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  1. Does anybody know of a game that could be played at a Troop Meeting that involves communication skills by Patrols? Our Patrol Leaders do not practice the skill of "reporting back" from a PLC to their Patrols of what happened or what is planned. I was looking for a game that could emphasizes "reporting back from the PLC" as part of the commpetion. Any thoughts?
  2. Yes, what I was looking at was a way of modelling what is supposed to happen at a Patrol Method.
  3. I will use that but I was looking for a script that was laready put together. Thanks.
  4. The Patrol Method is not going very well in our Troop. We have a JLT Training session comming up shortly. I would like to have a mock Patrol Meeting at the JLT. Are there any scripts that I could use to have a mock Patrol Meeting at the JLT?
  5. With the 200th Anniverisary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition commencing next year, what are various Scout units doing to commemorate/celebrate or participate?
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