do a better job." These same kids yell at others, are disrepectful to adult and Scout leaders, and refuse to do what they are supposed to do on campouts (set up their tents, cook when it is their turn, etc). It is "me, me, me, why didn't I get..." The olders are 10th grade, and half are in sports that require them to be out of town on Saturdays. Eagle-To-Be has been in the high school band, and for his grades he must be at all Friday football games. There is band/marching practice 4 nights a week. Luckily, our troop meeting night is not one of them! However, he still regards meeting night above the band, and if practice is rescheduled to troop night, he tells his teacher he cannot attend band. Scout has only missed one meeting night and one campout over the last couple of years. One night was due to a band concert (grade related) and the campout was missed due to a UIL event (also grade related). Scout will be the troops first Eagle in almost 3 years. We have no other Eagles registered. He also is the most active, and has strived to earn the most badges in our troop. He is quiet, and never boasts about what badges he has earned. He is Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. Both the SPLs are contantly talked back to. It isn't a problem with the SPLs, it is with the youngers not wanting to be the bottom man on the totem pole! One problem may be the fact that Scout is the SM son (however, he was already a Life Scout before his dad became SM). Scout service should be performed because you want to help others. However, it really shines badly on the troop when there is a lack of volunteers. But, we were not reponsible to raise these children to care about others before they joined Scouts. We can only hope that one day they will start acting on that Scout Oath and law they recite weekly. And they are reminded of why they are in Scouting. It just seems that 3/4 of the kids are in the troop for baby sitting! I guess we could just blame the Eagle to Be for not convincing the younger boys to participate. But in this case, nintendo, cartoons, cokes and candies on Saturday mornings from their parents who have over-indulged them to make up for time not spent with them is too big of a force. He should be proud that he has convinced the other troops to show, and he has a good family base to depend on. As far as the comment that I shouldn't be in this to see the other Olders reach Eagle... Well, they might not reach Eagle. They have a ways to go. But as Adv. Chair I regularly give each and every Scout a printout of what they have, and what they need for their next rank. Most ignore the report. But I will stay in to see these boys to either Eagle or the end of their Scouting. And I totally disagree it is only the boys job. As far as doing the work, it is absolutely the boys job, and only his job. But, it is my job as a leader to lead By directing them onto the right path! If I sat and did nothing, I'd be just a Baby Sitter of America!
  6. Our troop has a Scout who has been in the Scouting program longer than any of the rest. He went all the way from Wolf Cub to Arrow of light, then directly into the troop. He is 15, and most of the troop is 13. Scout is the Asst SPL. Scout has had his Eagle project ideas approved by the District Adv. Chair, as well as the Troop Committee Chair (not me, I am now a MC, and Adv. Chair), and SM. Next weekend is the planned date for the project. He announced the date, and what the project entailed to our troop a month ago. This week when he passed out the invites and sign up sheet in our troop, he was told by one Scout, "This doesn't benefit the community, I am not going." Scout explained how it benefited the community, and that it has been approved. He was very patient with the troop, although he is getting tired of Scouts because of the way the youngers act. Out of 21 Scouts, he only had 3 sign his sheet, and one will not be there (his ASM grandfather said he couldn't be there). Scout went to other troops in town, and had several people sign up for the project. We have been having trouble with the Scouts lately being disrespectful to both Troop leadership and adults. I have told the adult leaders that something needs to be done to get the Scouts to be "helpful" to the Eagle to be, but I have been told "We can't make them do what they don't want to do." While that is absolutely true, I believe that they need to be strongly encouraged to volunteer, as that counts as "Scout spirit." Has anyone ran into a similar problem? Scout is at the point he is happy to have other troops helping, and doesn't pay any mind to the cold response from his troop. However, as an adult leader, I am about to throw in the towel. I am just sticking it out for our 3 oldest (15 year olds) Scout to make sure they see Eagle! By the way, the other 15 year olds have become less active, but I am determined to see them through Eagle. They are Life, but still have several badges to earn first.
