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  1. I would suggest daily uniform inspection by the SPL or acting SPL for summer camp. Uniforms are just that uniform, and ought to be kept clean and ordered. As a camp staff member for 5 years i was able to keep my uniform clean for the entire summer, and have never seen a reason why the scouts can't do the same. (just a side note: this whole running around with shirts untucked has resulted in more than one "show some respect to the uniform, tuck it in or take it off son" speeches from the fish)
  2. I don't have any of my paper work handy, but if memory serves, the sash is only to be worn either at an OA event or when representing the OA or the Lodge at another scouting event. Because of this, a member who fails to be in good standing (i.e. not registered or dues are not payed) is unable to wear his sash. You are correct in regards to Lodge flaps, and although I'm not sure on the ribbon, I believe it is acceptable for a member not in good standing to wear the ribbon. In the end, there is one realy easy way to solve the problem, register and pay up dues to your new councils lodge
  3. The only part of the BSA that has strict ceremony rules is the OA, and for any ceremonies that the OA does that don't occure at an OA event are reallllllllly adaptable as well. Since you are doing a cub scout cross over ceremony, do whatever you want, try contacting your local lodge and they may be able to do a simple crossover ceremony without AOL, I have done a few of those in my time, and it just makes it a shorter ceremony for the team to do.
  4. I earned my Eagle not much more than 2 months before my 18th birthday, and I'm glad that it was then and not earlier. Personally I wish BSA would require one to be atleast 16 years of age to start ones Eagle Project, but thats just me. For those that believe "Eagle in three" is good, please look into the Venture program and Ranger as an option for your boys afterwards. My old SM always said that when dealing with boys, nearly everything you say goes in one ear and out the other until around the age of fifteen or sixteen. In all my years of scouting and my time working in the public school s
  5. I say burn it, burn it all then pack out the metal. To be honest, I would even say bury the metal in small amounts. I'm sorry, but this whole carrying your garbage another 40 miles out is foolish. For those of you worried about the air polution, natural releases of "green house gas" out number man made by somewhere in the range of 1000 to 1, the sandwich bag isn't going to cause global warming, heck, we don't even know if global warming is something we can control.
  6. The story has hit national news media, figgured since it involves scouting it was about time it be posted here.
  7. Spokane Scout Scandal I was going to let this sit and wait until someone else brought it up, but If no one else wants to, or knows about it, its time the story is told. Spokane Mayor Jim West has recently been outed as a bi/homo-sexual, nothing unusual in light of the last few years. But heres the kicker, this is accompanied with atleast four seprate aqusations of child molestation as early as the 1970's and as recent as late as the early 80's. But why bring it up here you might ask? Mr. West at the time this all occured was a Troop Leader and Sheriffs deputy. West ran my camp (the sa
  8. In regards to the "at camp" portion, I just brought that up to show my link of playing to Scouting. In my case it was a matter of eight or ten senior staff members getting together durring BOB time or evening free time. I tend to agree with DugNevius in regards to when they can play, many troops pull out the Risk boards, decks of cards at night when a hard days work is done, its a good way to relax after a long days work. In no way am I implying they should play durring merit badge time, but theres always an hour here and there that the scouts have free in the evening or early morning, might
  9. Cowles Scout Reservation, Diamond Lake, Eastern Washington, almost Idaho. Five years as a youth, 5 years as staff, both Boy Scout and Cubbies. Can you C.O.P.E. with it??? Japeechen can. http://www.scoutcampsusa.com/cowles/cowles.html <
  10. I'm going to have to go with Torveaux on this one, admiting that the troop I earned my Eagle in, and currently act as an ASM in isn't exactly by the book (a completely different thread long ago). My view is that both the SM conference and BOR are not a "you go and you pass" kind of thing. Obviously some parents are not going to be happy with this, but rank isn't everything, in reality it isn't much, it is the skills and experience that count. In Hula's case, their is obviously some confusion, this along with a lack of information, most of which would apear to be second or third hand,
  11. Don't forget to add the Bible, the Louve, Vatican City, nearly all plays, books, painting from the romantica era..... I'll stop now, I think my point is clear enough.
  12. Seattle Pioneer, While no one directly stated that obese Scout Leaders ought to be removed from Scouts, you do ask for suitable ways of dealing with obese leaders. From this it may be inferred that you feel that they must be dealt with in some way, shape or form. An abbreviated list would include reprimand, letting it go, and removing them from program. Personally I believe that telling a volunteer that they are to fat and setting a poor example for youth is not only in poor taste, but just down right idiocy, and is only going to result in these leaders walking away from the program, and
  13. Try contacting a local hardware store, some may be willing to donate a few simple hand tools to the pack as a whole. Another option would be some of the larger companies like Lowes and Home Depot have workshops once or twice a week, if your meetings don't fall on these days you may be able to borrow their workshop tools for an evening or two.
  14. Just a general question: Do D&D and Scouts contradict each other or complement each other? I know some individuals/churches believe that D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) is a satanic, ritualistic game of cults and idol worshipers. Personally I think they fit together well, I started to play at Scout Camp and nearly everyone I play with is in Scouting. If you play a good game, honor, loyalty and wit are the skills that will take you far in the game, and when compared to video games or TV, it is far more intellectual.
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