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    • Goals for my scouting "career" (career seriously??)?  Have fun, help the Boy Scouts in the unit have fun, and not get killed in fiery backpacking stove explosion.  Other than that, do not plan to give it much thought
    • That idea was actually proposed by some of our Scouts - just continue the troop but with a different chartering organization. While that sounds fine, I doubt we could find enough adult support without the push of the church behind it. For my own personal situation as Scoutmaster, I will exit BSA on 12/31/19 over disillusionment with the girl decision. The needs of boys now bow before the god of inclusiveness, and that feels like a betrayal. It's time for me to make way for a new kind of Scout and a new kind of Scouter and a new kind of Scouting.
    • I'm in a similar boat. I was asked recently if I'd ever want to do Wood Badge and I said "No." Apparently I was a little too quick to respond, think I kind of surprised the guy asking. He was looking at me as if it was somehow odd that I wouldn't want to do Wood Badge.  This was the same guy who asked me what my goals were for my own scouting career. I had no answer, I don't think about it like that. All I've thought about since I started is the Pack program and my Den. I don't know if that will change over the years, but right now I just don't see myself taking an interest in the Scouter stuff that is more focused on adults than kids. 
    • I agree. It's about smiles. The things that bother me are those that get in the way of those smiles. To be honest, requirement creep and lack of patrol support at summer camp bothers me a lot more than any of the membership changes.  
    • Not gonna lie. The casual use of discouraging words isn't just due to @gblotter's sensitivities. Sailing with my adult children has shown me that, although not nearly like a sailor, my choice of words could be better. We tease my daughter on the rare occasion she let's some "roughneck talk" slip. But, to most folks around, we seem like the epitome of discretion. As much as we are trying to re-shape our community, it is coloring us. The SM and I are often fighting such bigger battles that shoring up impertinent language sometimes feels like putting an adhesive bandage on an arterial bleed. And, our camp directors have helped us identify boys whose discourteous speech was heard on the trail. So, yes, in years past, signing off on a cuss going to Jambo would be the least of our concerns. The scout we sent last year was not in that category, but I have no doubt that a couple of scouts sent from the district were. I appreciate the cautionary tales from recent Jamborees/Camporees and hope they will make me a better contingent ASM. Fourteen months ... we can make 'em cleaner, braver, reverenter? Is there a published outline of what the young men's program for LDS is supposed to look like? I mean if it's gonna award achievement and character in some way like the BSA does, why worry about Eagle?
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