  7. An actual percentage rate for how many meetings and events you much attend. This is left up to the individual troops to come up with. One example I have (this was actually about an OA qualification, not regular troop...). I am now advancement chair since my husband took over SM duties. I was asked for a list of which Scouts had 15 nights of camping over 2 years. We have one kid who was very active one year, but since then stopped being active. Last year: 6 nights of camping, and that was from summer camp. No other camping! He hasn't gone camping at all this year. But he is still eligible for the "honor camper" organization as long as the boys vote for him! I have gone around and around with the men on this one, and told "This may be what he needs." Hmmm. I don't think so. Anyhow, any kind of advancement, percentages would help. I have seen too many get bumped up when they don't show up at meetings. If you make it easy, they don't learn anything. They just expect something for nothing.
  8. In our small town we have 3 troops. One troop we call "the eagle factory" because they have parents who sit and work badges with them and get them to eagle before they reach 13. The problem is, that troop doesn't retain those Scouts! And some of those, after getting the eagle rank transfered to another troop to get the actual experience they lacked before. One dad told us if he had known before, he would have slowed his kid down. We tell our guys that one of the most important parts of the goal is the journey itself. Don't rush it! We do not look at the book "Oh, little Johnny has been at this rank for 4 months now, time to move him up!" What has he done? Has he gone to all campouts? Did he fully master all skills? Did he get along with others (for the most part)? Some time they just need to sit back and work on it without looking at the time in the book. That is only a minimum. And too many are using that as an absolute now. (I am advance chair now) I tell parents that in reality, not every Scout reaches Eagle. And those troops who are handing out Eagles like pinewood derby ribbons are cheapening the award for those who are really deserving.
  9. This post is rather old, but there is a similar problem occuring in our troop (BTW, I am no longer Committee Chair, but adv. chair in our group) My husband became Scoutmaster last year. It has taken him about a year to settle into the new job. In the meantime, one of the Assitant SM has decided to bully-pulpit his way to the front of the the troop each week and start telling them what they are going to do and how to do it. Never mind that my husband had an agenda typed out, and had plans for the Senior leadership to lead the troop in activities each week. Once Mr Bully starts, the boys get intimidated and just shirk off. "I don't know WHY those boys aren't being leaders" he complains all the time. Our committee chair has told him to back off back off back off. But he still pops right back up. He has made all of the other Assistants mad, and they quit coming. (so we have lost our leadership for camping). This assistant made our treasurer mad this week because my husband was speaking to her about a problem at the time HE blasts her kid in front of the group (about the very same problem). I didn't even go because I told my husband I could not stand to see him marching around anymore. The week prior he was telling the kids that the adults would be cooking a meal for them on the backpacking trip. I corrected him, "No, the adults will not be cooking a meal for everyone at the campout." He snapped back "Well, Your husband and I talked about it last week." Hmmm. That was strange, since I live with my husband, and talked with him about it and we agreed that the kids needed to cook all meals themselves. We have certain guidelines to follow for the badge they are to work on. I got up and walked out, because I did not want to lose it in front of the children. My husband is so easy going, he says "Ron" is just gung-ho at this time and we don't need to make him mad. It is a volunteer organization. We can't fire him." So, what do we do? Scoutmaster has talked with him, so has committee chair. And he knows he has made everyone else mad, because we have told him. What can we do? Has anyone been successful at de-throning a person like this? Thanks.
  10. In Noah's original note, he states: "In and of itself a flag pole is not terribly difficult to do and would not require a whole lot of leadership." This all depends on who is putting in the pole. I couldn't do it and have it stand straight! I think it will take leadership skills to get the job done correctly. I do wonder about the school financing 1/2 the cost of the pole. I am new to the Eagle project area. I know that you must earn the money for your project. I would just get advise from people who are in charge of signing off on the Eagle project before doing anything. I am really confused about what qualifies as an Eagle project. We have a troop in our town who has given our Eagles to several for planting gardens kindergarten age kids could do. Last night one comes over inviting our Scouts to his project that is going to plant "two shrubs" and take "13 hours". This kid was a trouble maker when he was in our troop, and everyone was very sure his grandmother was the one who was doing his badge work. This is very sad.
