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leadership training for girls?

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Does anyone know of a good leadership camp for high school girls? Unfortunately the Girl Scouts do not do as good a job training the girls to be leaders as the Boy scouts do. The girl who is interested also happens to be a Venturer, but I don't believe that Venturers are allowed to go to National Junior Leadership camp at Philmont.

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There's a leadership program found in Venturing called Venturing Leadership Skills Course (VLSC). In fact, it is required for Venturers for the Venturing Silver Award.


Starting 2004, councils can now host a council level Kodiak training program that includes VLSC and additional outdoor leadership skils. At a national/regional level, Kodiak-X will be held at national camps or select council camps to hold Kodiaks-X for Venturers.


There are three phases:


Phase I: VLSC (council level)

Phase II: Kodiak (council level)

Phase III: Kodiak X (a branch of the Nature of Leadership held at a national/regional level)


VLSC is tyically a weekend course and Kodiak ranges from a week to two weeks.


In June 2004, a pocket medal will be available for Venturers who have completed the Kodiak courses, similar to the medal awarded to advisors who have completed Powderhorn.





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