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    • With all due respect I don't need you telling me what I mean. What I wrote is exactly what I meant. They didn't take this serious until the juries started handing out big recoveries. The covered up for 100 plus years and pretty much protected the scum that abused us. And even now they are low balling the victims. They care about nothing but making a dollar. They don't give a dang about all the lives that was ruined. Everything they told us on what makes a good boy scout is the opposite of how they carried themselves. 100 plus years to fix this crap and they didn't. At least not until all them lawsuits came in. So again I don't need you or anybody else to tell me what I need to say about this subject I got 38 years of pure hell because of the actions of the Boy Scouts. I'm the one that suffered not them.  
    • Sadly, the police, CPS and the courts are extremely busy.  To get a police/prosecutor "investigation", this has to be really, really significant.  A simple fact is that just too many events in society could be called a crime.  Law enforcement needs to triage and handle the bigger crimes and high risk situations.  I've been helping a non-scouting non-profit lately (don't want to get into details).  They are dealing with really, really hard and potentially dangerous problems.  But until an incident happens, the police are too busy with higher priority triaged incidents.   Until then, the best we can get is a 30-minute response and a no trespass order ... and that's after we've already had big issues. From the given information, there is nothing that law enforcement would invest more than a phone call on.  It's just not that high of a public danger risk.  ... all IMHO ...   BSA will never get law enforcement to exonerate your son.  Law enforcement has real evils to pursue.  This report just won't be seen as a big public risk ... and you should be glad about it.   The real challenge is BSA bureaucracy working to protect youth and to protect BSA.  
    • I am afraid any resolution of the problem will not comfort the accused scout … If the accused scout’s defense is true, then the accusing scout is either delusional or manipulative. In either case, she can’t be trusted and is therefore disqualified as a scout. Such scouts in my troop or crew have been suspended for six months. We can work with crazy — a little; but lying crazy — not so much. Sadly, it can take years to recover from being suspended from a volunteer organization, and we have not had suspended scouts return. So the accused scout’s wish for reconciliation is unlikely to happen anytime soon. It doesn’t matter if lying scouts are removed officially or not. If they aren’t brutally honest about themselves, they will erode the life of their unit. What scout will want to tent with this scout? What leader will want to have any kind of personal relationship? It won’t be long before the unit suspends operation for lack of membership and adequate supervision. There simply aren’t a lot of winning scenarios.
    • And they still were excluded from scouting after being exonerated? I apologize, but this doesn’t make sense. There must be a review/appeal process for such situations. This is horrible if I understand this correctly. 
    • Thank you for the advice, as far as my son and I understand these accusations have only been shared to adult scouters by the individual, parents are not involved. My son has good relationships with most scouts, but he tends to have more conservative views of the world. He was accused by another female scout of being a racist and homophobic, but he’s not. He actually reported that individual’s comments toward him and asked for a restorative conversation as he didn’t understand where that comment was coming from. Regardless false accusations against a youth are horrible. There certainly is no place in scouting for such behavior. Such things destroy the fabric of a Scout is Trustworthy, Obedient and pretty much everything else. These things destroy lives. 
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