  11. "Scout Spirit." In our troop we keep a roster each week of who comes prepared with their book, wearing a uniform, is present, etc. If a Scout does not come prepared, this shows a lack of Scout spirit. And for rank advancement, our troop does expect a Scout to come looking like he is wanting to be a Scout! To sign off a Scout to advance when he hasn't been coming dressed properly, or hasn't been coming regularly, that would be just running an Eagle Mill. We have one of those in our town. And we don't run one at our troop!
  12. To have 75% attending an outing is great! At times we have had less than 10% attend a campout in our troop. Our PLC has suggested activities that cost lots of money, and not really related to "Scouts" But they are allowed to list everything. As a committee, we tell them why certain things really can't be done: whether it is too expensive, date interferes with something else, it isn't safe, etc. They are never told it is "stupid," but that it just isn't appropriate and we tell them alternatives. In our case, we live in a small town. Most people don't make a living minimum wage. My kid gets sent to wonderful expensive camps and activites because we can afford it, but when it comes to Scouts, he has to learn to do as the rest do. I believe that putting too much money into campouts throughout the year goes against teaching the boys to learn to live using their own skills.
  13. In Dec of 2003 our troop swelled from under 8 regularly attending Scouts to 35. My husband took over the role of Scoutmaster for recharter time. We tried to get the young Scouts to go to activities, and get their parents involved. "We don't like camping." Or it was some other excuse. We'd have boys walk in asking to join, and we'd say, "we'd like you to attend a couple of meetings before signing up to make sure you are interested." No, they wanted to sign then. After a campout and a few meetings, they'd quit coming. We'd call. My husband spent his own money sending letters to Scouts and parents. Nothing.We are now down to about 15 Scouts attending. The biggest problem has been the parents. They learned that it wasn't Baby Sitters of America. To go camping, we needed parents to transport, to camp also. It was just "inconvenient." So we are most likely going to lose our quality unit status, that we always had for over 10 years. It cost our troop extra money to set up folders and such for these new Scouts, to buy all the new equipment that we didn't have before for that large of group. Personally, I like the smaller group, but this has been a frustrating year. We just never seem to improve the real condition of our troop over time. No one can participate because of a lack of money, or there aren't enough leaders to go. Very frustrating!
  14. Rents are high nowadays. If my 21 year old son should EVER (please, please) move out, he most likely will have to share rent with a friend. And I do prefer the friend not to be female unless he is married to her! I hope everyone gets to know the new DE and learns to see what is under that little beard. The beard phase may pass in time.
  15. In our troop, a Scout's account can be used for uniforms, camp dues, weekly dues, anything from the Scout shop, or camping supplies from Wal-Mart or other stores (as long as it pertains to Scouts). So if the food has to do with the Court of Honor ceremony, like the special cake and decorations I would think our treasurer would approve of that being a "Scout" expense. It would be different if you were starting out, probably. But at this point in your journey I don't see why not. But, how a Scout account is able to be spent is left up to individual Troops. For example, several years ago in my town (I live in a small town with 3 troops)we had one troop that allowed their Scouts to pocket their percentage of the Trails End popcorn "earnings." Scouts from another troop got wind of this and had a major fit, screaming to their Scoutmaster and treasurer how "unfair" it was that he and his buddies had to only spend their money on Scout supplies. So, at a district meeting this was brought up and as a district (or maybe just within the town, I don't know, it was before my time) a rule was passed that all troops spend their Scout accounts only on supplies. Good luck, and most of all, congradulations! My son is 1 Eagle badge (and a project) away from Eagle also. It is so exciting!
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