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  1. Does anyone know of a good leadership camp for high school girls? Unfortunately the Girl Scouts do not do as good a job training the girls to be leaders as the Boy scouts do. The girl who is interested also happens to be a Venturer, but I don't believe that Venturers are allowed to go to National Junior Leadership camp at Philmont.
  2. Bob, I am glad to hear that the fair share method has worked. Actually, I think it addresses some of the concerns of the "why do we have to sell something?" crowd. With fair share, you don't! If a scout's method of paying for his share of the troop's expenses is earning money from a job, then that works - he can just pay his fair share to the troop. He doesn't have to feel bad about not participating in fundraisers because he has contributed his fair share. Fundraising is made available to the troop because most of the scouts don't have jobs to earn money and this is a way for them to pay their own way.
  3. The $20 pays the registration, boy's life, insurance, etc. (charter fee) - almost! Any expenses the troop has are paid by proceeds from fundraisers. That is what prompted the thought to change to fair share method of paying. Some big sellers are footing the bill for some boys who aren't selling much.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Our troop doesn't publish the credits. The committee members get the credit report, but not the whole troop. Boys can find out how much they have in credits by asking the treasurer. Regarding disguising help to needy scouts, I learned of a troop that has a separate fund for that. What they do is put any credits leftover from scouts that have left or "graduated" from the troop into this "benevolent" fund. The fund can be used to help needy scouts or to supplement trips to Philmont. I thought that was a clever idea. What do you charge for dues? Is $20 low?
  5. We are considering a new method of distributing profits from fundraisers. Has anyone done something similar? What do you think of this idea? The treasurer determines the budget for the next year. Suppose it amounts to $100 per scout. We would have a couple of designated troop fundraisers that we would expect to generat $35 per scout. That leaves $65 that the scout would be expected to come up with. $20 is collected for dues. That leaves $45. Of the remaining 4 or 5 fundraisers, any profit up to $45 would be put in the troop account. Any profit above $45 on any combination of the fundraisers would be put into the scout's account. This would mean that no scout contributes more than $100 per person. Of course that $100 amount could be changed each year depending on the needs of the troop. What's your thoughts? Do you think national would have any problem with this method?
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